Rooster - V-Diet Results

Who I am: 39 y/o male that works out regularly and has for several years. 5 years ago I weighed 300 pounds when this journey started. My weight loss has been stagnant for a couple of years and this summer I had some health issues (kidney stones) that limited my activity so the weight started creeping back up. The V-Diet was my solution to provide the wake up call that I needed.

Starting weight: 268.5
Ending weight: 250.0

Results: lost 18.5 pounds and 3 inches around the middle. I dropped a pants size, so that’s pretty significant.

To be honest I was hoping to make it into the 240’s, but I am still satisfied with the results. I may do it again, as 225 is my eventual goal, and the strictness of the v diet was pretty helpful. The first 3 weeks of the diet were so hard that it will be a while before I do it again.

I plan to continue the diet with low carbs and lots of veggies to see if I can continue to lose on my own. I have never been able to lose weight on low carb before because I felt so rotten that I couldn’t stick to it, but the 4th week of the V-Diet was actually much better. My body is adapting to lower carbs finally so I plan to continue with it.

Good Job! I always found it easier to think of long term “diets” as a change in my eating habits instead of a diet. Stick with it and those pounds will melt off.

So congratulations on the weight you lost thus far, and keep on working at it. The end results will make the journey worth wild.

Congrats on the weight loss and inches lost. You did it! Not many can say that.

Have you ever tried the Anabolic Diet? I think this is a good program and one that I will return to after my 28 days and transition period. Now that your body is used to the low carbs, this would be a good way to go. 30 grams a carbs daily and up them on weekend, but good clean carbs.

Again congrats, 18.5 pounds, that’s great.


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