Round 3

So we are all using the same HOW, but here’s my WHY when it comes to the V-Diet.

Around 10-11 years ago I graduated university at 350lbs. I travelled from Canada and lived in Europe and started losing weight and became a personal trainer. So just over 6 years ago, at 260lbs I tried this crazy thing called the Velocity Diet, I swore I’d be never quit on it and amazingly over the 4 weeks and 2 week transition I dropped to 235lbs.

I even spent my 30th birthday sitting alone in my room counting down the minutes to that weeks HSM. A few months later I moved back to Canada to begin a Degree in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy (a mix of Athletic Trainer and Physical Therapy, for the Americans). I figured being a 30 year old freshmen I ought to get in better shape and once again I jumped right in to the V-Diet and dropped down to 199lbs from around 220lbs.

I actually managed to maintain a weight range between 200-215 for the first 3 years of school. Sadly, with increased school hours, clinical and field coverage hours and a few nagging physical issues things got bad. I have not worked out on a frequency that I would call regular for around 2 years. So now, 5 years later after finishing my degree, studying for national certification exams and having worked full time with a hockey team this past year, I’ve ballooned up to a very unhealthy and uncomfortable 240lbs.

So here’s my attempt at round 3 of the V-Diet (the first with version 3.0). I’m choosing to do something horrible on purpose because I need a motivation and self control boost. The best way for me to explain the mental changes after the first 2 rounds was that there was always this little voice in my head (the FFB in me I suppose) and I could generally turn that voice down when it wanted to only eat crappy food and to not go to the gym. But often I just gave up and listened to that voice, I made gains but I knew I could do and be better.

The V-Diet allowed me to turn the volume down on that voice. Now it had to scream and shout, asking hundreds of times before I listened. Too often over the past 2 years I’ve just followed that voice. Not anymore.

I am writing this after completing day 1. I had planned to start last Monday but it did not work out and then I thought, I’ll just wait until next week. But that seemed like a recipe to put off something I really needed to start. So I started on a Thursday and I’ll just go for 28 days from yesterday. However I didn’t start this round under the most ideal situation, I failed to get initial measurements and I even forgot to measure my weight yesterday, and take pictures.

But I know the weight and inches will come off if I do what I need to do, history has proven that to me no matter how horrible the process seems at time, and I can always do measurements and that stuff today. Really the biggest obstacle is that both previous times I was working 2 full time jobs and was highly distracted. Now I am waiting to return to my job in August and I’m only occasionally working. I’m going to really have to get some hobbies.

So that’s my story. I’m about 2 hours into day two, seem to have a bit of a cold but otherwise doing fine.

So day 4 is in the books. Worst thing so far was the horrible headaches of day 2, which I will chalk up to the drastic drop in carb consumption and bad shake planning. Have since gone away. Best part was the HSM I just finished.

Having done the diet twice previously, it feels weird eating after only 4 days but I figured if I waited too long to start I would probably just do more damage and be putting it off, do I started on a Thursday and a HSM is best on Sundays for me. Weight hasn’t changed much, but that doesn’t matter too much, this round was as much for the mental change than anything. Sadly I find myself very lethargic and apathetic, and I would really like to be more productive since i have a lot of free time, just can’t seem to motive myself enough.

Workout #2 tomorrow (after the first one I came home and lied down for an hour, a bi-product of bad shake planning) and todays V Burn was very hard but I had my HSM to come home to. Man it’s great to be full of food again, even if for just one night.

So I am on my way to completing day 8 and other than a horrible day 2 it’s been pretty good. I have a horrible craving for green vegetables and steak, which I will satisfy on Sunday hopefully at a BBQ. Still trying to get down the best rhythm for the shakes, I seem to be able to go a long time during the day without thinking about eating and then end up with too many at the end of the day. Think I may just make myself drink them on a schedule.

Workout 1 killed me, been better after than. The body weight circuit was hard and I took embarrassingly long but I’ve been out of good consistent exercise for a year and a half at least. Biggest issue has just been soreness and being so far behind previous levels of fitness.

Down 3.5 lbs at this point, not worried though I wish I had taken measurements at the start. Need as much of a mental boost as a body change though.

HSM #2 in the books. Ate probably more then I should have but it was all healthy food. Had an intense craving for Guacamole, so I had that as a bit of an appetizer along with asparagus and steak with cherries for desert. Also completed VBurn #2. Was a little easier than last week and about 90 seconds faster.

Down 5.5lbs, half way through week 2. I remember weeks 3 really being the point when changes happened and I have some clothes that I can use for real measurement, plus in the past I never regained the “water” weight everyone warned me about once I was done the transition phase and back to all HSM.

I did tweak something in my shoulder on the last set of push ups, hopefully the ice and some rest until tomorrow will heal it up.

So officially at the half way point, down 7lbs, though I don’t have measurements since I didn’t take any to start. Wore a pair of shorts today that were way too tight a couple of weeks ago that are now manageable so that’s a good sign. Workouts have been ok and I’m finding that for the most part, doing this for a third time has been a lot easier then the other two times by far.
Bad news is that I found out yesterday that I have severe osteoarthritis in both my hips. This is pretty crap news to hear at 35, but losing weight certainly will help.

Only 12 days left, down 7.5lbs which isn’t much, not too worried. I am suffering smelling all the neighbours BBQ knowing that my HSM is tomorrow. Looking at the HSM forum didn’t help.

So I’m not really feeling satisfied at this point. I have been following the plan 100% so I expected more than 8lbs with 10 days left. Having done the diet twice before I expected better in terms of general weight loss and body change, though compared to a normal diet the result is great (but this isnt normal). I didn’t take pictures and measurements so that’s my fault, but if doing this the first two times taught me anything it is do not give up. So here’s the plan.

Biggest changes since the previous two times:

  • less general NEPA, I was working 2 jobs the first time and one very busy job the second time. I am currently waiting to return to a very busy job in August and am not up and moving all day.
  • I’ve been under eating the protein powder. Previous times I was hungry all the time and couldn’t wait, now I’m routinely missing between 1-2 scoops worth a day.
  • Going to bed very late but still getting 7-9hrs a night.
  • Probably been extra generous with the peanut butter.
  • HSM have been healthy but probably too big
  • Different workouts, Version 3.0 workouts are very different. Still very hard and I assumed that having not trained regularly for 2 years that they would be more taxing. Not sure.

So here’s the plan:

  • Try to be awake earlier and move around more (already doing 1hr NEPA walk daily)
  • Cut back the peanut butter and get every scoop in
  • cook only the exact amount of food for my HSM that I should eat, no more.
  • Will get some measurements and photos. Going to do the transition phase until I run out of Metabolic Drive.
  • May add a little more physical activity (KB swings or a little workout on non gym days)
  • Have faith in the program

So my last day is Thursday, 28 days went quick, sadly the weight did not. Really I only had a few days and a few challenging moments. I’m going to chalk it up to a combination of a relatively inactive life (outside of 1 hr walking every day and the 4 workouts) more than anything. I’ve had no slip ups or missed workouts/NEPA, chewed maybe 8 pieces of sugar free gum and probably was a little bit reckless with the 2 table spoons of peanut butter the odd night.

Worked my ass off with the new workout plan and drank all my shakes for all but maybe the last one or two scoops on a few days. Although, having not taken measurements and photos before does hurt my cause. However, I got the mental edge and clarity that I wanted so it has not been a total failure. I’ve lost 9lbs to this point (half the loss of the last 2 rounds of the VDiet respectively), I’m planning on just extending the VDiet until next Sunday since that’s only a few extra days and then I’ll do the transition with one meal for a week and then from there. To get down closer to my goal, I’m going to hope that my weight continues to drop during the transition phase.

So I’m now on Transition day 2, down 13 lbs. Did my last of the initial VBurns today (couldn’t do the forth one last week as I was in a course all weekend and the gym was closed when I finished) and today I knocked 9 minutes off of the first time I did it only a few weeks ago. I figured last week was a good mark, but I dropped 4 minutes from that and finished in just over 22 minutes. Decent result considering I havent been in a gym this often in 2 years.

Still disappointed that I’ll likely only get down to around 225lbs by the end of July, had hoped to get to 220lbs or lower by then when I started the diet. I did add an extra 2 days to the VDiet, and have been on one HSM a day for 2 days. Will likely stay at 1 meal until I run out of MD and then stock up once I move out west again in August as to allow me to do a Vlite version I think.

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