Round 2 Begins!


Started my second round of the V-Diet this morning. Round one was in October, went from 297-280 in a month. Have been holding pretty steady since then although I did weigh in at 284 this morning. I am a 44 year old former college football player who needs to get back in shape to keep up with my teenage son.

We are supposed to go to Philmont Scout Ranch this June and I have to weigh under 267 or they won’t let me on the trail. I would like to be in the 250-255 range by then. My conditioning has been going well, we had a training backpacking trip this and I was well ahead of many of the leaders who have made their weight. However I still have to make the weight so here we go.

I didn’t have too much of a problem the first time with the diet. My problem with food is that I always eat what is easy. A shake is easy, unfortunately at lunch often a drive through is also easiest so I do too much of that. Hopefully I can change this.

Here are Day 1 measurements:
Height 6’4"
Weight 284
Neck 18
Chest 51
Naval 47
Waist 44
R Thigh 23
L Thigh 24

Walked 4 miles up and down hill carrying a 25 lb pack this morning for NEPA. Have to keep my hiking up. Plan to lift on T-Th-Sat as this fits my schedule better. More concerned with weight loss than muscle gain so will be hitting the NEPA hard.


Awesome. Keep us updated!


Fellow backpacker here! I can’t wait to do some this summer. Sending well wishes your way.


congrats on sticking with it. good luck on the next 28 days!


Day 2 in the books. Already had to tighten my belt a notch. Looking forward to ending my day with a spoonful of peanut butter in a few minutes. Had a good workout today and way too many meetings other than that. Need to get more NEPA in tomorrow.


Haven’t posted in a while. It’s been a tough month. Real busy at work and strained a lower abdominal the second week. Was playing tennis the day after doing some pretty intense dead lifts and didn’t warm up enough before stretching up for an overhead. Really hurt for a few days and was a little worried it might be a hernia. Seems to finally be getting better so I hope I am ok.

Haven’t lifted since I pulled it as any sort of straining seems to hurt it. Have tried to replace with more intense cardio since I was more interested in weight loss anyway. Lots of hiking along with some jogging and work on the elliptical. Weight was 270 yesterday so I have lost 14 pounds in 22 days. Not bad. Need to be under 267 for my trip so plan to keep at it for a couple of more weeks.