Schwa's Velocity Diet Log

Hi everybody, I’m starting this to keep track of my progress/observations and start the habit of tracking. If anyone is out there please say hi!

Started today 12/28/2020.

Observation 1. Vanilla Metabolic Drive tastes way better than it did several year ago.

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Day 1 Measurements:

Weight: 187.4 lbs
Hips: 114 cm
Belly: 95.5 cm
Thigh: 67 cm
Bicep: 32 cm

Workout: At home I have an assortment of kettlebells and a TRX.
Workout 1 - 20 reps, 30 seconds rest
A. Double kettlebell front squat 2x12kg - 6/5/5/4
B. TRX Row - 5/5/4/4/2
C. TRX pushup - 6/5/5/4
D. Hand walkout - 5/5/5/5

I like the workout so far, it is definitely more demanding than it looks on paper.

Ha, yeah, it’s sneaky like that. Keeps things interesting though.

Several years. Decade and a half. Same diff. :wink: Looks like you were around here a long while ago. Glad to have you back.

Oh, and… hi.

Hi Chris, thanks! Yes I’ve been around since back in the stone ages when it was called Low Carb GROW! I can only hope the next 28 days go as fast as the last 15 years.

Day 2:

Stretching and long trail walk.

Day 2 was challenging because I had brain fog all day. I also noticed how much I habitually think about food. For instance, when I was driving to/from the trail I caught myself thinking “hmm what should I get for takeout on the way home?” Truthfully, I did take note of a Peruvian-Japanese place that sounded interesting… for next month. Which led me to think of other ways to reward myself that aren’t food. Before last year, I would use a trip or event as a reward. What kinds of local or home-based things has every been using?

I’m using Jerry Seinfeld’s calendar strategy to keep on track - mark an X on every day that you complete a task and don’t break the chain! I think he used it for each day he worked on writing, but for me each X denotes full Velocity diet compliance.

Day 3

No brain fog today. Felt good in the morning but energy crashed midday. Walked after work and felt a bit rejuvenated. The time between lunch and the end of work has always been hardest for me food-wise. I always want to snack on something and feel like I can have some pretzels or fruit or Kind bar (or all of the above!), and a few bites here and there throughout the afternoon starts to add up after a while. Something I’ve been conscious of and have to work on is the feeling to eat even though I just ate and I’m not hungry.

40 reps, 45 seconds rest

A. Reverse lunge with sandbag approx. 20 lbs. - 12/10/10/8
B. Double kettlebell row 2x10kg - 10/10/9/8/3
C. Double kettlebell Push press, 2x10kg - 11/10/9/7/3
D. Bicep Curl - 10/10/8/10/2. I experimented with different modes, TRX, kettlebell and resistance band. TRX curl felt awkward, band curl was too easy. So i’ll probably stick with curling one 12kg kettlebell by the horns.
E. Reverse crunch - 10/9/8/3

I really like the rep method for the workouts. I like the feeling of superhuman strength doing that last set of 3 reps. Ending the exercise on a positive note. I felt tempted to do a rest-pause and grind out the last few reps but didn’t, and stuck with the rest periods. The thought also crossed my mind to use a heavier weight for the leftover reps, but I didn’t do that either. Why do we want to make hard things harder??

Day 4

Walk and stretching. Today the weather was cold and rainy so I didn’t walk as much as I should have. I did go out for about 20 minutes midday. I crashed hard in the afternoon again but felt better after the HSM. Today’s HSM was one chicken thigh, one medium baked potato and some spinach.

Happy New Year! Good luck to anyone starting today. Don’t give up! Days 2 through 4 are rough! Just push through and read the logs of on here of successful transformations. Watch Pumping Iron. Listen to David Goggins motivational speeches. Do anything to distract yourself and please don’t give up :smile:

Day 5

Workout - 40 reps, 45 seconds rest
A. Kettlebell swing 20 kg - 10/10/10/10
B. Incline kettlebell press 2x10kg - 11/11/10/8
C. TRX Row - 10/9/7/7/5/2
D. TRX fallout from knees - 9/8/6/6/5/4/2

Today was not bad, I expected to have a hard time since it was a day off from work, therefore more free time. In fact it was easier because I was moving around more and had a ton of errands to do.

Day 6

45 minute walk, not much else to report. Drank all the shakes, flameouts and superfood. I’ve really been craving soup the past few days so today for my HSM I got some ramen soup from a local Japanese take out (not the one I mentioned the other day!). I baked an extra chicken thigh to add to it. I didn’t eat all the noodles in the soup but also had extra vegetables. Honestly I feel like I just chugged the broth and was satisfied with that, then gradually ate the rest of the meat and veggies.

Day 7

V-Burn day. I did the beginner version in 22:06. I did 5 pike pushups instead of 10. I have to work on being able to do more. HSM today was fish filet with mixed vegetables, sauerkraut and baked potato.


Today I felt normal, not tired, no brain fog. I was even enthusiastic about walking though it was cold and rainy. Most interestingly, I could taste the wasabi in the Superfood. I’ve never noticed it before but today it was distinctly spicy.

Day 8

Finally, progress day!

12/28/2020 1/3/2021 Difference
Weight: 187.4 lbs. 184.4 -3.0
Hips: 45 in. 44 -1
Belly: 37.5 in. 36.5 -1
Thigh: 26.5 in. 26.5 0
Bicep: 12.5 in. 12.25 -0.25

Losses all around, so it is working so far. I took pictures as well and the difference is not as dramatic as I was hoping. But the numbers don’t lie. I would love to keep up a loss of 4 lbs/week. My velocity diet goal is to finish around 175 lbs. My ultimate goal is 160 lbs by June 1.

20 reps, 25 seconds rest
A. Double kettlebell front squat 2x12kg - 6/6/5/3
B. TRX Row - 6/5/5/4
C. TRX pushup - 7/6/5/2
D. Hand walkout - 6/5/5/4

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Day 9

Walk and stretching

Day 10

40 reps, 40 seconds rest

A. Reverse lunge - 12/11/10/7
B. Double kettlebell row 2x10 kg - 10/11/10/9
C. Double kettlebell push press 2x10 kg - 11/11/10/8
D. Kettlebell curl 12 kg - 11/10/11/8
E. Reverse crunch - 12/11/11/7

And a nice 45 minute-ish walk around a local park. I rewarded myself with a new winter hat for completing the first week of velocity.

Day 11

Walk and stretching. HSM was 1 chicken breast, 1 steamed potato, chickpeas and green beans with curry seasoning.


While I was walking I realized I felt “normal,” not exhausted and brain fogged. I guess this happened around day 8, after the weekend when I usually don’t set an alarm to wake up. So to anyone out there struggling through day 3, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Having said that, now I feel like I could do this eating pattern for a while beyond the 28 days. I don’t mind having the shake for breakfast in the morning, I was typically skipping breakfast before this anyway. Also the third shake is great in the mid afternoon compared to whatever snacks I might chomp on otherwise. I do miss solid food for lunch, so that will be the first thing to return to my life.

Day 12

40 reps, 40 sec. rest

A. Kettlebell swing 20 kg - 12/12/10/6
B. Incline kettlebell press 2x10kg - 10/10/9/8/3
C. TRX Row - 11/10/9/8/3
D. Plank 4x30 seconds


I didn’t realize how important keeping a log on here would be. I probably would have quit 4 times by now but I feel like documenting my experience is important for future v-dieters. I’ll never know it, but if this log helps one person get through week one and stick with it until the end, then it will be worth it. It’s fun to read all the completed logs on here, especially on days when I really want to fold. Or days when I think “oh I can just have some tuna and salad for lunch, what difference will it make…” It may not make a difference realistically, but this diet is a short challenge and I would be disappointed in myself a month from now. In the grand scheme of things, 28 days is not long at all.

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Day 13

I walked, but not as much as I was supposed to. I felt really depleted all day. I did some stretching also.

Day 14

Walk in the park and V-burn in 19:51. That’s over 2 minutes off my previous time. I wondered if I forgot to do the 5th round but I didn’t have another round in me after that! HSM was chicken thigh, baked potato and mixed veggies.


I noticed in some of the past logs people talked about being too full to drink the last shake of the day. I have skipped it a few times myself, sometimes because I forgot and realized it after I brushed my teeth. But more often I just dreaded having another shake.

Day 15

Over the hump! Measurement day again.

12/28/2020 1/3/2021 1/11/2021 Diff. From Day 1
Weight: 187.4 lbs. 184.4 180.4 -7.0
Hips: 45 in. 44 42.9 -2.1
Belly: 37.5 in. 36.5 36.4 -1.1
Thigh: 26.5 in. 26.5 25.5 -1.0
Bicep: 12.5 in. 12.25 12 -0.5

This chart shows it’s worth the effort. And I’m only halfway there! I’m especially thrilled because I haven’t been walking as much as I’m supposed to. My goal is 6000 steps a day but have been falling short of that. It’s difficult to figure out how my clothes are fitting because of all the winter layers I usually wear underneath. In the pictures I noticed a big reduction in the upper corner of my abs. Today’s results were a big motivator for the workout.

20 reps/20 seconds rest

A. Double kettlebell front squat 6/6/6/2
B. TRX Row 5/5/5/3/2
C. TRX Pushup 6/6/6/2
D. TRX crunch 7/6/5/2

I had to peel myself off the floor after this one, holy moly! Of all things, I noticed that I felt much stronger doing the TRX crunch. At first I struggled to do 5 reps but today it felt like a piece of cake. I typically avoided ab exercises in the past because I disliked them and also didn’t want thick abs.

HSM today was tilapia and scallops with baked potato, mixed veggies and an orange.


Feeling mentally strong because I know I’m halfway there. I’ve been keeping track of my food cravings to decide what to eat on day 29. Everything I’ve been craving is salty. Soup broth, Rye toast with butter, Indian vegetarian food.

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Great to hear how it’s going. Your head is definitely in the right place and your body is following along.

Keep. Doing. What. You’re. Doing. :+1:

Thanks for the encouragement!

Day 16

Walk and stretch

Day 17

40 reps/35 sec. rest

A. Reverse Lunge 12/10/10/8
B. Double kettlebell row 11/10/10/9
C. Push press 12/9/8/8/5
D. Kettlebell curl 13/12/12/3
E. Reverse crunch 15/13/12


No interesting oberservations in the past couple days.

Day 18

Walk and stretching. I’ve been making a point to visit different parks in the area each day for walking. HSM was chicken thighs, baked potato and brussel sprouts. DOMS the day after a workout hasn’t been too bad. I usually feel it first thing in the morning but by midday the soreness has worn off.

I got culinary peppermint extract to add to the shakes. This is excellent mixed with the chocolate if you like mint chocolate. I’ve been trying different mix ins along the way. Sugar free syrup makes the whole thing way too sweet. Espresso was ok, but I like that better as a chaser. The vanilla flavor of the Metabolic Drive tends to overpower everything else. I had high hopes for Earl Grey tea and Chai but could barely taste them. I made those teas the way you would make sun tea and steeped it for hours so it was definitely strong. Shakes with Diet Dr. Pepper didn’t turn out that great either. Cinnamon powder was a definite winner.

Day 19

Workout was exhausting today!
40 reps/35 second rest

A. Kettlebell swing 15/13/12
B. Incline Kettlebell press 12/12/9/7
C. TRX Row 10/12/11/7
D. Plank 4x30 seconds

Day 20

Walk and stretch. I always feel completely depleted on Saturdays, I guess it’s the week catching up with me.

Day 21

V-burn in 18:52. I couldn’t believe I dropped an entire minute since last week.

Day 22
Measurement Day

12/28/2020 1/3/2021 1/11/2021 1/18/2021 Diff. From Day 1
Weight: 187.4 lbs. 184.4 180.4 179.6 -7.8
Hips: 45 in. 44 42.9 42.7 -1.3
Belly: 37.5 in. 36.5 36.4 36.2 -1.3
Thigh: 26.5 in. 26.5 25.5 25.2 -1.3
Bicep: 12.5 in. 12.25 12 12 -0.5

Disappointing week numbers-wise but I am going to chalk that up to female biology. Still all losses even though it was minimal.

20 reps/15 seconds rest

A. Double kettlebell front squat 2x12kg - 9/6/5
B. TRX Row - 7/6/6/1
C. TRX pushup - 8/6/4/2
D. TRX crunch - 8/5/4/3

Really crushed the front squats today. So even though the fat loss measurements were disappointing, strength was through the roof.

Also, ran out of Superfood today.

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