Run Out of Excuses, Knuckle Down Time


Cutting to the chase, I’ve always enjoyed training and being active but my nutritional habits have always derailed myself getting where I want to be body image wise.

I have just completed 3 years of training to become a Paramedic and they have been a tough three years but I feel they have grown me as a person to where I can finally start achieving in other aspects of my life.

Enter the Velocity diet…

I’ve always been drawn to this diet, I think mainly due to the challenge it presents, I like the test it’s going to put me through and I’m hopeful it’ll break a fair few bad habits and help to nurture some good ones along the way.

Today (1st June 2017) has been the first day on the Velocity diet. It’s been a work day, albeit a short 8 hour shift and diet wise it’s been exactly as planned and I’ve done my scheduled weights workout.

I’m following Dan John’s 40 day workout alongside this and walking 5 times weekly.

My weight this morning was 209 1/8lbs and waist 38.5"

As for goals for this diet? Pass, whatever I achieve will be a bonus additional to the actual accomplishment of sticking the 28 days. If i had to put a number? 14 pounds would be pleasing and 3" off my waist.

So with day 1 over bar my bed time shake, roll on Day 2, actually roll on day 28 haha

Day 1

1st June 2017

Day 2:

At work on a 12 hour shift today, didn’t feel overly hungry, a couple of times I felt hungry when at home, but i think that was down to habitually eating more in the evening. Just the bed time shake remains today.

Had a workout too, I’m feeling that the everyday weights sessions aren’t conducive with this diet so will follow the guidelines set out by the program. Dropping to 3 weight sessions, plenty of NEPA and one HITT session, be it weights or cardio focussed.

Day 28 feels so far away! For now though I’m just focusing on getting out of the day twenties, looking forward to being in the teens. #minigoals

To be honest I’m just focusing on getting to the next day!

Day 3&4

Both work days, a 12 and 13 hour shift respectively.

Day 3 was pretty tough, it was very hot and the timing of the shakes was a bit off due to dealing with patients and having to just drink them once finished, so i ended it up having an annoying headache.

Day 4 was much better, shakes on time and not even particularly hungry during the day.

Neither day had a workout or NEPA.

Day 5

Finally a rest day, the diet is going really well, easier than I expected. Had a workout and did some NEPA. All in all going well, I’m feeling in the groove now.

On a side note, though there was no additional NEPA on day 3&4, with the role of a Paramedic, some of the tasks we have to do ensure there is plenty of NEPA at work! Silver linings and all that!

Day 6

Diet all on point, had a workout and did a spot of NEPA.

Day 7

Back to work on a night shift.

Loving this diet quite frankly, so straight forward and easy to schedule with work which is very important given the nature of my job.

Day 8

Weigh day Number 1.

201 3/4lbs

Lost 7.25 lbs.

Day 9,10 & 11

Still here and still going strong!

Diet and exercise all in order over the past three days, pretty happy with that as I’ve transitioned from day shifts to Nights and now back again!!

Day 12, 13, 14 and 15

All in all pretty happy with progress, diet has been fine, no cheats.

Changed up my HSM today which was a surprisingly lovely experience, considering it’s just a 500 calorie chicken, rice and veg meal! Might as well of been a Pizza considering how nice it was just changing the HSM. That was just changing from a curry type spice to a Mexican style spice with the chicken!

Weigh day tomorrow! Can’t believe I’m now in week 3.

Day 16

Weigh day

197 5/8lbs


4 1/8lbs

Total so far:

11 3/8lbs

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Solid work so far. Keep at it.

For sure play around with things, within reason. There’s definitely some benefit to sticking with the same thing, but also use the HSM as a chance to build the habit of making good food choices in general and get some variety.

Instead of rice, you can swap it out for quinoa or potato or whatever other clean carb. Instead of chicken breast, try chicken thigh (they’re slightly higher fat content, so maybe drop carbs a bit if you go that route, or not.)

And for sure get funky with seasonings and even cooking methods. I have a go-to chicken chili I make pretty regularly, and the difference in flavor between cooking the chicken in a pan vs cooking it out on the grill is huge. Just some ideas to keep in mind.

Hi Chris

Thanks a lot for your input, it’s much appreciated! I think the reason I’ve stuck to predominantly one set HSM is because of a hectic work schedule this month so far. As I have a few days off now, I’ll take your advice and switch things up a wee bit. I feel already that this diet has broken a fair few bad habits.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I can achieve over the next two weeks. I’m actually running it for the whole month of June purely because day 28, 29 and 30 I’ll be at work and it’s really easy sticking to this whilst at work.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Day 17

Workout and Diet on point.

Switched up the HSM to some pretty tasty Pork, couscous and veg.

Not long left, well into the second half now :smile:

Catch up time.

So at day 23 now!!!

Days 18-22 all past without incident, diet was spot on and workouts and NEPA took place as per schedule.

Weighed in this morning :smile:


So lost another 3lbs and 5/8ths.

Taking the total after 3 weeks to a shade over 15lbs.

I’m carrying on for another 7days as I’m doing the whole of June as opposed to just the 4 weeks.

Would be nice to get to the nice round number of 190lbs, but I’m not going to be disappointed if I don’t quite get there, how could I be? I’m just proud of myself for managing to stick to this!

I’m adding a wee bit of cardio in this week as I’m going Downhill mountain bike during the first week of July so just want to oil the cogs ready for that.

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Here we are at the end of Day 27!

Days 24-26 went without hitch. Had some workouts and a very active weekend.

On to the official last day tomorrow, though I’m working over the next 3 days so will be finishing on the 1st of July, which is when I will weigh myself on that morning for a final V Diet weigh in and waist measurement along with a finishing picture.

I’m planning on going to a near maintenance level of calorie intake to recomp a tad as opposed to out and out fat loss during July. Work on my strength and size a touch before hitting the V-Diet again throughout August!

I’ve found this diet surprisingly easy to stick too and a handy tool for fat loss.

Next check in will be my final one for this run through! Can’t believe after so many failed attempts, I’m right here at the end :slight_smile:

Brief check in on Day 29!! Wahey I’ve completed the 28 days without a hitch :slight_smile:

Last day tomorrow, so the next post with be a final round up, weigh in, waist measurement and Photo.

Roll on Day 30.

So there we go, it’s all done and dusted, 30 days on the V Diet complete.

I must say, on the whole I found it very enjoyable and that it really seems to have given me a new appreciation of food and has definitely given me the kick up the butt I needed to go forward and achieve what I want too.

I would highly recommend this diet to anyone who wishes to break bad food habits!

Onto the end results.

Final week weight loss was 1 1/2 lbs, weight loss was close to plateauing I feel so a good time to be ending.


Start: 209 1/8lbs
Finish: 192 1/2lbs
Total loss: 16 5/8lbs


Start: 38.5"
Finish: 35.5"
Total loss: 3"

Overall I’m pleased with the results, long way still to go, but I’m ready for the challenge :smile:

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