Saggy Skin After Weight Loss?

Hello again

So i’m thinking of doing the V-Diet but my only real concern is, well ive seen a few documentaries where people have gone on extreme weight loss diets and then the end up with all this saggy excess skin hanging off their bones.

As my BMI puts me in the obese category i was wondering if i did the V-Diet would i too end up with all this extra skin hanging around or would the fact that id be doing the training alongside the diet be enough.

Another option ive just thought of could be i could just do the V-Diet lite first to lose some of the excess and then go into the full blown V-Diet.

Any advice is much appreciated.

It’s not that “extreme dieting” causes saggy skin; it’s that fat loss after a point of obesity is reached causes saggy skin, regardless of the type of diet used. And it can’t be trained off, drugged off, or supplemented off. It has to be surgically removed. Some say it “tightens up” but not much for most people.

Some people get it badly, some don’t. Most who have over 100 pounds to lose are sure to get it to some extent.

Here’s the thing though: Stretched and damaged skin, IF it happens to you, isn’t going to kill you. Obesity will.

There’s still some extra skin around my belly button after the V. “It puts lotion on its belly…”

And…I’ve got a couple stretch marks. They are a great reminder of what I was and will never be again. Like a tattoo, scar, or ex-wife–forever.

I dropped down from 236 to lean and fit 162 as a result of the V-diet and then transition to more of an anabolic diet/lifestyle. I hope to die from something cool, exotic, and/or newsworthy (like a tank, shark, or supermodel-serial killer) vs. something preventable…

Thanks for both replies, I guess my last rason for not doing it has just been blown out the water so better sort out the supplies

Cheers guys

The cocoe+shea butter is really paying off as my post V-Diet skin is tightening up nicely. Every day after I shower, and before I go to bed… Belly + butt.

I am now 165 with a 10.35% BF, so am def packing on some muscle in the void left in spots after the V-Diet…

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