Rock It Out - V-Diet

Starting V-Diet Sunday the 5th. I am super excited about it more so to put my will power to the test then the weight lose aspect. I know I will have some challenges facing me in the 28 days. Not dinking will probably be the hardest after all its summer. Going up north for the 4th. I will get a pic and measurements on Sunday morning.

Goal: 189 just so I can say â??180 somethingâ??

Hey Dan, I’m also going up North for the 4th and I feel you on the drinking. Just need to keep yourself busy with other things, get outside, etc. Don’t let people pressure you, just think what they look like and what you are going to look like! good luck!

Hey, Thanks man and best of luck to you on your adventure. Lucky, I wont be starting till I get back from up north. So I am in the clear to booze it up for one last weekend.

I just got my shipment of MD and stuff and i noticed there is a line on all the scoopers. Do i fill it up to the line or right to the top?

Thank you in advance

Day 1

Drinking my first shake now. It’s not to bad. I took a Hit-Rox about a half hour ago and feelin kind of jittery, I think I will be sticking with one twice a day. Not sure I can handle 2.

Pics and measurement coming as soon as my wife gets up.

weight; 202.4

I am going to post a Pic ^ when I get a chance to figuar out how.

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