Running, Boxing and the V-Diet

Just wondering how all this would tie together, I need to get my cardio up and my 1.5 mile run time down, and I box for an hour a few times a week. I’m not overly worried about muscle loss though I certainly don’t want to lose too much. Would running and boxing be fine with this diet?

My eating habits are horrific, as a matter of fact all I had today was a papa johns pizza. And a protein shake after i left the gym. So thats one reason I want to do this diet, also I want to drop about 15lbs.

edit: Also, I work at a warehouse and typically walk 3.5-5 miles a day at my job and am hurling 5-80lb boxes all night. Would I need to still do the NEPA walk? During the weekdays that I box I have a hard time having time for myself, squeezing in gym time is going to push that pretty close to the limits. Especially since I’m only sleeping 6-7 hours since we have overtime every night till january (yay…I suppose)

I asked about boxing a few weeks ago and got the reply

“Boxing isn’t recommended, but if you must (and if you even feel like it) you can skip the NEPA on those days.”

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