Rugbykid Log January 9th


Starting my V-diet today :slight_smile: Here are my stats

Start Date: January 9th 2012
Height: 5â??10â??
Weight: 236 LBS
Neck: 17.5â??
Chest â?? Upper: 45â??
Chest â?? Lower: 44â??
Waist - at Navel: 45â??
Waist - at largest: 46â??
Hips - at largest: 45.25â??
Upper Arm â?? L: 15.75â??
Upper Arm â?? R: 16â??
Upper Leg â?? L: 26.5â??
Upper Leg â?? R: 26.5â??
Lower Leg â?? L: 17.25â??
Lower Leg â?? R: 17â??
Ankle â?? L: 9.25â??
Ankle â?? R: 9.75â??

Just came back from the gym…very sluggish workout. First time in the gym since mid December. Feeling good about this diet…but also feeling very full at the moment.

Still need to slirp down dinner and bedtime shakes yet. Motivated to finish this and see results.

Before the diet i fell off the wagon and got ran over by the bus behind me. I got to my goal weight if 185 (Pretty lean) and gained all this weight back…No more messing around


Good Luck!




Day 2 almost done.

Woke up very tired, had to get to work for 7 am

Had a very good spike in energy during the day today. Feeling a little hungry right now but i know it will go away soon or with a few glasses of water. Not at the gym tonight, probably go to bed early.

Looking forward to my HSM meal on friday. Its my mom’s birthday and were having greek food. Going to be eating: Chicken breast, salad with a little olive oil, whole wheat rice…Very tasty meal.


Got very sick off my V-Diet…Last night within 8 hours i was forced to run to the bathroom 23-30 times…My stomach is pounding. Not very happy, maybe this V-Diet is not for me