SB & P Sandwich

As I mentioned in a recent <a href=""target=“new”>LiveSpill, making healthy meals is often about making healthy substitutions. Here’s a dirt-simple example, and a great snack idea.

[center]SB & P Sandwich[/center]
Forget PB & J. The peanut butter component is questionable for a lot of people (peanuts aren’t “real” nuts; allergy issues etc.) Jelly is mainly sugar. And bread? Well, <a href=""target=“new”>bread is dead.

Here’s a fun, tasty alternative using substitutions:

Use sesame butter (tahini) instead of PB, or any other superior nut butter, such as almond or walnut.
Use sugar-free preserves instead of jelly. I like the Smuckers brand.
Make your own <a href=""target=“new”>almond bread and use that instead of the usual disease-in-loaf-form regular bread.

Good stuff.


But…I like peanut butter. :frowning:
Walnut butter? Now that sounds like it has potential.

[quote]Weevo wrote:
But…I like peanut butter. :frowning:
Walnut butter? Now that sounds like it has potential.[/quote]

Natural PB, truly natural PB, not that “fake” natural now being sold (hint: if you don’t need to stir it, don’t eat it), is okay.

I do think that peanuts are the least-good nut. This probably has something to do with peanuts being legumes, not true nuts. And allergy issues are very high with peanuts. Even if you don’t go into anaphylactic shock, you could still be getting some lower-level negative effects.

I do make my own PB sometimes, though I try to stick to almond, cashew, sesame and walnut butters. Pricey, but better.

I’ll have to try these. I love almond butter, eat it on all sorts of things. Never been a fan of jelly, but maybe preserves would be better.

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