Sara's V-Diet

Hey you guys!
So today is Day one of my Velocity Diet. I took my Hot Rox at 5am this morning and I started my workout. Took my plasma and a shot of some L-Carnitine 3000. Breakfast was at 9am Lunch Im planning for 12pm with a 2 scoops of Collagen. Mid-Afternoon should be at 3pm, Dinner at 6pm and my Bedtime Protein at 9pm. Is anyone else on a schedule? Also, if you are, is the gap between working out to having breakfast too big? Lastly, does any one have any recommendations for dinner meals? Im trying to cut out any additional carbs so im not doing rice or super starchy veggies. Any help would be Greatly appreciated!!!

Hope you guys are killin’ it today!!!

Sara, I just finished my V-diet. If you’re wanting to cut out starchy veggies, I would stick with a “Green faces” approach. If it’s a green vegetable, had a face, or was going to grow up to have one, eat it.

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LOL!!! I love this! thank you Paul!

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