Road Warrior- Is it Possible?

I would like to do the V-Diet but I have a demanding travel schedule (in the car), which also requires me to eat out meals with clients. Has anybody had any success on this routine? I would love any feedback or advice.


If you can invest in small zip-lock baggies and some kind of large, refillable water container, you can make up your shakes in the morning or a couple days in advance if you’ll be gone for a while, then make the shakes on the road.

Eatting out with clients will all be down to your willpower and ability to stand out from the crowd a little. In the age of health foods and 30 new diets a day, I don’t think your clients would have much trouble with you saying that your diet relies more on consistency than anything else, and the shakes help you track things more easily. Besides, if you pick up the check at the end (at my summer jobs/internships, my boss always picked up the tab out with clients, and from what I hear that’s standard), will they really care?

The longer you’re on the diet, the easier it will be to stay strong. Plus, depending on how far in advance you know your schedule, you can probably find a good time to plan your HSM’s (possibly when you have to deal with an extremely important client?).

During my last V-Diet (2.0 done last August), I had to make a day trip to San Antonio and so what I did was prepare my shakes in the morning, placed them in a portable ice-cooler, filled it with ice and the shaker bottles and had no problems sticking to the diet!

As far as dealing with social situations at restaurants, I read on somewhere on the forum where you can say something like “Due to a medical condition, I have a strict diet that prevents me from eating anything on the menu here!” (of course, the key will be to drink a shake just prior to going out so that hunger doesn’t strike while you’re still with your clients!)

Clients can be tough, 3 choices

  1. HSM
  2. Shake and suck it up
  3. Eat a HSM and not be on the “V-Diet”

I don’t know who requires you to eat with clients, but if you want to succeed with your lifestyle change, don’t do it.
You can just drink your shake in front of them. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve done this on first dates, couldn’t care less. If, they ask you, most likely they will, just tell them what you are doing. No need to make up stories.

Buy shaker cups, 3 or 5, and just put the protein in the shaker cup and take it with you. When it’s meal time just put water, shake and drink. Simple. You could drink your meal before you meet with you clients, if you think there will be a problem. I am sure these meetings are scheduled before time, so you could plan out your meals accordingly. If they impose that you eat, tell them you are not hungry, and just buy a cup of coffee or tea.

Good Luck

I am just starting the diet and have the same issue. I plan to schedule my time with clients to avoid meals as much as possible, or let a co-worker cover them (Al of a sudden I seem to have a lot of conference calls over the noon hour).

Avoiding dinner and the resulting alcohol is also a big goal. Lunch is pretty easy to BS through, as long as you are strong with your will power.

If they are established clients that you have a relationship just be honest with them, they tend to admire the personal resolve. It is only for a month and a half, lots of time to make it up to them in the future.

Again good luck

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