Rookie V-Dieter with a Question

I’ve looked at the V-diet several times over the past few years. I’ve finally found a window of time I can dedicate to doing the diet, and will be starting it on 3/20/16. I’ll post a little more information about myself, and some stats, in a few days.
I have a question for those who have previously completed the diet.
I seem to remember there being a calculator on the V-Diet / T-Nation site that requested bodyweight information, etc., and it would spit out the amount of each product required to fulfill the plan for the 28 days.
Is my memory incorrect? I’ve already ordered and received the supplement package, but would hate to run out at some point and not have what I need to complete the program correctly.
Thanks in advance!

I think that calculator was with a previous version of the V-Diet a few years ago. The current V-Diet Package has everything needed to get through the 4 weeks.

The only almost-asterisk is that the one bottle of Plazma it comes with can be made to stretch longer with the tips in this thread.

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