Savory Cravings?


So I’ve been around the block on the V-Diet a few times since 3.0 first debuted, but one thing always plagues me: savory cravings during the week, particularly in the last two weeks of the diet.

The last time I did the diet, what I did once or twice in the last two weeks was basically boil some chicken broth with some random spices, and have some spiced broth, and it worked wonders for the cravings (particularly when I had a cold on the 4th week). Since I didn’t have any issues with weight gain or anything (weight went down the same as usual), I’m imagining it’s not a harmful thing so long as I’m avoiding adding calories, but I was wondering what your strategy is for times like this where you need some salt and have limited options? It’s always good to have more than one idea, right?

At this point, where I’ve used Peanut Butter to replace dessert fairly often, it just doesn’t scratch the savory itch anymore.

It’s interesting, since most people who want to drop body fat crave sweets more than savory items, the V-Diet can shift that around. This makes healthy savory items more appealing. It’s one reason why the V-Diet can shift cravings around and remove bad dietary habits. So part of me wants to say “tough it out, it’s good for ya. And you’ll really lose those healthy HSMs.”

But I do understand. The broth isn’t a bad idea, and some people require a bit more salt than the V-Diet provides. So it could definitely be a salt craving.

If it’s not a salt craving, herbal teas without sweetener can really hit the spot. The bitterness is a nice “break” when it comes to sensory specific satiety. Try hot peppermint tea or Earl Grey. Some people have even added their Superfood to hot water for a tea-like drink.

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