Room for MAG-10, GPC, and Power Drive?


Hey Chris, on my 3rd V-Diet bud…good to be back! I picked up some MAG-10, GPC and Power Drive a while ago and had some left over. Wanted to ask you about working them into the diet…yes or no on any? Also, and I’m sure this has been addressed, I’m just too lazy to read all the posts and find it again. What’s the story on creatine? Won’t it throw the numbers off due to the water weight retention? I took about 7-8 months off from working out so I’m starting with the beginner program for week 1. Im thinking the creatine might help me recover faster but I love seeing the numbers drop.

Also, if I’m feeling good (I’ve been lifting for about 5 years, just had a long break) can I step up to the intermediate program week 2?


  1. Creatine is fine; just add it to the Surge and make sure it’s the plain micronized stuff. But yes, if you start the V-Diet and the creatine at the same time, it’s going to make the scale numbers a little wonky. Which is okay; it’s not about the digits on the scale but rather the results in the mirror. So as long as the scale doesn’t drive you nuts, go for it.

  2. GPC and Power Drive are fine.

  3. MAG-10 is great stuff. It’s carb-free but does add a bit of calories to the diet. If you wanted to add a couple servings of MAG-10 into the day, then cut one scoop of protein from the diet plan. That may or may not be necessary honestly, but it can give you a place to start and you can tweak it from there.


You’re the man Chris thanks for the quick response! Hope you’re well!


Hey Chris, I also wanted to ask you about Leucine, I notice you took the extra leucine out of the diet. I assume that’s because there is probably enough already in the Metabolic Drive. If I have some leftover, do you recommend adding it in as the old diet suggested?


Sure, you can do that. No problem.