Robyn's V-Lite Tracking

Day 1 - Started on 2/11/15 with a 4 hour flight and piss poor planning on my part, so I didn’t get all my shakes in. Not even close actually. On the flight I overall felt nauseous with low energy and generally out of breath. I’ve been getting over a cold so that’s likely behind it.

9:30am - 1 protein, vitamin chews
4:30pm - 1.5 protein
6:30pm - HSM: 3oz tuna sashimi, 2 oz salmon sashimi, salad, soy sauce
9:30pm - 1 protein (w/pb2)

No workout today - minimum NEPA (about .5 miles unintentional movement though).

Took Advil PM at 9:30pm, bed at 11.

Day 2 - down 3 pounds! Yes I’m sure it’s water weight but hey, I’ll take it. Still having trouble getting all the shakes in, though the hunger is there. It’s just me being stingy with them. At about 12 my stomach was growling and I actually got freaked out at the thought of not having food! And then I realized I am being a baby - I am eating 1 HSM every day… I couldn’t imagine 1 a week. Energy levels good, but I know I’ll sleep well tonight.

8:30am - 1.5 protein, vitamin chews
10:45am - E/C
1:45pm - 1.5 protein
7pm - HSM: 4.5oz seared tuna, 2 slices boar’s head ham, Flameout

Upper body weights… had .25 scoop Plazma (first time) - definitely didn’t read the instructions on mixing this, oops! Also was not expecting the liquid flavoring to be separate from the powder. That was a first for me in all my years of workout supplements / powders!

Feeling good, but gassed during and after the workout.

Day 3 - +1 lb, slept awesome
7:30am - 1.5 protein, vitamins
11am - E/C
12:30pm - 1.5 protein
4:30pm - 1 protein
6:30pm - 6oz steak, raw carrots, 2oz ham
8pm - lower body workout (.25 scoop of plasma)
9:30pm - 1.5 protein (w/pb2)

I think I need a better tracking mechanism. When I say 1.5 protein I mean 200 cals. Tomorrow I’ll probably start logging intake in Lose It and list my macros.

Good level of energy today. Probably ate too much at the HSM but it was sooooo gooooooood. I even enjoyed the carrots and I normally don’t like carrots - shows you how much you can appreciate having something to chew on. Okay headed to the bar to meet some friends for drinks (water only for me!).

Success! No drinking or cheating last night. Today’s Day 4 and I didn’t wake up hungry either… though I am dreaming of food and craving food, flavors, anything. Today is Valentine’s day and we are planning to go to our favorite bbq joint.

10am - 1.5 protein, 2 scoops superfood (first time on this - actually didn’t mind the flavor and it made my protein less sweet)
2:45pm - 1.5 protein
3pm - E/C
6pm - HSM: though not so healthy! BBQ and some ice cream… delicious and I don’t feel completely stuffed.
9pm - Flameout

Day 5 in the books. Woke up with the scale down 1.2 pounds overnight for a total loss of 3.6 lbs as of day 5. Feeling lighter and more energetic every day. Completed P90x Back / Bi video and felt strong throughout. Enjoying the plasma now that I think I figured out how to mix it properly :slight_smile:

I am convinced that I would have quit if I was doing traditional setup of one HSM every week. But I like that that notion was ‘out there’ since it’s putting things in perspective for me when I want to eat.

Intake was a little low, actually only 1 shake all day and my HSM (which was delicious snow crabs, salad and a dry baked potato). I know I have to get my shake intake up so that’s a focus for me heading into this week.

Day 6 was smooth… and that is no small feat considering I worked from home. Which is usually code for ‘I worked from the couch and ate everything in my kitchen’. Not today. I got in 3 shakes and an HSM that consisted of awesome dry rubbed chicken courtesy of my hubs, with sides of asparagus and baby carrots.

Rest day. Actually and unfortunately, very little movement considering I worked from home and the weather was bad. Tomorrow makes one week!

Day 7 - made it one week! Awesome! Down 3.6 pounds, which is also awesome. However, day 7 was the hardest day. By far. Like talk about being hit head on with hunger pangs and just wanting to CHEW and TASTE. I also switched up my routine today since I had to move my HSM up to lunch. Which really just means I was looking for some food at dinner. I did have a few carrots and a piece of ham - which isn’t bad considering.

I’ve been tracking my intake in the Lose It app and looking at my macro splits. At the end of week 1, I’ve averaged:

1200 calories
47% protein
30% fat
23% carbs

Woke up on Day 8 down a solid 4 pounds (this is total loss since starting) and my pants are looser all around, which is promising that it’s not water loss. I cheated today and had a bag of pretzels, it felt great to eat the carbs. I haven’t worked out in 3 days, which I am not proud of and need to focus on that starting tomorrow. It’s not for lack of energy or desire to work out… I’ll play the blame game and point to the 17 hour days I’ve been putting in at work. I did use one of those ketosis sticks this AM and am in the beginning stages of this, which is cool but likely short lived given the pretzel incident :slight_smile: Still going strong.

Nice work! Keep it up! You have been dedicated to logging - I’ve been slacking quite a bit on the logging but I have been doing well on the shakes and 1 HSM a day.


[quote]JenniferinNC2015 wrote:
Nice work! Keep it up! You have been dedicated to logging - I’ve been slacking quite a bit on the logging but I have been doing well on the shakes and 1 HSM a day.


I WAS doing well with the logging!! Haha… what timing this post had! So Thursday evening at the office I was suddenly hit with some sort of insane stomach bug. Like the, ‘husband-had-to-drive-in-to-NYC-and-pick-me-up-since-I-didn’t-trust-my-stomach-on-public-transit’, kind of stomach bug. Annnnyyywaaaay fast forward to Sunday and I am recovered. I literally ate nothing Friday and Saturday with the exception of 1 package of ramen noodles. I guess having a stomach bug is good for the velocity diet because here was my weight loss while on it:

day 10 - down 7 pounds total
day 11 - down 7.2 pounds total
day 12 - down 5.8 pounds total

Needless to say I completely emptied my stomach. Makes for nice numbers on the scale :slight_smile: I’m also actually in a size smaller pants, which I’m loving and hope the changes keep coming. That being said, I didn’t get any movement in whatsoever. I am back though and planning to get after legs and back tonight.

You poor thing! There must be something going around. I got home Friday to a sick hubby. I spend Friday and Saturday taking care of him. Sounds like you two had the same bug. Well, great job on the smaller pants. That’s so motivating and encouraging.

I hope you’re feeling better!!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress as the week goes on!

PS - what was your starting weight, height, measurements, etc? Are you going to post before/after pictures?


Day 14 - I rang in the two week mark with a complete binge! I broke the diet and binged. Nothing else to say here.

Day 15 - woke up with a cumulative weight loss of 4.2 pounds. Normally I would say that 4.2 pounds in 2 weeks is nothing and I probably could have achieved those same results outside of the velocity diet, but I haven’t been working out and was sidelined for a bit with the stomach bug. Also, I had been trying to lose weight before the velocity diet and hadn’t been able to, so this is a nice jumpstart (and I am still in my smaller jean size which is still awesome).

I am ready to really buckle down the final 2 weeks and see what kind of progress I can make. Here we go!

Day 20 - woke up this AM greeted by a happy scale showing a cumulative weight loss of 6.6 pounds! I am going strong and decided to extend the diet an extra 10 days since I had those hiccups with the stomach bug. However during those extra 10 days I have a friends bachelorette party one weekend…so even if I am not as strict as the diet calls for, it will keep me more on track as I had into my Cozumel trip shortly after those extra 10 days.

Feeling good!

Just thought if check in. Congrats on the 6.6 lbs!!!

What were your final results like? Are you maintaining?

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