Seans Quest for a New Image

Just got my V-Diet supplements today can’t weight to get started. I hope to post my measurements tomorrow and some photos. It seems like you need to start the diet on a Monday so seeing as it Wednesday night anyone have any pre V-Diet advise?

Make sure you have an assortment of Metabolic Drive flavors. Just chocolate sounds like an amazing idea… at first. I got equal cases of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate.
Pick up some cinnamon and some kind of extract (I prefer almond). Subtle changes to the flavors helps to keep me on track.

So i am a week in to the v diet and loving it. i havnt had a chance before now to get on here and post my pre diet measurements so here they are.

Height. 71.5"
weight. 260 lbs
neck. 17"
shoulders. 54"
Chest upper. 48"
chest lower. 45"
Waist @naval. 47.5"
waist @largest. 48.5"
hips at largest. 43.5"
upper arm L. 16.5"
upper arm R. 17"
upper leg L. 27"
upper leg R. 27.5"
lower leg L. 17.25"
lower leg R. 17.5"
ankle L. 11.5"
ankle R. 11.5"

As i said i have been at it a week now and every thing is going great im down to 250 which is a total of ten pounds lost so far. i tried taking before photos and was having issues uploading them so sadly i dont have those hopefully i can get some good after photos though and let someone who is more computer savy then i upload them. to everyone else out there stay strong.

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