Road to Victory

All my Biotest supplements have arrived and today is Day 1.
I have tried to complete the V-Diet once before and failed at day 6.
Looking back I hadn’t given it 100% so this time I am doing it from the book.
Taking it public, will upload photos and measurements later today.

Working together with the V-Diet I am also committing myself to a proper warm up and foam roller before every workout
and at least one stretching session a day.

Bring on the transformation!

Good plan! Please keep us posted!

Day 1 Measurements:

Height: 6’5’'
Weight: 109kg 240lbs
Neck: 16.5 inches
Shoulders: 53
Chest - Upper: 47
Chest - Lower: 43
Waist - at Navel: 36
Waist - at largest: 37.5
Hips - at largest: 38
Upper Arm - L: 16.5
Upper Arm - R: 16.0
Upper Leg - L: 26.5
Upper Leg - R: 27.5
Lower Leg - L: (calf) 16.5
Lower Leg - R: 16.5
Ankle - L: 10.5
Ankle - R: 10.2

Day 1 Pictures

Day 1 Pics.

day 1 pic

Day 2.
Went well. Shakes taste much better than expected.
I seem to really struggle with between 7pm and 10pm.

Workout and NEPA felt good.

Day 3.
Just sat through a work lunch sipping my shake.
Received a few strange looks.
It’s sad how the few people I have told about this diet seem to think it is so unhealthy.
Then I sit there quietly transforming my body as they devour the beans and deep fried chips on offer, washing it down with a soda.
Pity the fools.

Day 4.
Strong workout at the gym and a long walk after.
Had to mix the program slightly and move my weekly meal to tonight.
Will just have the next meal on Day 10.
Hopefully this will not affect the diet too much. Really annoyed me although I
was able to choose the meal and made the grain free pizza using a cauliflower base.
Was excellent will post photos later. Better than regular pizza!

Day 5.

Just got back from my morning gym session.
Had the trainer measure my body fat using a new machine which they attach electrodes to your toes and fingers.
According to the machine which they said is one of the most accurate

Weight 226.6 lbs (not really sure how accurate the gym’s scales are - that seems like a lot of weight to lose from 240lbs 5 days ago)
Heights 6’5.16’’ (good thing the V-Diet hasn’t made me any shorter)
Body Fat 11.9%
Water 62.1%
Basal Metabolic Rate 2702 Calories
BMI 26.8
Impedance 373

I remember from science impedance being a measure of opposition to alternating current. Anyone know what 373 means though in terms of the body?

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