Running Out of Plazma

I’ve started the velocity diet today. I’m getting ready to head to the gym. While mixing up the 2 doses of Plazma recommended, I realized that there isn’t enough in the package for the entire 4 weeks.

3 lifting plus 1 V Burn is 4 sessions per week, 16 total. That requires 32 doses of Plazma, and I’ve only got 20 in the bag.

I’m 5’7", 51 years old. I’ve been lifting and competing for 3 years. Last year I had a rough spot in life, and shot from 215 lb, 12% BF to 245 lb, and I’m looking to drop some of it.

How do I get to the end of the 4 weeks without enough Plazma?


I ordered an extra bag of Plazma. The Plazma helps me stay full on workout days. Since you’ll be eating very low carb, the carbs from Plazma helped a lot.

I used one dose instead of two to stretch it out to five weeks worth. If you used 1 & 1/4 doses you’d have enough for the 16 workouts.

You can drop the Plazma for the V-burn workout. It nice workout nutrition-insurance, but isn’t always necessary for a bodyweight workout like that.

And you can reduce from two scoops to one during an “easier” weight training session, either a light or medium workout. That’ll help stretch out the servings.

Thanks. I Think I’ll do 1 serving on the Monday weight training, which feels light, and 2 on Wednesday and Friday,


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