Rob's 2 Week V-Diet/Pulse Fast Log

Hi all,
Next week I’m starting a 2 week v-diet/twice weekly pulse fast combo. I eat clean and don’t have a problem controlling cravings, just hoping to shed the last few lbs to get down to the infamous single digit bf level, currently at 12.5-13% according to my last caliper check. I’ve had a lot of success using a weekly pulse fast for the past 5 weeks (did one yesterday, dropped 2.5 lbs!), so I’m hoping this will be the final push to get there. Here’s what I’m planning:

M: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
T: V-Diet, NEPA
W: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
TH: Pulse fast, NEPA
FR: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
SAT: V-Diet, V Challenge (intermediate), NEPA, HSM
SUN: Pulse fast, NEPA

HOT-ROX twice a day, and for peri-w/o I plan on using one scoop SWF and one serving MAG-10. NEPA will be a long walk in the park with my dog after work :slight_smile: For this week I’m going to continue 6x per week training and carb cycling for fat loss, get my pics and measurements together, then hit it hard Monday!

Really interested to see how this goes for you. I just finished my first V-Diet, and I’m looking at following up with something like this close to the end of April.

Silly question, but how many pulse fasts does a bottle of MAG-10 last you? And how do you space out your servings through the day?

Looking forward to seeing you results!

Not a silly question! A Pulse Fast starts at 9pm and lasts 36 hours. Starting at 9pm don’t have anything except water, then the next day is a serving (2 scoops) of MAG-10 every 2-3 hours, I usually do 6 drinks throughout the day, spaced about 2.5 hours apart. There are 28 servings in a tub of MAG-10, so if you use it only for Pulse Fast days, it should last you 4 fasts, plus a few servings left over to use ad you’d like.

I originally purchased MAG-10 for Pulse Fasts only, but started integrating it to my peri-workout and I love it. The Pulse Fast day itself was a little tough the first time around, but the next times were much easier. I have a black coffee in the morning, and if I’m hungry between pulses I drink water or homemade unsweetened iced tea with a stevia packet. I don’t have Brain Candy, but Chris recommends it on Pulse Fast days.
I read through your log as I was checking out the vV-Det, congratulations on your finish and great results!

Thanks for all of the above! That’s sort of what I thought but I wanted to confirm before I make my next order so I don’t over- or under-order MAG-10.

How were your results with the weekly pulse fasts?

You’re welcome! Weekly pulse fasts have been great, I usually do them Sundays, sometimes during the week if I have to. The very first time I did one I lost 3 lbs on the scale in one night (probably a lot of water weight) but I was noticeably leaner the next day, in my eyes and a few other people mentioned it too. I do fasted cardio the morning after a pulse fast while sipping on MAG-10 throughout, in addition to a training session in the afternoon, and that’s a killer fat burner. Dr. Lowery wrote an article on fasted cardio and wrote his fasted cardio after a pulse fast day burns fat like crazy. You’ll still get great results either way, if possible to add fasted cardio even better.

So, from day 1 until about 3 days after the pulse fast, you’ll notice results every day if your nutrition is clean and training is on point. I feel like every time I do a pulse fast it gets me to the “next level” of leanness if that makes sense, like I see my abs more clearly, pants fit a little better, more definition all around, literally a week’s worth of progress in a shorter amount of time, IF you make the most of it by maximizing the days after it. It’s a GREAT fat loss tool once you get used to it, so I’m especially excited to try it with a V-Diet combo. Below is the fasted cardio article by Dr. Lowery.

I’ve read the article, but it was worth a second read. Really makes me long for even slightly warmer days so I could do my walking outside.

I’m still toying between doing once- and twice-weekly Pulse Fasts come April, with a 2-week V-diet like you’re doing, so I’m very interested to hear you thoughts.

Will you be doing a transition phase after the two weeks, or just right back to regular life?

Uh… my apologies for all the questions!

No worries at all, please feel free to ask away :slight_smile: I had, and still have a ton of questions about training and supplements, the guys here at T Nation are so helpful. I’m by no means an expert but will be more than happy to answer any questions at all I can help with!

I feel you on the warmer days, today was the first day in a while it felt a little warmer out and it was awesome. Taking the trash out hasn’t been so enjoyable in a while.

Since you’re used to the v-diet, I’m sure you’ll have an easy time with a pulse fast. I’d recommend trying one and seeing how it goes, and assuming you’re fine with it, start adding them regularly or do a modified v-diet since you’re a v-diet veteran!

Right now I don’t think I’m going to do a transition phase, only because I already have a carb cycling plan that works well for me, and I don’t have a problem with food selection or cheating. I used to be about 50 lbs heavier at my biggest and never wanna get back there, so fortunately staying strict isn’t a problem. I had my first cheat meal in 6 weeks this past weekend, it was amazing. Cobb salad, thai chicken pizza and frozen yogurt.

Wow - congrats on the weight loss! I can imagine that kind of progress and the effort that went into it would be a huge factor in keeping you on the right track!

Right now I’m loving this post V-Diet phase, having my shakes plus some greens during the day then a nice big salad at night. As awesome as you cheat meal sounds, I find myself feeling better from not cheating now (totally a mental thing, but it was emotional eating more than anything that made me do the V-Diet in the first place). Funny how it all works.

I’m debating between doing a setup like yours, or doing just one pulse-fast/week with the first two weeks being V-Diet and the second two just regular eating. Your advice to try one first is pretty sound, and I’m eager to hear your thoughts after these next two weeks.

Hope you get a little more sunshine tomorrow to enjoy!

Thanks! Hoping to move to CA one day so I can be warm all the time. Until then NJ is almost just as good! No…no it isn’t…

Just bought a small blender to leave at work for the lunch and afternoon shakes, I want to make sure they’re thick enough and pre-making/freezing could be tough with defrosting time. I’m imagining making a shake the night before, putting in the freezer at work in the morning, and at lunch time remembering I didn’t take it out. DOH! Plus, a fresh one would probably be better anyway. Very excited to get started.

I hear yah, sitting here in Canada… Have my heart set on Savannah, GA, Raleigh-NC or Australia. :slight_smile:

As for the blender - good call. I use an immersion blender for my shakes at home with a ton of ice. They go down easier as milkshakes, I find. Especially the ones with superfood and flax. On the go, I just toss the powder into a mason jar and fill with water when I’m ready to drink it - they’re still miles ahead of any other protein powder I’ve tried.

Just a few more days and your adventure begins!

DAY 1 pics and measurements: spoiler alert, I’m a hairy guy, which definitely doesn’t help see the definition I’m working for, but it’s easier to see in person in front of a mirror than on the pic. Comes off in the summer, keeps me warm in the winter :slight_smile:

BF% w/ calipers - 11.7
Height - 5ft 4in
Weight - 161
Neck - 15.5
Shoulders - 47.75
Chest - Upper - 39.75
Chest - Lower - 37.75
Waist - at Navel - 32.5
Waist - at largest - 32.75
Hips - at largest - 33.5
Upper Arm - L - 13
Upper Arm - R - 13
Upper Leg - L - 22.5
Upper Leg - R - 23
Lower Leg - L - 14.5
Lower Leg - R - 14.5
Ankle - L - 8.75
Ankle - R - 8.75

HOT-ROX twice a day, and I had leucine already, so I’m using that as well. Flameout and Superfood as directed.

Had my first shake for breakfast, it was very filling and tasted great. I’ve only had chocolate Metabolic Drive until today, had a chocolate/vanilla in the morning, it tasted like cake batter! 10 oz water a few ice cubes with 2 scoops protein makes a think, very filling shake, esp. with the flax seed.

I also brought a mini-fridge/freezer and a small blender into my classroom, eliminating the need to go to the teacher’s lounge every day to see brownies and doughnuts on the table, along with the “your’e not having any?!” comments that go with it. Looking forward to the work out today, although I will miss my pre w/o Finibar! Not having any problems with hunger, and if I do I’ll deal with it. Currently drinking lunch, it is WAY easier drinking shakes than making food for the week and pre packing 3 meals a day.

Evening update: had a great workout. I work out at home currently, we’re moving in a couple of months and ordering a power rack with bars and plates. Until then I have adjustable dumbbells, a weighted backpack, pull up bar, medicine ball and push up bars.

Front Squat (52.5 lb dumbbells in each hand, 40lb weighted backpack) - 145lbs - 5,5,4,4,2
Weighted Chin Up - 35lbs weighted backpack - 5,4,3,2,2,2,2
Dumbbell Chest Press - 52.5lb each - 15,7,7,6
Hanging Knee Raise w 10lb weight (don’t have ab wheel, used this one from one of the transition workouts) - 5,5,5,5

Workout nutrition was one scoop Surge, one serving MAG-10. After training took my dog on an hour walk, she’s a great walking partner.

Doing a few pulse fasts have helped prepare for V-Diet, but I’ve felt more than full all day, and was still full from dinner for the bedtime shake. Chocolate with peanut butter so I choked it down. The toughest part of the day was coming home from school and my fiance, who is also my training partner, and a badass, was eating a turkey burger and chicken topped with tomato sauce, green beans, melted cheese and turkey bacon. Wasn’t hard to say no, but I watched her eat it and for one glorious moment pretended it was me. Licking the left over peanut butter off the measuring spoon tonight was pretty sweet though :slight_smile:

In my avatar I’m about 145 at 10% bf, that was about a year ago. So, currently that works out to about an extra 10 pounds of lbm and about 5 pounds of fat. Hoping to shed the fat and keep the extra lbm :slight_smile:

Sounds like you’re off to a great start!

Thanks! Looking forward to the next 2 weeks for sure.


M: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
T: V-Diet, NEPA
W: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
TH: Pulse fast, NEPA
FR: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
SAT: V-Diet, V Challenge (intermediate), NEPA, HSM
SUN: Pulse fast, NEPA

Another day almost knocked out! Not hungry at all between shakes. NEPA was fun today, it was pouring rain when I got home from work so I did 45 minutes of moderate paced body weight stuff, jumping jacks, jogging in place, punch/kick combinations, up and down the stairs, etc., made sure to keep it non panting. After 45 min it stopped raining, took the dog out for a nice 30 minute walk.

Your NEPA sounds fun!

It was cold and snow-drizzly here, but I had a real quiet morning so I took advantage and did two walks (30min then a 45min) to time the loops for future reference while my laundry was going. Also covered a class (called The Grind), so I took it to it’s name and made them do 1-minute drills of wicked stuff:

Sit down & Stand Up (exactly how it sounds)
Overhead Lunge (right side)
Push Ups (Optional T twist)
Overhead Lunge (left side)
One Leg Deadlift (right side)
Plank Crawl (hand plank to elbow plank)
One Leg Deadlift (left side)
Turkish GetUp (right side)
Plank/Side Plank (right side - 30s each)
Turkish GetUp (left side)
Plank/Side Plank (left side - 30s each)
Clean & Press (right side)
Hand Walk-Out
Clean & Press (left side)

We went through it twice and it was killer! Great to do with DBs or KBs, but you could also just use something heavy instead and keep it fast if you ever want something different for rainy-day NEPA.

I also found an old .pdf of the Pulse Fast protocol - felt like I had stuck gold! I think I’m ready to take the plunge and put in a new order for supps.

Keep up the great work and the killer attitude!

Rock on!

Woooo that sounds INTENSE! I’m sure they loved it!..or hated it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for posting that! Copied and pasted into my workout logs.

Awesome find on the old PDF! You’re gonna nail the pulse fast, if you can do the V-Diet a pulse fast is a piece of cake, especially since it’s only for one day! The drinks aren’t thick obviously, but there’s a lot of drinking so hunger isn’t much of an issue. I’ve also read about some people freezing the MAG-10 and drinking it as a slushy, I’m gonna try that on my next one.

Thanks for your support! ROCK ON!

I know you’re a pulse-fast vet, so you might not need it, but you seem to be pretty good at jumping in and helping people out with questions so it’s a pretty good resource to have. Also, I’m a total nerd so I just like being able to reference back to the originals of things!

Not too worried about the pulse fasts - like you said, if 28-days was do-able, what’s one?!

What flavor of MAG-10 do you use? I’m thinking the lemon/lime might be the safest.

Nerds unite, me too, thanks a lot! I like to change it up, I have all five flavors in my cabinet. But, if I had to pick one, I like the lemon/lime combo. Berry and grape are the runners up.

M: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
T: V-Diet, NEPA
W: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
TH: Pulse fast, NEPA
FR: V-Diet, training day (intermediate), NEPA
SAT: V-Diet, V Challenge (intermediate), NEPA, HSM
SUN: Pulse fast, NEPA
Workout Nutrition: 1 scoop Surge SWF, 1 serving MAG-10

Training Log:
A. DB Reverse Lunge - 52.5 lbs each - 8,7,7,6,6,6
B. DB Bent Over Row - 45 lbs each - 9,9,8,8,6
C. DB Push Press - 40 lbs each - 9,7,7,6,5,5,1
D. DB Curls - 30 lbs each - 9,8,6,5,4,4,4
E. Reverse Crunch - 5lb DB between feet - 9,8,8,8,7
I’m used to slightly longer rest periods, sticking to the 30 seconds Monday and 45 seconds today was a welcome change and ass kicking.

NEPA - After training, my fiancé and I took our dog on an hour walk in the park, it was a beautiful day for it!

Today is the first day I’ve really wanted solid food. It’s not hard to not eat it, but I just WANT it. Not even bad stuff, all healthy stuff. Visions of turkey burgers dancing through my head. But, only a few more days until my first HSM and it’ll be great. Right now leaning towards steak, half a sweet potato and a bunch of veggies. Tomorrow is my first pulse fast day, then another Sunday. I have two big jugs with all the MAG-10 for the day ready to go.

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