Samdan's Log (Final #'s up, transition time)

Hitting the iron harder just isn’t cutting it for getting me in shape; which isn’t surprising, given that I’m about 50 lbs over my “goal” weight.

I’ve done karate for 15 years, just about, and was promoted to Master (4th degree blackbelt) in January. I’ve been overweight almost my entire life and god damnit, it’s time to LOOK like a Master. People look up to me because of the belt, because I help as often as I can, and have a different outlook on teaching due to my age. The problem is, sometimes it comes off as looking up to me because they’re “supposed to”.

Conditioning is decidedly NOT something people look up to me for and I want that to change.

My inability to achieve my conditioning goals is all the more frustrating because of how I was able to change my whole attitude and discipline to go from the kid who was asked to sit out by the end of most classes he went to to the young adult who is asked to teach/start most of the classes he goes to.

Today, I’m taking the first step to change all of this and starting the Velocity Diet. I’m already 2 shakes into the first day, and spent my workouts this last week getting my weights locked in. I decided to go with the beginner workout because of annoying back pain and joint tightness and inflexibility in some areas.

If all goes to plan, there won’t be a single part of me that DOESN’T feel better.

I’ll post all my measurements/weight tomorrow since I have to go get a ruler apparently and I prefer to weigh myself at the gym. In the meantime, here are my “before” pictures (Don’t mind the girliness of the room, these were taken in my girlfriend’s dorm):

And my board of reminders and shake-tracking (complete with inspirational quote from his holiness, The Shugart):

Here’s to hoping that my gut calms down as it gets used to actually taking all my supplements regularly. Got myself a 5-compartment dohickey which is fairly simple… Each section has an open and a closed end.

Any open end screws into any closed end, with a screw-on lid. Load up each compartment at night with the pills for each shake the next day, take the pills on the top of the stack, and put the now-empty slot on the bottom so that the top slot is always my next shake’s pills.

I’ll keep you updated, and hopefully by April 12 I’ll be popping woodies when I see myself in the mirror!

First workout today, but first… my measurements (you know you’re an engineer when you set up an excel spreadsheet to not only track your progress, but auto-calculate your weekly changes and % differences…):

Weight 239#
Neck 16"
Shoulders 47"
Chest - Upper 44.5"
Chest - Lower 42"
Waist - at Navel 44.5"
Waist - at largest 45"
Hips - at largest 46"
Upper Arm - L 13.5"
Upper Arm - R 13.5"
Upper Leg - L 25.5"
Upper Leg - R 25.75"
Lower Leg - L 16.5"
Lower Leg - R 16.5"
Ankle - L 10.5"
Ankle - R 10.5"

My first reaction to this was “WHAT THE FUCK DID THE V-DIET DO TO MY WEIGHT?!?!” I’ve been weighing in fairly consistently at about 245 (244-247-ish) for the last month or so. Suddenly, I’m 1 day into the V-Diet and I’ve dropped 6 lbs? The only difference between today and my other workouts is that I usually drink a shake during class before I work out (when I worked out T/R/Sat). Does a MD shake mysteriously weigh 5 lbs?

Anyway, on to my workout… As previously stated, I went with Beginner workout.

Front Squat - 105#
11, 9, 8, 7, 5

Dumbbell Bench - 35# ea.
9, 8, 8, 8, 7

Dumbbell Rows - 30# ea.
9, 9, 7, 7, 8, 6, 4

Plank Hold
45s, 35s

The astute T-Nation reader will notice that I did 50 reps on the Rows. Don’t ask me why I suddenly thought I needed 50 reps, but I did. A similar thing happened with Squats, I thought it was a light day, despite looking over the sheet many times… I’m gonna move up 10# in the front squat, 5# each on the bench press, and change to Barbell Rows.

Had to go out and do some errands after my workout, including standing in line at Kmart for 10 minutes next to all the candy while the two slowest women ever bought their stuff. I had no temptation at all, even when I went by Burger King and McDonalds on the way home (If sex had a flavor, it would be BK’s Breakfast Shots with Ham…).

I figured it out as I pulled into my driveway: Metabolic Drive is my lover. And she is a jealous lover. She would need nothing more than me LOOKING at another food product to justify taking a Sledgehammer to my Mustang’s windows, and that is a kind of crazy that I will not mess with. But she is a kind lover, too, and says we can celebrate our commitment anniversaries with other women! Being a man, I think it’s silly that she wants to celebrate our anniversary weekly, but who am I to argue with guilt-free threesomes?

In other news, getting my shakes today will be interesting because of my schedule… Dentist in another hour, and I’m already an hour late drinking my first shake of the day, AND I just drank my Surge… Later, I’m meeting with my senior design group, for possibly 6-7 hours… Hopefully I can scrounge up some sandwich baggies that won’t leak in my pockets.

Very cool. Keep us posted!

Day 3, nothing special to report… No Ninjas trying to steal my shakes and force me to eat cake and pie… The lady at the bank didn’t ask me to step into the vault with her so that she could help me make a deposit… I feel like I have been lied to about the effects of the velocity diet.

Day 4, it’s early but I’ve done my workout for the day. Results are:

Romanian Deadlift - 135#
12, 8, 5, 5, 7, 5, 4, 4

Lat Pulldown - 100#
15, 11, 8, 7, 5, 4

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 25# ea
15, 10, 8, 7, 5, 5

Side Planks (R. side/L. side)
25s/25s, 25s/25s

Might need to lower that Deadlift weight… My right shoulder was significantly more fatigued during/after the shoulder presses, which surprised me.

Ah well… Another day, another buttload of shakes. Maybe today I’ll have more success with Ninjas and office ladies…

Day 4/5, Had trouble getting all my shakes in. Between feeling full and feeling a little sick, I missed one shake on both days. I started noticing that I’m amazing at identifying smells now… I always had a good nose and tongue for cooking, but suddenly I’m smelling things that I’m not sure a trained dog would pick up on…

Day 6, Workout was interesting today. For some reason, I was getting fatigue at the end of sets, but I wasn’t feeling worked out by the end. On two of my exercises, I busted out extra reps on the last set so that 1) I’d get a nice burn going and 2) so that I didn’t end up with a set of 1-3 after doing all 9’s or 7’s… Results of the workout were:

Sumo Deadlift - 135#
9, 7, 7, 7, 10

Incline DB Press - 30# ea.
9, 9, 9, 8, 5

Lat Pulldown, Wide Grip - 100#
9, 8, 8, 7, 8

Plank Hold
45s, 40s

Think I’ll toss 20# on my sumo deadlift, see what happens. Incline DB presses will definitely move up 5# each side, see what it feels like next week. I think I have a good weight for lat pulldowns, I felt REAL good after that (read: hurt and burning).

I saw a girl today on a calf raise machine. She had 20# on the thing, and I tried to decide whether I should explain that standing up and down with her bodyweight would be a better calf exercise…

I later saw her doing jacknife situps with a 10# medicine ball while I was doing my planks. I was a LOT more tempted to give her a quick word on that exercise, but I was burned out and had to meet my girlfriend in 10 minutes. I think if I see it all again, I’ll let the calf raises slide but let her know how much shit she’s putting her back through.

Also, picked up more peanut butter, as well as cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and orange, raspberry, and mint extracts.

Day 7

Because of repeating schedule things, I’m going to make Sundays my V-Burn day so technically the first one will be day 8, and the last will be day 29… Unfortunately, I didn’t think that one through too well when deciding when to start the diet…

Today was interesting… I woke up at 6am, was on the road at 7:30, and went up to Lehigh University for a grad school open house. I wasn’t back around home until 5:30, just in time for my first HSM! But before I go into that fabulous experience, let’s recap things that went wrong today…

First, I forgot all my pills. No fish oil, no HOT-ROX, nothing. Yay! Remembered that one 30 minutes into the trip, too late to turn back… I can forgive myself for that one, but then once I was there and checked my premixed powder bags, guess what? I dropped one of the bags on my way to my car. I had premixed my breakfast shake in my shaker, and I had a lunch shake, but I had no shake for around when I was leaving or coming home. This lead to me going into my HSM minus one shake. That being said…

The HSM was magic. Pure magic. Went down to the local brew-pub with the girlfriend (they’re the best food for under $40 per person in town). I went into it knowing I’d have to control myself a little bit so that I didn’t overeat because of missing a shake and not having any Flameout. Started by having half a roll without any butter, just so that I’d have something settling by the time I got my salad, and hopefully I’d be fine by the time my meal arrived.

The plan mostly worked, and while I finished everything, I felt good enough about the meal… I got a sirloin (minus the garlic butter) with sweet potato fries and grilled vegetables, plus garden salad with olive oil and vinegar. Pure sex… I’m already planning my next HSM… I’m thinking about a Quinoa Jumbalaya with chicken, shrimp, and lean pork chops…

Day 8, another fun day. My senior design class seems to be running most of my life… I spent today from 9am to 4:20pm in a computer lab with 10 other people working with computer drafting, floor plans, and structure sketches.

I’ll be doing it again in two weeks, and probably spend 5 entire days in April working on the final sketches and presentation (did I mention I’m team leader for my group and thus get to show up to EVERY meeting and make sure EVERYTHING gets done?). Was fun carrying my shaker in my hand and 3 plastic containers of pre-packed shakes, plus a big tube of compartmented pills… Just waiting for the cops to drive next to me and strike up a conversation…

Despite ordering two XL pizzas for the group for lunch, I stuck to my shakes, and got all my shakes AND all my pills in today! After all that, I had a fraternity meeting, and then I did my first V-Burn Challenge. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I already knew where my problem spots would be (the push ups and pike push ups), and I wasn’t disappointed.

Total Time: 24:13

My goal going into the challenge was 20 minutes, but after the 3rd set, I just wanted to finish under 25 minutes. I think I’ll keep 20 minutes as my ultimate goal, and see how I progress.

Day 9, measuring day… Here’s the results, the area, my current measurement, and loss since the initial measuring:

Chest - Upper…43…-1.5
Chest - Lower…40…-2
Waist - Navel…41.5…-3
Waist - Largest…42…-3
Hips - Largest…44.5…-1.5
Upper Arm - L…13…-0.5
Upper Arm - R…13…-0.5
Upper Leg - L…23…-2.5
Upper Leg - R…23.5…-2.25
Lower Leg - L…16…-0.5
Lower Leg - R…16…-0.5
Ankle - L…10.5…0
Ankle - R…10.5…0

Holy hell… I knew my Large shirts were fitting looser, but that’s impressive to me… If I go back to where my weight was mostly plateaued before the V-diet, I’m down about 10#, 6# between now and my initial weigh in. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble sticking to the diet from here on out…

Today was also workout day, here’s what I got:

Front Squat - 105#
9, 8, 6, 5, 6, 6

Dumbbell Bench - 40# ea.
8, 6, 6, 5, 4, 3, 4, 2, 2

Bentover Barbell Row - 95#
9, 7, 7, 6, 6, 5

Plank Hold
1:00, 0:30

Got my weights set in, I think. Feel really good about this workout and I think everything is going to be okay. The economy will rebound, there will be peace in the middle east, the steelers will win the super bowl next year and become the most dominant team ever in the history of football with a 23-0 season (they will MAKE more games until they get 23-0).

Day 10, going good so far. I went to karate last night for the first time in almost a month because I finally had some damned free time in the evening… Felt good to practice my stuff again, and felt doubly good because a couple of the guys definitely noticed that I had dropped weight.

This whole thing is getting easier as time goes on, which I really appreciate. Makes me think that by the time I get to the last week, it’ll just be business as usual and I won’t even have to think.

In an effort to encourage more readers in my log, I decided to spice it up a bit… Started off by changing the name of it, and decided to take a cue from the Arnold Classic and all those other big bodybuilding events… FREE SCHWAG!

So to kick things off, I will be giving away JAMIE EASON*! FREE to the first 3 people who reply! Get your asses in here, and Jamie Eason can be yours!

*offer not valid on Earth.

Sounds like you’re doing well. Keep it up. I believe My address is posted on my profile. Feel free to hand it off to Jaime the next time you see her.

I like your sense of humor :wink:

Yay! I’m replier #2! I dont even know who or what Jamie Eason is (hopefully I didnt just commit a crime), so even if the offer isnt valid on earth, I’d forgive you of the debt.

You’re doing really well! Already lots of differences in measurements! Actually better than well, you are rockstar quality. Looking forward to seeing your updated results when you have your next ménage à trois’ weekly celebration.


[quote]austin2174 wrote:
I dont even know who or what Jamie Eason is (hopefully I didnt just commit a crime), so even if the offer isnt valid on earth, I’d forgive you of the debt.


Well, then… Now I know.

I was going to ask the same question. Who is Jamie Eason? I agree with Lisa, you are a humorous read.

Welcome to the forum, glad you are here.

The response from people who don’t know Jamie don’t count so I think I’m one of the first three. OK I’ll meet her on the moon. See ya soon Jamie.

Unfortunately, draper, you need to have established residency on the moon. I’ll need to see proof of 7 or more years of residency, including proof of utility payment within the last year. On another note, it’s good to see people enjoy my hilariously retarded hallucinations and metaphors.

Day 11, WORKOUT DAY! Felt good, here’s the damage:

Deadlift - 135#
14, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5

Lat Pulldown - 100#
15, 10, 7, 7, 5, 6

Dumbbell Shoulder Press - 25# ea.
14, 7, 7, 6, 5, 6, 5

Side Planks
25s, both sides, both sets

I decided not to drop my weight in deadlift, and the set went just fine. My limiting factor today was my shoulders being really sore, and it showed on the shoulder presses. On the other hand, I felt good leaving the gym.

Been feeling nauseous lately, don’t know if its because I moved up to 2x HOT-ROX twice a day along with 2x TRIBEX twice a day, or maybe my body is deciding to rebel against the protein shakes. I’ve expelled enough gas (ENTIRELY out of my mouth, btw…) to reopen the hole in the ozone layer…

“I’ve expelled enough gas (ENTIRELY out of my mouth, btw…) to reopen the hole in the ozone layer…” - Samdan

Guess that makes it easier for draper to get to the moon. And I’m guessing at this point in time that it would be fairly easy for draper to create a fictional I.D. to prove his residency, and a utility bill can easily be reproduced and recreated to match the moon.

Day 13…

Yesterday was very nearly a clusterfuck trying to get myself and my friend to Pittsburgh… Original plan was to leave around 3:30, its a 5-hour drive. Okay, I need to re-stagger my MD shakes a bit so that I have things to drink during the ride down. Whoops, something happened… Leaving at 5:30 now, and so I drink my 3pm shake like normal because I’m getting hungry.

Oh, hey… Look at that… We’re not leaving until 9 now? Well, that throws off the schedule somewhat… Oh, now we end up leaving at 6:45… My shake schedule ended up completely fucked, and I had to get a bag of beef jerky because through everything, I ended up one shake down, and tired as hell on a drive through significant amounts of fog.

Unfortunately, in the case of long drives, I already tend to slip into a sort of oblivious state towards the end, and beef jerky keeps me “grounded” as something to chew on and be delicious. I tried using the shake for it, but it wasn’t doing anything for me. Overall, I had the jerky, but I didn’t get my last shake of the day so calorically it wasn’t a huge thing, but it was an issue of being or not being aware in fog that I couldn’t see more than 60ft through on the PA turnpike.

Today was a much more mellow day… Got all my shakes and workouts just fine. Grabbed a one-week pass at a gym within a couple blocks of my house so that I can train over spring break, and I’m really liking the place after the first workout. A little cramped, and not the most equipment in the world, but the guys in charge seem more concerned with the quality of the iron than anything else. I’ll post my workout results tomorrow, for now I’m dead tired and want to sleep so that I can attend all the behind-the-scenes workings at a funeral tomorrow…

I like the diamond quote on your dry erase board!

Here’s my lunar address:

123 Crater Ln.
Moonville, The Moon 10036

Dude I can’t believe I’ve missed this thread until now…freakin hilarious…gotta love low carb delirium…been experiencing a bit of it myself lately…

At any rate, your posts are fantastic…you are doing everything the V-Diet asks of you as far as keeping records and being honest…now start taking all your shakes…eat more you hungry bastard!!..and DONT CHEAT WITH JERKY!!!

Buy a GNC Shaker bottle…this thing makes my life complete…i just put in the water, throw in the prepared mix, shake hard (burns calories too!) and chug…its so easy…it works for everything except for breakfast and dinner, cause of the flax, but even that can be overcome if you just put the flax in some warm water separately and drink that…basically, there is no excuse for not having this stuff on hand…get on it and your results will be awesome!

Also, to store the mixes throughout the day, I have one of those 3-size plastic container things that you used to see on infomercials…it has the spinning carousel and is dishwasher safe? No idea what I’m talking about, huh?

AHA! Swirl Around is the name:

I keep my containers a lot more organized than that guy, but it really doesnt matter…get one and get your shakes in, playa…now rock this shit…

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