Sean's Log


Well, day 1 is in the books (minus the final shake, which I will be consuming in a few minutes)
It went well. The HOT-ROX in the morning made me a little jumpy but not nearly as much as I thought it would considering I never have coffee or caffeine in the morning… I felt sluggish around late afternoon but after having my third shake and second dose of HOT-ROX felt better. I had a great workout at the gym and had plenty of energy.

I tolerated the flax seed very well and I think it is helping keep me regular… The one thing I didn’t like was that some of it seemed to sit on the bottom of the mixer and it was tough to get the last bit down. I am actually eating more meals than I was before and found the thought of the 4th shake a little difficult but enjoyed it once I started drinking it. My body is missing the carbs but I feel the Flameout fish oil is really helping with that. One day down!


so last night was a little tough… I tossed and turned for a half hour, felt anxious, warm so I put a cool compress on my head and was able to get right to sleep after that. I woke up and didn’t feel hungry at all… I usually don’t eat anything in the morning and found myself dreading the first shake… I sucked it down and the flax seed seem to make me use the bathroom more this morning, maybe tomorrow I will cut it down to 1 tbsp. I don’t feel hungry much, just sluggish and a little naucious but not too bad. I’m supposed to play soccer tonight, so I will be doing that instead of my walk… I play goalie so I don’t have to run around too much.


Keep it up Fella, I am on my second day as well, We’ll Get there … Put some pics up mate