Sean's Diet Log

After 2 shoulder surgeries in 2 years and some recent back troubles I’m coming back after a solid 2 month layoff on top of on again/off again training for the past 18 months.

For those past 2 lazy months rehabbing my back I got completely off track with diet. Instead of adjusting for a lack of activity I decided to eat whatever i wanted and got FAT!!! Also just straight up lost control. Constant cravings for very very bad “foods”. Chocolate. Hot pockets. Pizza rolls. If it was awful and easy to microwave I could not stop eating it. So the velocity diet, with its ability to stop cravings, is perfect.

The result? A loss of 10 lbs and a gain of 10%bf at a minimum. Wow, that sucks. I’ll get some gross photos up before the weekend.

I’ll probably hear about it but my comeback is Crossfit and (competetive) boxing. Add to that my job. I was on lighyt duty with the back thing and now I’ve come back to my normal position which includes 3-4 hours/day of physical activity. I wouldn’t call it hard although alot of the folks we hire quit because it’s “too hard”. Probably comparable to a very extended warmup. Plus much nicer weather so now the dog gets walked when I first wake up and again in the evening. +mowing grass, yard work, playing ball with the kiddos, etc. My oveerall activity level is ramping up considerably.

I actually started the diet Monday the 6th:
weight 208
height 6’2"
l arm-14/r arm-14 1/2
upper chest-40
lower chest-40 1/2
waist @widest point-37 1/2
r leg-23/l leg-23
r calf-15/l calf-15
neck-15 1/2
l&r forearm-12

Pretty pathetic but it will improve

Wow, guys measurements always amaze me. The wait:hip ratio is almost nothing compared to girls.

You are 1 day ahead of me, how’s day 4 going down for you?

observations thus far

no cravings to speak of although I did dream of roast beef Tuesday night
Feel really really full all the time. Almost uncomfortably so. My 2nd and 3rd shakes don’t include flaxseeds and I’ll occasionaly feel hungry after shake number 3 but not too much.
haven’t used supplements in quite a few months and I think that’s contributing to some minor stomach discomfort. Nothing drastic but I don’t always want my next shake.

made the mistake of drinking Surge after boxing last night and couldn’t force myself to drink my last shake (only about an hour and a half before bedtime) in the future I won’t use Surge after boxing. Maybe workout fuel pre-wo

Training really sucks. Fat, weak, small, slow, and badly deconditioned. SORE!

No problems really as far as the diet is concerned…

I’m full and not tempted to cheat at all. I’m switching to the Paleodiet after Velocity and I’ve planned out my HSM for Saturday night and am calmly looking forward to a lean steak, asparagus, tomatoes, and maybe some more veggies;-)

I’m kind of shocked really. I was eating trash right up to Sunday night and my house is full of junk but the thought of eating any of it makes me feel ill.

I don’t know your training history but for myself losing fat has always been easy. It’s more about just consistantly doing what I know I should over a period of time. So I know my reward for a month or 2 of mild discipline will be the return of my abs:-) Of course then I’ll be freaking out because I’ll weigh 185lbs and be desperate to get back to 220…

Good luck man! I’m on day 4 too.

Today’s WOD was a 5k. I know. No running on the V-Diet but getting my conditioning back is more important to me than just fat loss.

Anyway…pathetic. 38:12 on a Xcountry course. I’ve run this same course in 19:20. Was kinda suprised by how strong my reaction to my performance was…punked it up pretty good. Threw a little pity party for myself.

i’ve got to let go of yesterday and start focusing on NOW!

Anyone else feel like they could pretty happily fast for a day or two? For some reason I really had to choke down my last 2 shakes. Even had to force myself to eat my almond butter.

I could have pretty happily fasted for a day or two during my first week. As a matter of fact, I would have happily just not gotten out of bed for a day or two, not even to use the bathroom. I just didnt care. Was kinda pissed, kinda sick, kinda bitchy, kinda tired, all wrapped up in one little protein laden bed-sheet tortilla.

Fortunately, your days of feeling like you cant put another thing in your mouth are numbered mister! I’ll give it another 3 days at the very most before you start feeling some hunger pains :wink:

Keep rockin, you’re doing great.

Today’s been better. So far haven’t had much of a problem drinking my shakes.
Today is an off day (thank goodness, I’m too sore to sneeze)so I’m just walking the dogs for NEPA.
I’m gonna have to look up some of the recipes some of you have talked about. Cinnamon, etc. Just chunking the ingredients in a shaker and chugging is a little Spartan if there are better options…

BTW taking the fiberchoice about 30 minutes after my shake has made my poor little tummy feel much better…hope that helps somebody


I got super grumpy up until yesterday when I fell off the wagon for 2 meals. No excuses. But I was being a huge ass. Hopefully I’ll behave a bit better this week, and get pics up today. It’s good to have goals right?

We’ve had huge storms around here this weekend. Trees down all over the neighborhood. One big’un landed on a neighbors car AND truck. Sucks for them and for the neighbor the tree belonged to…anyway, the pups are beggin’ for a walk and neighbors are in need so I’ll log back in later…

Hey, where you at bro?

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