Salt Intake on V-Diet?


Hi Chris,

What is the recommended daily salt intake on the V-Diet?




Well, there isn’t one. You’re drinking shakes for every meal except for 1 solid healthy meal per week. You may salt that meal as much as you want if that’s what you mean. Some even like to add some salt to their shakes. Sounds kinda gross to me, but some may require more sodium that the diet includes, so that’s fine.

But remember, your natural nut butter will contain salt so that usually isn’t required.


Thanks Chris.

I’m on day 6 of the V-Diet. I felt a bit crampy after my first workout on day 2. I started putting salt in my shakes on day 3. It seemed to work.

I’ve done other PSMF (protein saving modified fast) type diets before and I’ve always had to watch my salt intake.

I put about 1g in each shake, you cannot taste it.



“The maximum recommended level of sodium intake is 2,300 mg per day.”

I am not a health guru I took the above statement off of a state university site.

You may have miss typed but if you are putting 1 gram of salt in each shake and drinking 5 shakes/day you are looking at 5000mg of sodium.

Not that I am judging I just thought I would throw this out here for consideration.


^^only about a third of salt is sodium.

plus, some people (myself in particular) sweat a ton and consistently consume way more than the recommended amount to avoid feeling like crap.


I’m on my 4th (maybe 5th) V-Diet. Something I figured out early on was that being sodium deprived sucks, so now I generally have 1 cup of broth a day. I buy the fancy broth paste that needs to be kept in the fridge (lobster flavour is my favourite). It contains fat, so take that into account when doing the numbers.

It sounds counter intuitive, but the first time I did the V-Diet (back in 2005 or so) I was really thirsty all the time and had a dry mouth. After starting to drink broth, this went away, despite my salt intake increasing. I can’t explain it, it just works that way :slight_smile: