Screwing up HSM?

Quick question on the daily HSM… I’m on Day 3 (my Day 1 was Friday).

My first HSM was a large chicken breast, a medium plain baked potato and about 1.5 cups steamed broccoli.

Last night I had about 3/4 chicken breast sliced, about 3 tbs salsa, all wrapped in two paleo-style tortillas made like this:
(each tortilla = 46 cal / .75g fat / 3 gr carb / 4.4 g protien).

Anyway, both nights I was stuffed. Night 1 I completely skipped the bedtime shake, last night I had a 1 scoop shake.

Do these meals look okay, or am I eating too much at this sitting?

Thanks in advance!

You want to first do a quick calorie check to see if those meals are fitting into your guidelines. There’s some wiggle room here since everyone is different, but check the ebook to be sure and calculate the next couple of HSMs and get an average range.

If your HSMs are going a bit high in calories, then just drop some out of the nighttime shake, as you did. We don’t want you eating when not hungry, but at the same time we don’t want your calories to drop too low.

All that said, Metabolic Drive shakes are very filling and many people are surprised by how NOT hungry they are on such an extreme fat loss diet. Not a bad problem to have, but again we don’t want cals to dip too low.


Thanks for the quick reply. I did check the calorie counts after making this post and I was right on with about 600 cal HSM on the lifting day, and about 400 cal on the non lifting day.

Just surprised how full I was!

Thanks again!

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