Ryan's V-Diet Log

Day 3, finally uploading images and measurements.

Taken on 4/6/2009 day 1:

Height 6’1"
Weight 191.6
Neck 15.75
Shoulders 47
Chest - Upper 42
Chest - Lower 38
Waist - at Navel 37
Waist - at largest 37.5
Waist - at smallest 36.5
Hips - at largest 43
Upper Arm - L 14.5
Upper Arm - R 14.5
Upper Leg - L 25.75
Upper Leg - R 25
Lower Leg - L 14.5
Lower Leg - R 14.25
Ankle - L 8.5
Ankle - R 8.5


  1. get under 180 and stay there.
  2. learn to eat right
  3. look better naked (that’s a given isn’t it?)
  4. increase strength and fitness level to better compete in my sports. Wakeboarding, downhill skiing, b-ball.

I’m 27, a web developer with my own cube and everything. I love to wakeboard and downhill ski. I do as much of both as I possibly can. In spring 2007 I found T-Nation and did EDT right away. Fricken awesome. Since then I’ve done a few other programs, but didn’t work out consistently year round. Nor have I seriously adjusted my diet. My weight fluctuates from about 195 - 178. I am doing V-Diet because I want to rock the shit out my wakeboarding this year. I tore my Acl and had surgery in November of 2007 and haven’t fully gotten into shape since. This is my jump start!



Workout 1 (4/6/2009):
Front Squat
5,5,5,5 x 115

7,5,4,3,1 x 15

Dumbbell Bench Press
5,5,5,3,2 x 65 DB’s

Ab-wheel Rollout

Walked for 2 miles in 30 mins.

Good luck man

[quote]minorThreat27 wrote:

  1. look better naked (that’s a given isn’t it?)

I am doing V-diet because I want to rock the shit out my wakeboarding this year.


So brutally honest, I love it! I’m cheering for you!

Glad you got started and looking forward to watching your progression :wink:


2 miles in 30 minutes! Great job. I feel like I walk around a track forever before I reach a mile. Need to get my NEPA in now.

Thanks for the encouragement!

Workout 2:
8,8,8,6,4,3,3 x 95

Bent over row barbell
8,8,8,6,5,5 x 95

Push Press
8,8,6,5,4,3,3,3 x 65

Barbell curl
8,8,8,6,5,5 x 55

Reverse crunch

Side note: Never done a push press before. Almost made me hurl.

Cool. Keep us posted!

push presses are miserable. I struggled with them myself cos I pushed real hard on my reverse lunges and barbell rows

Day 4.

Last night was a bit tough. My brother was grilling and it smelled so good. Had to jump on the forums and read some other people’s logs. Good stuff, thanks Lisa and the other Ryan out there. Keep it up. About to head out for my walk.

Keep sluggin’ bro.

I find that having a sport helps my motivation so hopefully that’ll help you stay focused.

Pullin’ for ya

Day 5 almost in the bag. Shakes are getting a bit better tasting. Separating the super food and flax into a shot glass with a tiny amount of water helped a ton. Killer workout today. That circuit of deadlifts dominated me.

Here is workout 3:

8,8,8,6,5,3,2 x 175


Decline dumbell bench
8,8,8,6,5,5 x 55 DB’s

hand walkout

Hand walkouts felt a bit strange.

Off for my walk.

Hey man! Keep up the good work. I’m lookin forward to an update.

Well all, my last few days have been pretty rough. Here is my tail. It all started on day 2 which was last Tuesday the 7th. Tuesday afternoon I started to get a sore throat and some slight congestion. I’m thinking, crap, a cold when I’m on V. Not good. So I do some research about how to proceed. Find a few articles about being “sick”.

For the most part, if you have a cold, suck it up and keep going. And that’s what I did. Continued the V-Diet without mentioning it for fear of the, suck it up pansy posts I’d get. The next few days, I even stayed home from work. All I did was my walks, worked out, and slept. Friday rolls around, day 5 for me.

By this time my cold had escalated into a sore throat where I could hardly swallow, chills, fever, cough. It was not pleasant. I’d had enough and went to the doc to see if it was strep. I?m usually a quick healer and haven?t been to the doctor for an illness since high school. Results back were negative (not strep), but the doc thought it wise to give me some monster amoxicillin pills.

I got home, did workout 3 and went to sleep. Saturday, I was not any better. I decided to put the V on pause until I felt better. Cut it all, back to normal foods, no HOT-ROX, no workouts. I went to my parents place for Easter. My bros were making maple syrup, which was pretty cool btw. I just rested. Sunday rolled around and I was feeling much better no more sore throat or chills. Still had a bit of a cough.

Monday was better yet. I felt so good I even did the V-Burn challenge (more on that later). And then today happened. Back to the V-Diet and the shakes. This morning I had my first shake, and I gagged it all the way down. Driving to work I decided eff this! There has to be more than one way to skin a cat. Got into work, informed my buddy (ryee) who has been keeping me accountable throughout this thing. And he very politely reminded me that that, if there was another way, I’d have already done it.

And, I needed to stop being a pansy ass fatty and get my shit back on track. So I did, took an hour off work, went straight to target and got a blender (which works wonders on those damn shakes), and some flavor additives (almond extract, cinnamon, maple extract, blueberries, black berries, crasians). Went home had another shake, brought one back to work. Back on track! Thanks ryee.

So that’s my story. V-Diet resumed. I’m going to call this officially day 6. Unless you experts think otherwise. I did take measurements and photos on Monday morning but didn’t post them since I haven’t done a full week yet. I?m excited again about this whole thing. When I decided to pause it I knew it would be hella hard to get going again.

The V-Burn challenge kicked my ass! I did it in 1 hr and 7 minuets. I’ve been doing the intermediate program. TAfter the first circuit I couldn’t do clap pushups, nor could I do the hand walkouts more than 6 times. So, I downgraded to normal pushups and suck with the 6 hand walkouts per round. More next week.

Today, Day 6. Workout 4:

Front Squat
5,5,5,5 x 135lbs (still to light)

5,4,3,3,3,2 x 20lbs

Dumbbell Bench Press
5,4,3,3,3,2 x 65lbs DB’s

Ab-wheel Rollout from knees.
I don’t have access to an actual rollout wheel (I don’t think I’m strong enough to use one either). I’ve been using this 1 foot by 1 foot little cart with wheels and handles on it. I think that it’s comparable.

Played some light b-ball for 45 mins. Jump shooting, layups, free throws. Ball work. Nothing to strenuious.

Time for shake 5 of the day. Gonna do that penut butter blended with chocolate mb drive that you all have been talking about.

You got a good friend there in Ryee. Your vburn will improve, just watch. And good for you getting back on track after feeling so sick. That’s not pansy at all.

Thanks Lisa.

A question about front squats for you more experienced squatters out there (maybe i should ask in another thread…). I haven’t really been doing squats for very long. I like the front squats but I can’t figure out how to grip the bar. The guy in the video rolls his wrists back and has his arms straight out. If i did that I would choke myself. Long forearms or something… I’ve been setting the bar across the top of my shoulders while holding my arms straight out and holding the bar as far in to the top of my chest/neck as possible. Is that an acceptable grip? But, the tops of my shoulders get bruised each time. Any suggestions?

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