Second V-Diet...One Week Down

Hey there. I’m on my second V-Diet after losing 21 pounds during my first stint in October (and then pretty much blew it over the holidays). Week one is in the books and I’m down 10 pounds. I’ve also lost 2.5 inches from the stomach/love handle area. I’m not a regular poster, but I draw a lot of inspiration from this board. So thanks to all the “Regulars.”

Mentally, I’m in much better shape this time. On my first V-Diet, I dealt with the loss of food like someone would deal with the loss of a limb. It was a total mental battle for the better part of two weeks. Food was on my mind every minute of every day, and that’s not a stretch. This time however, it’s much easier, and seeing the same exact results after one week is encouraging. Sure, I still think about food as often as a sixteen year old boy thinks about sex, but this may be the first diet that works just as well the second time around (ever tried Atkins twice?). This diet truly exposes a person’s dysfunctional relationship with food.

Only difference this time around? Not using the HOT-ROX. They make me feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Thanks everyone.

You probably already made up your mind about the HOT-ROX but taking it with food usually makes you less ‘crazy’ unless you already tried that. Also Chris mentioned w/ or w/o food shouldnt effect fat burning. It may be mental but I really think it helps me with just day to day energy with the lower calories then normal. *but coffee or similar could help too of course.

GOOD LUCK! on #2

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