Rocker's Training Log

Hey y’all, I will be starting the V-Diet tomorrow but while I had time today I went ahead and did my measurements and took my before pictures! Measurements are as follows:

Height 68"
Weight 177 lbs
Neck 15.75"
Shoulders 43.5"
Chest- Upper 39"
Chest - Lower 38"
Waist - at Navel 35"
Waist at largest 35.5"
Hips - at largest 37"
Upper Arm - L 13"
Upper Arm - R 13"
Upper Leg - L 23"
Upper Leg - R 23.5"
Lower Leg - L 14.75"
Lower Leg - R 14.75"
Ankle - L 8.75"
Ankle - R 8.75"

I am doing this now because this is the last chance I have to do this before I graduate college (I graduate in August and I know I won’t have this kind of time again at least for a while). I started lifting my sophomore year of college after my weight swung up to 210 pounds (eating out when I starting working back in high school was definitely the culprit behind my weight gain from 135 lbs in 10th grade) and I was tired of being tired!

I got my weight down to about 155lbs but it was definitely not the correct way to go (I pretty much eliminated all but 20 grams of fat out of my diet, I look back and still can’t believe I did that). I recently spent two weeks in China on a study abroad trip about a month ago and definitely did not watch my eating as well as I should have during the past two weeks as well (so about a month of fat gain fueled by beer and bad food) so its time to get back on track and what better way to get beach ready than to do the V-Diet! I start tomorrow and am really looking forward to it!

Sitting at work til 11 so while I have a minute I thought I’d recap Day 1 so far, I have 2 shakes down and 1 PWO Surge and am about to take “Meal 3” and meal 4 will happen around 7 while Meal 5 will happen when I get off of work at 11. I must say so far it has been pretty easy just drinkin the shakes (though the taste could be better but it is nothing I can’t handle). HOT-ROX would be nice if it wasn’t on backorder but drinkin my Sweet tea (Splenda used, not sugar y’all!) and Diet cokes are takin the place for now. I also went to the gym today and completed Workout 1 (I kept the weights a little bit lighter than the 5RM setting so I can judge this entire week)

4x5 Front Squats (155lbs)
4x5 Lat Pulldowns (150lbs)
4x5 DB Bench Press (100lbs)
4x45 sec Planks (I do not have access to an Ab Wheel so I put the Beginner’s Ab Exercise in place of it)

Call me crazy but once I get into the evening I think it is pretty easy to stay on this diet. I had my first real test today and I passed it with flying colors. My roommates and I went to a local pub and grill called Mullens (it is about 10 minutes away from campus down here in a town nearby called Seneca) and both of them shared a pitcher of beer and each got a different kind of burger with fries. I was adequately prepared due to my shake before we left and all I ordered was a Diet Coke and drank 3 full glasses of it.

I sat there, with the smell and visual of food all around me and was not even the slightest bit bothered by any of it. This was only the 2nd day but it definitely showed that I can handle this (and I even talked about the food as well!). Workout #2 is tomorrow and now I’m settlin down to get to bed soon tonight. Today was I thought easier than the 1st due to the shakes losin the “new taste” taste (which is great IMO because it makes it easier to consume them all without any thought). Day 2 in the books, Day 3 tomorrow and I’m ready for it!

Yesterday was day 3 and it came and went farely uneventful. Today was day 4 and was kinda interesting because my schedule today did not involve my in-class summer class here at the university (so i did not wake up at 8:45 but around 11). Working on a project for class caused the time between my 1st and 2nd shakes to be 4 hours and man it was a little tough hangin on til my got my 2nd shake, but once I got it everything fell back into place. I still say Day 1 was the toughest so far but Days 2-4 have been fairly easy. Day 5 is tomorrow and Day 6 involves my first HSM which is gonna be awesome!

Day 5 is about over, this diet is all routine now but I am so ready for my first HSM tomorrow night at Moes! Its gonna be a whole wheat tortilla packed full of a little brown rice, a pinch of cheese (literally), extra chicken (around 10 oz total), TWO scoops of black beans, extra lettuce, onions, and a small amount of healthy salsa!

Well day 6 was easy, the HSM was glorious (I definitely ate to much and my body let go of it out the rear end but that’s all I’ll say about that). So far Day 7 is TOUGH, I keep thinkin bout that HSM yesterday, gonna take somethin special for me to not crack today, for some reason this day is freakin hard! It definitely has something to do with my neck feelin kinda weird (thyroid off a little bit maybe? idk) Workin on toughin this out

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