Rmetz V-Diet Log


The supplement shipment arrived yesterday. I got it unpacked this morning. Man, that is a whole lot of Metabolic Drive to slug down over the next several weeks – will learn to love it or hate it. It’s been my primary protein supplement for several years, but never in this kind of volume.

Anyway, the V-Diet starts Sunday or Monday after Thanksgiving – depends on travel schedule and when we get back home. Will round up the flax seed and nut butter and then be ready to roll.

Just thought I’d pop in and say “Hi.” Sometime between now and then I’ll get some pics and stats posted and hit some highlights on background and goals.



Welcome aboard, Roger!

Nice bike!


Thanks Chris. The bike is great. My greatest love, next the wife and kids. I’m fortunate to live where I can ride nearly year round. I’ve been getting in 20-25K miles per year typical. A couple of 3K+ trips a year, with the rest just daily and weekend rides. My wife rides too, and the youngest two boys ride with us a lot. One will start riding his own next year.

Thought I’d just try out some of the training routine this morning. It reminded me about preparation. Still a few things I need to do before we head out of town for Thanksgiving, so I’ll be ready to start full swing when I get back. Had to dig out the ab roller. Although I love dips and think they are a super exercise, my dip rack is big and takes up a lot of room. It’s been in storage for awhile. Need to get that. Will put the GHR in storage and bring in the dip rack. Also, need to get the Fiberchoice tabs. Both Walgreens and
CVS claim to have them. Anyone know if Sam’s Club carries them or not?

Anyway, the test training routine this morning didn’t go too bad. Giving the advanced routine a shot. Thought the bent over rows were going to be too light, but only got in 3 reps on the 4th set and 2 was plenty on 5th set. Maybe need to lighten up a little to be more explosive and dynamic through all the sets. Have never really done overhead squats before, and don’t olympic lift. So, those were a challenge just for the balance and needed flexibility. Just did those with an empty bar. Might even broomstick those for a couple days before worrying about the weight too much. Want to be a little more dynamic too. Completed the ab rollouts, but expect to pay for that later today or tomorrow. They kicked my butt. No dips today. Went ahead and looked at day 2. Did the pullups/pulldowns. Got in a set of 6 and 2 pullups and then completed the 40 reps with pulldowns. Again, need to lighten up to improve explosiveness. Was happy to still be able to do some pullups at 260 lbs.

The 30 seconds rest interval between sets was a challenge. I know my conditioning sucks right now, but even when I was well conditioned I typically went 60-120 seconds between sets in a PL routine. We’ll explore day 2 routine a little more tomorrow.



Don’t sweat the fiber tabs. I’d consider them optional. My opinions on that have changed a bit since the diet was written.


[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Don’t sweat the fiber tabs. I’d consider them optional. My opinions on that have changed a bit since the diet was written. [/quote]

Care to expand on the change in opinion?


[quote]rmetz wrote:

[quote]Chris Shugart wrote:
Don’t sweat the fiber tabs. I’d consider them optional. My opinions on that have changed a bit since the diet was written. [/quote]

Care to expand on the change in opinion?[/quote]

Well, what we’ve noticed is that most people get plenty of fiber with the flax and other supps. Probably not a need for the tabs. Also, there’s been some talk about the type of fiber in the tabs not being all that great anyway. Still, people still like to use them simply to CHEW something! So they’re fine for that.


Okay, thanks Chris. Sounds reasonable. I’ll probably just use them to provide some fullness when needed. I’ve always wondered about the fiber in Benefiber as well – Guar gum. Doesn’t seem like all that great of a fiber either. Good as a thickener and provides a fullness feeling.

Diet starts tomorrow. Thanksgiving didn’t seem to do too much damage – at least no weight gain since the previous weekend. I didn’t really get too carried away. We did a lot of work around mom’s place, so it was an active 4 days. We bought a new SUV a couple of months ago and this was our first road trip in it. We committed to not eating in the car, so we didn’t eat as much as usual while on the road.

Pre-diet measurements:

Age: 51y 11m
Height: 6’
Weight: 252
Neck: 17.5
Shoulders: 53.5
Upper Chest: 50
Mid Chest (nipple line): 52.5
Lower Chest: 47.5
Natural Waist: 48
Waist @ Naval (largest): 48
Hips: 45
Upper Arm L/R: 16/16
Upper Leg L/R: 26.5/26.5
Lower Leg L/R: 16/16.5
Ankle L/R: 8.5/9

Will try to get some pics taken later today.




Pre-diet Back


Pre-diet side


Just a little on my fitness background and goals. Lifting weights has been my primary fitness modality for the last 35 years of so. Some times very sporadic and with no objectives. Other times very focused and disciplined. Iâ??ve never been into body building. Most recently, the last 8 years or so, Iâ??ve been focused on Powerlifting.

In 2005 I noticed a small protrusion near my naval. I didnâ??t think much of it and just kept lifting. It wasnâ??t painful, and was only present after heavy lifts. During my 2006 annual physical my doctor looked at it, wasnâ??t too concerned. At first he thought it was just an abdominus recti. A second exam several months later he confirmed it was a hernia. Neither of us were too worried about it, but were watching it. By later 2007 it had gotten a little worse and started being a bit painful. I had continued to progress in my lifting goals. I was shooting for a 1600 pound total (belt and wraps only â?? no lifting suits or shirts). I was in reasonably good shape and my weight was in the 220 to 230 range. Conditioning was good, and my bodyfat was 10-12%. But, the pain got bad enough I figured it was time to take care of it.
I had surgery in January 2008. The recovery period was supposed to only about 3 weeks, followed by another 3 weeks of gradual building back to where I had left off with my lifting. However, about a month it was not healing and a huge bruise on my stomach (that first appeared about day 4 following surgery) would not go away. The surgeon planned to go in with just some local anesthesia and remove some scar tissue. Well, they ended up knocking me out and redoing the surgery because of some infection. He removed the membrane and then just sutured me. The second surgery also didnâ??t want to heal. So, had some additional wound care to deal with. To make a long story slightly shorter â?? the 3-6 week recovery time for a simple surgery turned into nearly 30 weeks.

I gained weight to about 235-240 and lost a lot of motivation to train. I tried resuming my training, but just couldnâ??t make a sustained effort for more than 2-3 week intervals, and then wouldnâ??t do anything for another couple months. In the spring of 2008 I seemed to get remotivated. I had gotten in a solid 8 weeks of lifting and was progressing well. Nutrition wasnâ??t great. My conditioning was lacking a lot, so I thought Iâ??d start running a little. I think it was my third or fourth running session, during a cool down I rounded the final corner to home and something in my right knee began to hurt like hell. Iâ??d never had any type of knee problems other than a little inflammation soreness that would go away in a few days. But, this one I knew felt different. I babied it and hobbled around for a couple of weeks and saw that it wasnâ??t getting any better. I scheduled an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, and found out it was a torn meniscus. Got that surgery in summer 2009. Everything went well, but my training motivation went south again.

Havenâ??t been able to maintain a solid training regimen for more then 4-6 week intervals since. My job requires me to travel overseas for 1-2 weeks every couple months, so that complicates things also. In the meantime, Iâ??ve gained weight into the 250-260 range. Still strong â?? max lifts in the 80% of previous range, with virtually no recent training. Conditioning is terrible. Mobility has gotten limited. Always sore. For the first time, really beginning to feel old. My annual physicals continue to look good. My doc almost seems disappointed he canâ??t find anything to scare me with to get me to lose weight. Blood work is great. Arteries look good. Bone loss is negligible.

My two youngest sons are 13 and 14. Both are active athletes and getting into lifting. So, that has helped me get going some, but just canâ??t get my conditioning going. So, I decided I just needed to lose some weight and focus more on nutrition. That is what brought me to the v-diet.

My goals are to get the body fat back into the 10-15% range (I know itâ??s in the 30% range now). And to get my lifts back into the 1500-1600 pound total range. At that point I plan to incorporate lifting gear and see if I can go higher. I believe a 215-220 body weight will be a good initial target. But, I need some conditioning to get there. Iâ??ll also need to work on mobility. Iâ??ve always been tight, but know what to do to improve that. I plan to do some low intensity mobility work on the off workout days during the v-diet/training. I suspect Iâ??ll need at least two v-diet cycles to get where I need to be, but lets complete the first one and then see what makes the most sense after that.

So, today it begins. Wish me luck.


Workout 1 went well this morning. I’m an early morning person. Get up at 4:00 a.m. and train some time in the 5:00-7:00 window. I’ve got what I call my “get vertical” routine to wake-up and warm-up.

1-2 cups coffee – a little email – a little FB – a little T-Nation & V-Life
Short brisk walk – this morning a 12 minute 3/4 mile walk
10 jumping jacks / 10 prisoner squats / 10 seal jumps / 10 arm-shoulder pumps
Lift warmups – 20 tricep extensions with 25# plate – 10 bent-over rows @ 135#

Will plan on something like this every morning

Workout 1
Bent over BB row: 185# 5/5/5/5 – very dynamic – last set slowing
Overhead squat: 45# bar 5/5/5/5 – a little shallow on depth – work on form & depth
Dips: BW 5/5/5/3/2 – 1st 3 sets solid and dynamic – ran out of gas on last 2 sets
Ab-wheel: 5/5/5/5 – 1st set tight – 2nd good – 3 & 4 shallow depth
Time to complete 19 minutes – good for 30 sec between sets, but about 1 minute between exercises. Very taxing workout.

Had to add a little – Facepulls: 60# 15/15/15 – nice rear shoulder/upper back pump

7 minute cool down walk

Supplement plan. Most of these are routine for many years:

Immediately upon waking:

  1. Herbal prostate health – zinc/selenium/saw palmetto/pumpkin seed extract/lycopene – haven’t seen real evidence that these are preventative, but there appear to be some reliable studies that they work on active prostate issues – I haven’t had any signs of problems, but willing to bet on some preventative benefit.
  2. Antioxidant – grape seed-skin extract/bio flavonoids – convinced this has major cardiovascular benefits
  3. Rez-V estrogen blocker – have used periodically in the past – adding during v-diet

With my “get-vertical” coffee:
4) HOT-ROX – have used periodically in the past – no problems with coffee in the morning – can feel the thermo-genic effect – however, can’t handle a second one later in the day, stomach upset and jittery

Peri-Post Workout Drink – start 10-15 minutes before workout session:
5) Surge (per V-diet) – have used in the past – not crazy about the taste, it’s too sweet. Would like to see them make a more neutral flavor – why the sucrolose with the dextrose/malto? In the past I made my own with Biotest Whey and a whey protein isolate plus dextrose/malto. I add a pinch of salt to cut the sweetness a little.
6) Creatine – big believer – usually 10g/day

Post workout and daily on off days:
7) Vitamin C – 1500mg
8) B-Complex
9) Calcium – 600mg
10) Vitamin D – 4000IU
11) Slo Niacin – 500mg – w/breakfast – took a while to assimilate to – can cause strong facial, neck, shoulder flushing similar to an allergic reaction – lasts 10-30 minutes about 1 to 2 hours after taking – started with 250mg and worked up – Doc recommended to aid one of the good cholesterols that was a little low in my blood work

With Protein shakes per V-diet protocol:
12) Flameout – have used this and other fish-oils various times in the past – does seem to help long-term inflamation if consistent with use

13) ZMA – need to stagger with evening Metabolic Drive shakes due to Zinc/Calcium absorption conflicts, but a big believer – sorry ladies throwing in some “man-talk” here, but you want your man to use this – when taken religously I see major erection improvement – that gets very important at 50-plus – pre-sleep Metabolic Drive helps in this area also. “I was good once…but, I’m as good once as I ever was…”

Got the evening walk planned with the wife. She has been wanting me to get her out walking for months. I already park in the back of the lot for some routine NEPA.

Well, onto the diet and getting ready for shake 1 today. See y’all in the days-weeks to come.


No, I’m normally not going to be posting this often. Just off work today and wanting to keep focus on this first day of the V-diet.

Completed my first shake. Believe it or not, I had an unopened container of the Orange Cream Metabolic Drive. It was always one of my favorite. I don’t understand why they stopped making that one. I was worried about it after adding the SuperFood. It gave it a bit of a nasty unappetizing color. However, the flavor was quite good. It was very creamy and shake-like.

Below and on the following posts are depictions of my idea of a great physical build – not quite in line with a body builder, but would fit a power lifter quite well. The thick trunk is critical to heavy deadlifting and squatting. Credits go to: “Strength Training Anatomy”, Frederic Delavier, Human Kinetics, 2001


Credits go to: “Strength Training Anatomy”, Frederic Delavier, Human Kinetics, 2001


Credits go to: “Strength Training Anatomy”, Frederic Delavier, Human Kinetics, 2001


Day 1 (yesterday) – finished up the day with 32 minute walk with the wife. Was only able to squeeze in four of the shakes.

Day 2 – Thanks to the wife we got in the 30 minute walk tonight. I was more than ready to blow it off. Currently working on shake five. Really tough finding time to get in the five shakes. Four would be just fine. Certainly not feeling hungry. Had a bit of a temptation when I got home from work. Family dinner sure smelled good as I came in the door. Looking forward to the training session tomorrow morning.


Day 3 & Workout 2: No hunger. Forcing down the 5th shake. Just doesn’t seem to be enough time between shakes. Shakes 3 and 4 I didn’t quite finish – got in about 3/4 of them and then just too full. Maybe I’ll try making them with less water and see if that reduces the fullness.

Workout this morning went well. I’ll admit that my conditioning really sucks. But, anybody that complains these workout sessions are too easy is either in really good shape, or isn’t doing them right.

Pull-up/Lat pulldowns – doing pullups as long as I can complete at least 5 reps, then finishing with lat pulldowns: P-ups 7/3 Pulldowns: 140 for 6 (too slow) reduced to 125 to be more dynamic for 8/8/6/5

Incline DB Bench: 40 for 8/8/9/9/9 very dynamic, too light, but last set was slowing

Romanian DL – 155 for 9/9/8/8/6 very dynamic, kicked my butt – nearly felt like puking

Barbell curls (I never do these) – 75 for 9/9/6/5/5/4/5 first two sets seemed easy but all remaining sets were true failure sets

Hanging knee raises – kept getting cramps in my calves only completed 2 sets of 9 due to nausea

Did good keeping at about 45 seconds between sets. But was 2 minutes between exercises (had some setup issues that took longer than planned), but nearly 10 minutes stretching out calve cramps before knee raises. So a total of about 45 minutes for the workout.

Wife and I went Christmas shopping. We spent about 2 hours on our feet shopping – not exactly a brisk pace, but got in some NEPA anyway. Otherwise, did not take our walk this evening. I did get in a 12 minute 3/4 mile warmup walk this morning.

One more day down.


Day 4 (yesterday)
Morning through afternoon went well. Felt a little hunger late in the afternoon. Possibly drank shake 4 a little too fast. Had a lot of bloating and belching after that one. The town center had the Christmas tree lighting festival, and grabbed my shake as we went out the door to that. Managed to fight off of the cravings for the street food at the festival. Stuck to a bottle of water. But, tended to get nauseas throughout the evening.

Didn’t get in a good brisk walk. Walked around a lot at the festival. Just couldn’t drink shake 5 once we got home. Ate the nut butter with a glass of water and went to bed. Been quickly falling into a deep sleep for 2-3 hours. Then just not sleeping well for the rest of the night after that.

Day 5
Had to check the scale this morning just to assure myself I’m making progress. Down from 252 to 245. So, that encourages me a little. Getting ready for Workout 3. Hoping today the shakes go down a little better.


Day 5 continued (yesterday) – got through the training session fairly well. Again, had to lighten up the weight more than I thought to stay dynamic through the sets. Hit the wall on the last exercise – push presses. Got in the first set okay, but was feeling really taxed. The weight felt okay, but the second set ran totally out of gas and failed on 3rd rep. Couldn’t even begin to try a 3rd set at 30 seconds. Waited 2 minutes and tried again. All I could do to just clean it – had nothing left. Waited a couple of more minutes and dropped the weight 20 pounds – still had nothing. Body was telling me time to quit for the day.

Did better throughout the day with the shakes. Tweaked blends and flavorings a little – that helped a lot. Had some hunger pangs a couple of different times.

Wife begin her traditional Christmas season cooking. She makes this candy with orange peels. The house was smelling of oranges, and man they looked good, but staved off any interest in trying them. The kids dinner pizza smelled really good too. But, took my shake to the den and relaxed with it.

Missed the NEPA walk again. Really need to get more committed to that. It’s hard to start, but feels great after finishing. All in all a good day though.


Day 6 – first V-burn challenge. What an embarrassment. I know my conditioning is bad, but this was ridiculous. I somewhat blended exercises from the beginner and intermediate routines (will stay with advanced for the weight training). Didn’t particularly rush through any single exercise, but was sucking after one cylce – 4:21. Again, just couldn’t push myself to do another cycle. I’ve never really done this type of circuit training before, so don’t know the feel and how to push through that initial difficulty to get into the groove. So, instead of going for more I headed out for a 3/4 mile walk. Completed it in 11:30 this morning. I’ll going to try a second V-burn tomorrow morning. Simple progression goal – complete two cycles, and then see how it feels.

Tonight starts the dreaded Christmas parties. I really don’t want to waste my one HSM on party food – even if I can select healthy stuff to nibble on. Not expecting any pressure from the host and other friends, they will understand, but just the whole atmosphere and amount of food/drink will be tough to deal with. Trying to get mentally prepared for it. Plan to take a shake with me, and may nibble on a little celery and other fresh veggies that I know will be there. But, hoping to really save up for a really satisfying HSM tomorrow.