Seeking Advice for 40 Y/O Novice Powerlifter

I’ve searched and found good info, but want to try to make sure I’m lined out because frankly this stuff isn’t cheap…

I’m a 40 year old male preparing for my 2nd powerlifting meet. Goal is strong and lean. I’m at 233 today and plan to compete at 220, and getting under 220 without a cut seems entirely possible with the fat I have around the belly and visceral.

From what I’ve seen I’d think Indigo-3G, Mag-10, Plazma, and Micro-PA may be the stack for me. I’ve got 16 weeks until my meet. Initially wondered if Hot-Rox to initially burn some fat may work, but suspecting just doing Indigo-3G may be better. I’m currently covered on test boosters.

Any advice about adjustments to the proposed stack above or on how much I’ll need to carry me through my meet is very much appreciated. I know I have to have good quality nutrition to get the results, and while that’s not my strength I am clamping down on it. Also eyeing the superfood to help aid that aspect in addition to cleaner protein and carbs.

I usually like to save Hot-Rox as an option at the end of a fat loss phase, after you’ve been dropping fat for some weeks/months and need an extra something to squeeze out more progress when things get tough instead of cutting calories or increasing cardio.

Starting with Indigo-3G is definitely a good idea and would go perfectly in line with this type of approach to drop fat without sacrificing strength:

You won’t go wrong sticking straight to the label uses. Plazma during lifting sessions, Mag-10 either right after training or between meals (also works great during cardio sessions if that’s in your program), Micro-PA and Indigo-3G 30-60 minutes before training (Indigo-3G before the biggest meal of the day on rest days, Micro-PA whenever on rest days - I like it near bedtime followed by a before-bed Mag-10).

You might also want to check out the Powerlifting forum to get input from the guys there about tweaking training and diet to drop weight without losing strength. Tons of competitors there should get you in the right direction.

Thanks Chris, really appreciate the input. I’m seeing Plazma sold out… is there anything I can use to fill that gap until it is available, even if not as effective? I’ll buy it when it’s available, but figure something has to be better than nothing in that spot of the plan in the meantime.

Surge Workout Fuel is the next-best choice. It has a lot of the same ingredients, just a bit different.

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