Roommate V-Diet

My college roommate and I decided to try the V-Diet. Both being in grad school, the convenience of it seemed perfect for us. He’ll be posting in the same thread here as well. I personally decided to try it because I feel as if my body composition hasn’t changed in 5 years. I’m not overweight, but the idea of a strict diet that had a workout plan laid out for me sounded fun. I normally write my own full-body workout programs, but the plateau and monotony of it was getting boring. So, here goes!

Took all my body measurements the night before starting.
Height: 6’1
Weight: Didn’t have a scale, will take tomorrow! Around 192 though.
Biceps: 12.75"
Chest: 39.25"
Waist: 33"
Forearm: 11.25"
Thigh: 21"
Calf: 15.25"
Bodyfat: 14.7% - Measured by calipers and’s 4-site method, so I can’t comment on accuracy.

Day 1:
Overall, the day went really well. On top of the V-Diet supplements, I’m taking BSN- Hyper Shred that I had in my cupboard from a different purchase months ago. Took the first shake about 7:30. Wasn’t a fan of the Superfood. Thinking about just mixing it with the first shake, or buying some flavoring to help with that. Protein was delicious. I’ve been drinking protein shakes since I was 15, so I don’t foresee that part being an issue for me. I wasn’t ever really hungry throughout the day, which did surprise me a little. I normally eat quite a bit of food!

I chose to do the intermediate workout. It wasn’t too bad today, but I am still running on previously stored glycogen. I’m expecting it to get harder. Plazma is awesome! I tried the workouts the last two weeks without Plazma and definitely noticed a difference today. The one thing I struggle with is finding a weight that is a true 5RM, yet doing this program without a spotter. It just doesn’t seem to work well with two people and the rest times, and I’m afraid to go too heavy on DB bench and truly fail at 2-3 reps. Any ideas?

For week one, I’ve decided to make 4 days worth of food in one meal. It’s just a lot cheaper and easier with my schedule. It’s a Mexican casserole consisting of lean beef, brown rice, rotel, brown beans, onion, and green pepper. I then slice up 1/2 an avocado each time I heat it up to throw on top. I felt like I was cheating when I had it tonight. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of this goes!

Overall, I felt great on day one. Expecting it to get harder as I go, so I’m preparing myself for that. I’ll post some “before” pictures later.

Additionally, results may be interesting because I also drank like a stereotypical grad student. Excited to see what happens!

Roommate here,

Pretty excited to be on the V-diet. I’ve been an athlete for as long as I can remember, but since graduating from college and losing the built-in exercise with sports teams, things have gone south. Like heard10 said, the structure of the program coupled with our grad school madness should work perfectly. Unlike heard10, I am overweight and have been mostly out of the gym for a while. I’ve had various affairs with eliptical machines and treadmills over the last few years, but it’s been a quick demise from my hockey/football/basketball/baseball days. Looking to get my high school (or better) body back. Primarily, I want to function better athletically, look better physically, and feel better both physically and mentally. The v-diet should be a great start.

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 229.5 lbs
Biceps: 14.5"
Chest: 42.5"
Waist: 40.5"
Forearm: 10.5"
Thigh: 26"
Calf: 17"
Bodyfat: 25% - Measured by calipers and’s 4-site method, so I also can’t comment on accuracy.

Day 1:
The casein in the protein had my stomach feeling a little bloated through the morning, but that’s better than feeling hungry. Definitely feeling satiated throughout day 1. Getting more creative with the shakes than I have in the past. Added some cinnamon to one, coffee (regular, black) to another. To be honest, they taste like a treat. In the past, I have obviously had poor eating habits, but not necessarily in terms of sweets/candy cravings. I just liked to eat a lot! So replacing large quantities of food with healthier shakes, but having them taste like some fancy coffee drink or a chocolate milkshake is actually a nice treat in my opinion. Let’s see how long that lasts!

I’m pretty tolerant of lots of different flavors and tastes (hence the eating a lot and everything!), so while the Plazma and Superfood don’t taste really good, I have no problem with drinking them. Definitely felt like the Plazma aided my first workout. I am doing the beginner sets for now to get back in the swing of things. Felt like my muscles didn’t fatigue like normal during the workout. However, I need to adjust my weights. It was hard to estimate the correct weight for a 8-9 rep failure. We’ll adjust on Wednesday.

For my HSMs, I am sticking a little more to the suggested, simple plan in the V-diet. A cut of protein, serving of green vegetable, and some starch. Day 1 was a filet of sockeye salmon, green beans, and a portion of sweet potato. Again, this was a treat of a meal, but fit perfectly in the guidelines of the program. Motivation and spirits are high through day 1. Trying to keep that up, as I know this will get harder as we go.

Stoked to be on the program with heard10; it’ll help us both stay on track. My girlfriend, who lives about an hour away, is doing the program as well. Should make it easier to stay on track when we hang out. We’ll see if she’ll join our thread!

I took before pics. But I’m going to wait to post them for when motivation is low.


Day 2:

Weighed myself- 185 lbs in the morning. I realize it fluctuates, but weight isn’t my primary concern so I won’t be checking it that frequently.

The day wasn’t too bad. First day of not working out, so I didn’t get the nutrition from the Plazma. However, I still felt great in energy without the carb boost. I am pleasantly surprised at how full I feel. I drank all my shakes, but wasn’t sitting there wishing I had more.

Also, the convenience of it has been fantastic. We have two huge tests this week, and the extra time from not cooking has been very beneficial in my studying. Still nervous about what happens when I’m depleted of carbs. Can’t be much longer, right? Also, I’m using a lot of cinnamon per shake. I like the medicinal benefits of cinnamon and lowering the blood sugar, and the taste is great, so why not?

I have already decided that making my meals in bulk was dumb. While this diet is convenient, it’s extremely boring. I miss cooking. I don’t plan on making bulk meals from here on out.

Day 3:

I think I finally found the right weight for some of my exercises. My glutes and hamstrings are killing me from the lunges, but I loved the challenge. I’m not sure what is harder, the respiratory aspect of lunges every 40 seconds, or my muscles trying to work that often. Either way, it’s a fun challenge. Really enjoyed this workout. I also grabbed the right weight for bicep curls. I was a little low on push-press and BB rows, but the training journal should fix that next week.

I’m amazed at how much energy I have. By energy, I think I meant mental. I’m used to feeling sluggish in the afternoon, but I haven’t had that as much. I think my body is liking the high protein/low carb- maybe it’s the fact of not having a post-prandial dip, ever? I’m not sure, but it’s cool. That being said, I did mention earlier that I am taking a stimulant, so I better throw that out there too.

HSM was still my leftover from the bulk meal- I am not sick of the food itself, but I miss the process of cooking. Tomorrow will be a new meal cooked with my girlfriend, so that should add some fun and variety into the mix. Cheers

Following. Keep it up, it works!

Fell behind on the updates, but I’ve stayed solid on the diet so far. I’ll be brief on some of the earlier updates.

Day 4: I actually felt some intense hunger this day, but it was the first time. It wasn’t that bad though, I just used some caffeine to suppress some hunger pangs. It doesn’t help that I’ve been short on sleep- I had two major tests on friday (day 5) and that was my top priority. I was also very sick of the same meal, so I made omelettes. I had a 4 egg omelette with green peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, and onion. Cheese would have been cool, but I decided to leave it out because I wanted some caloric room for oatmeal and a Synergy drink. I was actually too full to finish the oatmeal, which was interesting. It was a non-workout day.

Day 5: Dreaded this day, as I had two tests and two college buddies road-tripped to come see me in Colorado. I knew it would be tough to maintain the diet, but I did warn them a long time ago that I wouldn’t be drinking or eating with them. I also had to eat out for the firs time, as my girlfriend’s mother wanted to meet me. Luckily, we chose a nice place and I was able to order salmon, wild rice, and steamed vegetables. I made the mistake of not asking what the steamed vegetables were, and they showed up with steamed white and sweet potatoes. Since when does that count as a steamed vegetable? Anyways, I think that was within the caloric guidelines, but I didn’t measure anything out. I just didn’t eat nearly all of the carbs on my plate.

Day 6: Didn’t know whether the workout would happen this day or the following (sunday), so I was looking forward to the carb boost from Plazma. However, we decided to head to Denver and catch a Rockies game. I just threw powder in the bottom of my shaker bottles and added water as needed throughout the day. Watching your friends eat Chipotle is kind of depressing, but I managed it. I have been having some 0 calorie drinks occasionally, just for variety. We found dinner at Rock Bottom Brewery, which worked out fantastic. I had the chicken bruschetta, which was two chicken breasts, mozzarella cheese, and tomato topping, paired with broccoli. There wasn’t a starch served with it, which made me feel better about eating out. I definitely didn’t like being at a brewery. I love trying new beers, and watching my friends be able to try those was hard. I held out though, and survived the weekend with my friends visiting. I don’t think I’ll have any hard trials like that again, so I’m hoping I’ve proven to myself that I have the willpower to get through. Cheers.

Day 7:

I got a little cocky on this diet. I only used 1 serving of the Plazma for the V-burn challenge, hoping I had enough energy to get through on my own. I made it through the workout, but man was I sore. I also missed a shake throughout the day, so that may have hurt me a bit in my recovery. Anyway, I’m definitely feeling the muscle fatigue a little more right now. It seems to be getting increasingly harder throughout the diet, as far as workouts and muscle energy goes.

However, I do want to note that my mental energy has been awesome. I feel really clear, and I’m not getting as mentally fatigued while studying as I used to. Already considering extending this diet a few weeks for its convenience to get me through our comprehensive finals at the end of the year.

Last night’s meal was some flank steak, topped with green and red peppers, and onions. Had half a sweet potato on the side, and it was awesome. I have some leftover for tonight’s meal, so that will be good.

Day 8:

Just finishing up day 8. Today has been my least favorite day activity wise. My muscles just felt tired. I used a pre-workout with the Plazma for the added boost. The workout went fine, but I was just tired the rest of the day. Most of my NEPA is walking to and from classes, back to the apartment, etc. It equals about an hour on most days. Today, my legs felt tired even during that. I think my body is taking a while to adjust to the low carb, but mentally I still felt great, so maybe it’s just soreness from the workout.

My meal today was my favorite of the diet. I had some leftover flank steak, about 4 oz worth. I really wanted to try the cauliflower rice Chris posted a recipe for, so I thought stir-fry with that might be nice. Well I had leftover green and red peppers, and onions from the night before, and had just bought fresh asparagus and spinach. All of that together made for one hell of a stir fry. For dessert, I had two of the “lab rat” cookies from the V-diet recipe forum. My girlfriend was hungry last night and I didn’t have much to offer in the form of snacks, so I made her those. They were a great addition to my meal tonight when I finally got to try one! All in all, still excited about the diet. I’m not sure if I’m noticing changes or not, but I’ll check the scale in the a.m., exactly one week out from my first weigh-in, and see if there is any difference.

Weighed myself this morning, with the exact same protocol as last week, exactly one week out. Down about 3-4 pounds. Doesn’t seem like much really. I know poundage shouldn’t be the ultimate thing I’m relying on here, but since I couldn’t see a noticeable change in the mirror, I wanted to check. Just expected more of a difference with the loss of a lot of glycogen stores and water weight, plus hopefully a few pounds too. I haven’t cheated or anything while on the diet, minus an edible one night (it is CO, and I replaced the added calories by subtracting a shake). Not overly concerned, but would like a little insight. Anyone have any thoughts or perspective on this?

I was down 6 pounds my first week. I hope you took measurements and pictures. Don’t just go by weight. Go ahead and look at my progress I made. It was the inches melting off from my waist, face, and body that kept me motivated. You look at yourself in the mirror multiple times per day, that is not an effective way to judge any “changes”…Stick with the plan, you will be amazed at the results in 21 more days.

Day 9:

Non-workout day. If I don’t blog the night of, or the morning after, I forget exactly how I was feeling that day. I do know I had a big test the next day, and I don’t remember feeling too tired or anything, so it must have been good. Dinner that night was chicken breast, cauliflower rice, asparagus, and spinach. Felt full enough and enjoyed the meal. Maybe had a little too much chicken, but if I’m going to go over, that’s where I’d be okay with it. Didn’t have any starch with the meal.

Day 10: Had an awesome workout! I think my muscle endurance is improving rapidly. I used the same weight as last week, subtracted 5 seconds from my wait time, and hit my reps in less sets overall. Obviously the Plazma helps, but I’m getting used to having that in my workout, so my endurance must be improving. That’s a good sign. Since I’ve been lifting for the last 6 years, fairly consistently, I wasn’t sure what changes I’d notice from the lifting. Definitely the first time I’ve had such short rest periods, and it’s kind of fun.

Dinner was awesome. Every once in a while I get a craving for pasta… Had that craving this week and prepared for it by buying a spaghetti squash and some ground turkey. I had never made it before, and didn’t know I could eat 2 pounds of the shit for only 245 calories (squash alone, before turkey or sauce). Had a little over 1/4 lb of the turkey, sauce, and asparagus. Was feeling a little hungry while the squash was baking so I had a spinach salad with carrots, cucumbers, and red and green peppers, with a little light Italian dressing. Overall, the day felt great. Woke up this morning with tired legs from the lunges yesterday, those always seem to kick my ass. It was a fun workout day though.

Day 11: This day was a little off because my aunt and uncle wanted to meet me for a late lunch in the afternoon. This was my first HSM that wasn’t consumed around dinner time, and I was a little nervous. I arrived a little later than them and didn’t have time to dissect the menu as I would have liked. I ended up ordering a chicken stuffed with poblano pepper, in some chili sauce. It came with rice and beans. I didn’t touch the rice and was still almost positive I was over my calorie limit. The rest of the day went well though. I had my shakes as normal, but didn’t get done studying until midnight so my last shake was a little later than usual. Didn’t seem to be a big deal, as I felt good all day, and feel great this morning as I’m writing this!

One odd thing I do miss while doing this diet is being able to work out a little more frequently. On that note, are there any good “recovery” workouts that I can do if I decide I have a little more time or just get a little bored? I know I’m in a caloric deficit and need to maintain energy, but sometimes I get bored over here and just need to do something!

Day 12:

I was really excited for my workout today. As I said yesterday, I’m missing being able to workout a little more frequently. However, I got my ass kicked when I got there. For my pull-ups, I hit 8 reps on the first two sets fine, and then hit a wall. I went 8, 8, 4, 4, 3, 3. Yup, only 30. I didn’t have anything in the tank, so I went and did my incline BP first, and came back and did a 6,4 to finish out the pull-ups. Not sure what the issue was, but hopefully I get some endurance back, because that was a blow to the pride.

Shakes are still going well- I’m going through a lot of cinnamon, regardless of the flavor of shake. Dinner last night was a big salad… By big, I mean huge. I had a ton of spinach, topped with cucumbers, green & red peppers, carrots, chicken (3.5 oz), avocado, and cottage cheese (1/2 cup) for dressing. I was a little short on calories (surprisingly, after how big my plate was) so I had a sweet potato for “dessert.” I weigh out all of my food, except for the veggies, but I sincerely doubt I had more than 150 calories worth of veggies on the plate… If that’s what put me over, oh well I guess. The weekend will be for cleaning out the fridge, so my meals won’t be quite as exciting. I typically shop on Sundays.

Day 13:

The convenience of the diet was awesome for me today, as I had plans to sit my ass in the grad office and study all day. I had no excuse to leave and make food, which is usually my escape from studying. The only thing that stopped my productivity was T-Nation, albeit sparingly. I complained earlier that I hadn’t been noticing changes, but I am starting to see some more vasculature. That’s pretty exciting for me, since it’s hard to see fat come off. As mentioned yesterday, it was a “clean-out” day for my fridge, which turned out pretty awful. I made 5 eggs, but didn’t have the normal veggies that I would throw in with it, so I used some stir-fry blend from the freezer, and topped it with half an avocado. I couldn’t even finish it, because it just wasn’t good, and normally I can eat eggs any way. Since I didn’t finish my 600 calorie meal, I made some oatmeal at the end to fill me up.

For the V-burn challenge, I decided to try drinking Plazma 1 hour before my workout, instead of 15 minutes. I honestly think this helped, although it’s a poor assessment since I wasn’t actually lifting. I’ll try again on Monday and see if I prefer it. It just seems to be too much in such a short period of time if I wait until 15 minutes before.

Chris has eyes everywhere, guys. Don’t cheat the V-diet. Example: I know we’re not supposed to run on the V-diet, but I had a flat tire on my bike at the grad office and wanted to get home quicker. Somehow he managed to untie my shoestring mid-run. Scuffed up hands and a puffy knee, but at least tomorrow is an off day. The bag of pees in my freezer is getting a lot of use!

Day 14:

Sunday was really good. I finally decided I’m seeing some changes, although I’m not noticing it where I want to. I’m using the cephalic vein as my indicator, and that’s definitely popping more when I work out, and becoming more visible at rest too. Since I screwed up dinner on Saturday, my girlfriend and I decided to splurge on Sunday. The splurge got lucky, because I found a london broil steak on sale for $4/lb. We had that with some quinoa, which I threw mushrooms, red peppers, and onion into. 1 serving of that, 7 oz. of steak, and asparagus was the meal. I’ve got leftovers for 2 more meals which I’m pumped about.

Halfway done, and I’m still very happy with the program. I’m excited to see what two more weeks will bring!

Great work! Congratulations on reaching your halfway point. It sounds like your grad work helps keep you busy. Times when you can sit and think about it are the worst. Keep grinding!

Last night’s steak, quinoa, and asparagus. Too good not to share. Almost better tonight, since my girlfriend didn’t join me and I could eat the steak with my hands. Totaled out to a little over 600 calories, portions weighed.

Day 15:

Felt some hunger pangs in the morning today. Cured it with some caffeine, which has been my crutch as of late. I’m really dreading the detox from coffee after finals are over at the end of May, but it’s just necessary when studying normal- add a diet and I up my intake even more. The workout today sucked too, but that’s because I was over-confident in my ability to remember the routine without glancing at it today. I thought my original rest period was 25 seconds, and subtract 5 every week, so I only rested for 15 seconds. I guess I shouldn’t be that bummed I did it wrong, since that’s the protocol next week.

Oddly enough I felt stronger in the front squats and did just fine at 155 pounds for 5 reps, all 4 sets. The pull-ups crushed me at 15 seconds rest though. I did BW x 6, 4, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2. I’m always scared to do too heavy with the DB bench press without a spotter, and I don’t like asking for one when they have to stand there throughout the whole benching session. For that reason I stepped down to 80 to compensate for the reduced rest and did 5, 5, 5, 3, 2. Overall though, it was a pretty good day. Taste of the shakes is getting a little boring, but I think I might just push through.

Day 16:

I finally hit a wall. My legs felt tired all day, like they just couldn’t recover. I tried sitting in the sauna and stretching out a little bit, just to loosen things up. I’m writing this post-workout day 17, and it was the worst workout of the diet. I have been getting up at 6 instead of 7 to study more for classes, but that’s not completely out of the ordinary for me, so I’m not sure if that’s the problem. Still just trying to push through- haven’t cheated on the diet and after weighing myself, I’m down to 177.

My girlfriend claims that I look better overall, having a better “T” shape in my back due to less fat around my obliques. I’m noticing these results anteriorly, and the scale shows an 8 pound loss overall, which must be good. I’ll keep grinding for now!

Dinner was the exact same as the two nights before, but the leftovers are finally gone. I’ll be making some spaghetti squash tonight with ground chicken and some pasta sauce. Found some sauce that doesn’t have added sugar and is only 50 calories/serving, so that’s cool.

Side note: Extreme pain in the hip flexors, most noticed when squatting. After checking out forum history, it seems to be a common issue. I’ve had the pain since December, but tried to stretch and ice my way through it. Decided to schedule a PT appointment. Had a friend that knows what he’s doing throw an elbow in the glute medius/minimus & piriformis today. Hopefully I start to see some improvement soon, because it is hindering my training, and has for many months. Sorry for such a negative post, but that’s the update!

Day 17:

I alluded to my workout in the previous post, but can elaborate on my day a bit more. As I said, this was the worst workout I’ve had on the diet, and probably in the last 6 months, minus a few where I forced myself to the gym with a hangover. I felt really weak and struggled to get through most of the workout. I finished my lunges, rows, bicep curls, and ab-rollout. Couldn’t manage to finish the push-press, but all lifts took me longer than usual. I prescribed myself an afternoon of rest. Figured I deserved it since I never really gave myself a weekend: 12+ hours of studying on Saturday and Sunday.

I also had a “cheat” meal. It was still very clean, and only 500 calories over, but I had to get myself some fuel. I skipped my bedtime shake because I was still full from my 1200 calorie meal. The meal: spaghetti squash, 1/2 pound of ground chicken, spaghetti sauce. That portion would have been okay, and right at my 700 calorie limit. However, I wanted to have a salad before the meal, consisting of: spinach, green and red peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cottage cheese (1/2 cup), and 1/2 an avocado. Topped it with a little greek yogurt dressing. I feel much better today and am back on track.

I know I “slipped” on the diet, but really don’t feel bad about it. I told myself I needed it, and if you subtract the calories I missed at bedtime, I was only over by about 250 calories for the day. I’m playing basketball with some buddies this afternoon. Haven’t done any intense cardio on this diet, so we’ll see how this experiment goes. At least this way, I have an excuse if I get beat to the basket, right?

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