Scottpk's V-Diet Training Log

After much lurking and torment, I took the plunge and began my V-Diet yesterday. I am doing this for a few reasons:

  1. I will be a best man this summer in a wedding taking place in Antigua (gotta get that beach bod).

  2. Jumpstart an overall change in eating habits, Lord knows I need this. I am usually pretty good, but lately I haven’t been. I can already see how this will affect my tastes from here on out.

  3. Other numerous summer activities (softball season, weddings, races, music festivals, camping trips and most importantly BACHELOR PARTIES!!)

  4. And finally, to prove to myself that I can do it. I have always prided myself on my willpower. I just hope that it can survive this and come out even stronger!

I was going to start Monday, but didn’t get started on the right foot, overslept and all that. Hunger was not an issue, getting all the shakes down and keeping them there was. Thanks to the strawberry MD, I thought I was going to hurl after front squats, but the chins gave me some time to regain my composure. Forgot my daily layout at work, and only took 2 scoops last night before bed instead of 3, surely it won’t make a difference. That natural PB is heavenly, never thought it would have such an effect on the taste as it did, thank goodness for this addition! I have let many people know I am doing this diet, as to get all the encouragement I can, I know I will need it at some point.

Now, I know it is not recommended doing this diet if you don’t fall into the weight range designated. I think I have a decent plea against this. I have dieted down to around 270 and hit a plateau, although I was not as serious about my diet then. I am also of a fairly good build and think this diet will show it off after completion. I took some measurements last night, not sure how accurate they were though. Was thinking of getting some assistance with those this evening. Now for the meat and potatoes…

Workout #1 Intermediate 3/23/2010

Front Squat- warmed up to 275 5 5 4 3 3

Chin-ups (assisted machine)- 7 (130 lbs) 5 (110 lbs) 3 2 2 1
(130 lbs was too easy, should have changed it before, but I made up for it.)

DB Bench (done w/ Fat Gripz)- 80 lbs 7 7 6 4
(80 lbs was too easy, the reason for adding the last set, will address next time.)

Ab-wheel Rollout- 6 5 4 3 2
(Now these really blow, my core is decent, but I really need to work on my form on these!)

NEPA- Walked on the treadmill at an incline of 5 for 35 minutes, went 2.14 miles. Shooting to go higher each day til I get up to 4 miles per session.


NEPA- Walked on the treadmill at an incline of 3.5-4 for 46 minutes, went 3.0 miles.

My starting weight yesterday morning was 295.8. I said that I had been bad lately, well it had gotten a little out of hand. In December, around the middle of the month, I was right around 275. My weight fluctuates drastically, which is one thing I hope to gain more control of when I complete this portion of the diet.

Pics and measurements hopefully this evening or in the morning.

Some measurements:

(Left & Right)

Wrist 7 9/16 7 1/2
Bicep 15 15
Calf 18 13/16 19
Ankle 10 1/2 10 3/4
Upper Thigh 28 1/4 29
Shoulders 56 1/2
Chest 50
Neck 19
Waist 50

Sore as a mofo today. Took some batting practice last night, factored with Tuesday’s workout, makes for some sore shoulders and upper back. Rockin the shakes, bout time for lunch now. Lookin forward to workout #2.

Workout #2 3/25/2010

Reverse Lunge (50 lb DB)- 10 10 10 10
Bent-Over BB Row (115lb)- 10 10 8 7 5
BB Push Press - 10 (115lb) 8 (135lb) 7 7 5 3
BB Curl (75 lb) - 9 6 4 5 5 3 4 5
Reverse Crunch (floor) - 10 10 10 10

Edit: All were done with Fat Gripz.

NEPA - 40 minutes on treadmill, varied from 3.5-4 mph, went 2.39 miles.


NEPA - 32 minutes on treadmill, 3.5-4 mph, 2.04 miles.

Going to start getting more NEPA, just been a lil hectic lately.

First big test last night. WVU was playin, so I had my friends up to catch the game and hang out. They decide 40 wings would be a good idea. Resisted COMPLETELY, unless of course you count inhaling spicy asian wing fumes. Smell was unbelievable. But, it is all worth it. Scales at the Y this morning indicate 280.0, this was after my walk and before my first shake though. Results are showing already.

Wanna test? Drink your shake while they consume wings, pizza, and beer. The reactions might surprise you. Have fun. :slight_smile:

Keep it up, dude!

Haha, thanks for the support man! That’s exactly what I did. Sipped shakes the whole time. I find the evening is my worst time getting the shakes down. The dinner shake usually takes so long for me to down, it is time to have the bedtime shake an hour later. Need to work on my timing, and I guess chugging.

Good job on resisting those wings. I love chicken wings so I totally feel you pain. But keep up the good work. Only several more hours till HSM. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Hold on, so you’ve lost 15 pounds in 4 days on the diet? Holy Shit man! Nice work.

Well, I was water depleted from the brisk walk and nothin in my belly, so take it for that. I tend to carry ALOT of water weight too, so it all adds up. Once my metabolism gets ramped up, the fat melts off of me, always has. When I played midget league football, I was always over the weight limit. For four years I dieted in the summer, usually beginning late July- early August. My last year, I lost 28 lbs to play, in one month. Talk about aggonizing, esp when your birthday is in AUGUST! Makes for good stories now I suppose, runnin in trash bags, spitting constantly, ice cube deserts, extended sauna sessions, etc.

Any idea what the record weight loss is on the V diet? I think I may have a chance at it…

Thanks for the commments guys, keep’em comin!

Workout #3 3/27/2010

Deadlift- warmed up to 295
8 (overhand) 6 5 (alt) 5 5 5 4 2

Decline DB Press- 75s (fat gripz)
9 9 7 6 5 5

Pull-up (assisted machine- 120)
9 6 4 4 5 4

Hand walkout- knees
6 5

Ok, this workout officially kicked my ass. I had my first shake late in the morning, was late leaving my Mom’s, had most of it on the way back home. Hit the gym as soon as I got back to town. Combined with shake timing and heavy ass deadlifts, I thought I was going to hurl for a while afterwards. Fought through the declines well enough, could possibly have gone higher. Pull-ups were atrocious, had to take long rests, feeling was the worst here. Got through a couple sets of hand walkouts, new to me, and couldn’t stomach it anymore. I held it down, but had to leave the gym. Does atv riding count as NEPA? No NEPA.

Did resist many, MANY temptations Saturday though. Got together to watch the Mounties again, there were ribs, jalapeno poppers, buffalo chicken dip, crab rangoons, all kinds of fatty homemade goodness my friends came up with. 100% V Diet compliant! Sucked down shakes and h2o.


Did some stuff around the house, was a crappy rainy day. No NEPA. 100% V Diet compliant, missed one shake.


Plan to do V Burn this evening and HSM!!! Going out of town for work, so I get to really treat myself. Will see what the area has to offer this afternoon, looks like Red Lobster will have to do though. Any suggestions for the Lancaster, OH area?

Scales read 279.2 this morning.

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