Rjbelly V-Diet Log

I will be starting the V-Diet Monday (hopefully my supplies make it in time). For me this is about a lifestyle change to better eating. I have eaten like crap my entire life but I have been blessed with a pretty good metabolism and I am pretty active working out, playing sports, etc.

Although I am doing this to start on a path of clean living I also plan to enjoy the visual changes to my body that I expect to see. I have the support and encouragement of my workout partner who happens to be a former V-Dieter success story. I can honestly say that I am looking forward to getting rid of all the crap food from my diet and eat nothing for a month. I am way more excited than nervous about not eating and being hungry. I plan to embrace, cherish and love the suck like nobody’s business.

He are my pre-diet measurements. I will post the pics soon.


Age 40
height 5’ 7"
weigth 181
Neck 15 3/4
Shoulders 45 1/5
Upper Chest (upper base of armpit) 39
Middle Chest (nips) 38 1/8
lower chest (below pec) 37
waist at naval 36 5/8
waist at largest (2" above bb) 37 7/8
hips at largest 35
bicep (L) 13
bicep {R} 13
thigh (L) 21 1/2
thigh {R} 21 7/8
calf {L} 15
calf {R} 15
ankle {L} 9 1/4
ankle {R} 9 1/4
body fat 20.1

Day 1 Pictures

Day 1 Front

Day 1 Side

Good luck, hope to be there with you at the finish in 28 days.

Day 1
It was much easier than I expected. Not hungry at all, in fact I was very full most of the day and it was pretty tough to drink the mid-afternoon snack shake because I was still full from my lunch and post-workout shake. The peanut butter bed time shake was awesome and gives me something to look forward to every day as a reward for completing another day.

Workout went well and saw no effects yet.

Good luck. I believe the first 4 days are the hardest.
It started to get tough on day 3. after a few days, it became no problem at all.
I am currently on day 13. I am never hungry anymore, pretty easy to do now :slight_smile:

So if it gets hard and you think to quit, stay strong!

Day 2.
Still going well. I was tired but stayed up pretty late the night before. Not hungry at all, in fact I have been getting very full the second half of the day. The first half of the day i get hungry a bit right before the lunch shake. My last shake yesterday I had to cut down to 1 scoop because there was no way I was going to be able to get down the whole thing. I hope this issue of being full and not hungry stays. Felt real strong in my workout as well. 26 more days to go!!

Day 3:
Felt just a touch off today. Still felt strong during workout but did get a little lightheaded after some of the sets. Was able to push through. That is more than I can say for my workout partner who whined about a sore pec the entire workout.

Felt hungry for the first time last night between dinner and bedtime shakes. I think it was due to the extra adrenaline from watching the Red Sox win the world series :slight_smile:

[quote]rjbelly wrote:
That is more than I can say for my workout partner who whined about a sore pec the entire workout.[/quote]

Your workout partner is a whiny little girl. A whiny little girl who warms up with your max.

Week 1 in the books. I will do measurements a little later. I also was able to make it through the 1st weekend and a outing away from work where I brought all my shake stuff.
1st Meal:
Side salad
6 oz sirloin steak
5 grilled shrimp

Best meal of my life :slight_smile:

More hungry the last 2 days than any of the first 6.

Keep it going :slight_smile:
Being hungry is normal and it will slowly disapear.
On wednesday, it will be 3 weeks since i started, i am no longer hungry :slight_smile:

Thanks Infected. Glad to know that the hunger leaves soon :slight_smile:
week 1 numbers:

                10/25/2013	11/3/2103

height 5’ 7" 5’ 7"
weight 181 175.5
Neck 15.750 15.125
Shoulders 45.500 45.5
Upper Chest (upper base of armpit) 39.000 38.5
Middle Chest (nips) 38.125 37.5
lower chest (below pec) 37.000 36.25
waist at naval 36.625 36.625
waist at largest (2" above bb) 37.875 37
hips at largest 36.000 36.5
bicep (L) 13.000 13
bicep {R} 13.000 13
thigh (L) 21.500 21.5
thigh {R} 21.875 21
calf {L} 15.000 14.825
calf {R} 15.000 15
ankle {L} 9.250 9
ankle {R} 9.250 9

Was hoping to see more in the waist area. Hopefully that will come soon.

Day 8: Still feeling pretty hungry, especially in the morning. Just need to keep pushing though. Strength seems to be holding up. Was a little weak in one area today but really strong in another. Other than the hunger I feel good an alert and I think I definitely look better, especially in the love handle area.

The hungryness will disapear. you know yesterday i had my HSM.
I had it, but wasn’t so hungry actually… your body will adapt, and you will be ok.
There are days, where you will be hungry though, especially if your two first shakes are quite spaced out.

Day 10: I almost cracked yesterday and ate some food. The 1st 5 days were a piece of cake (mmmmm…cake) and I thought that I would cruise through this since everybody said that the first 3 or 4 days were the hardest but ever since my HSM i have been getting more and more hungry every day. I used to be full the entire time between shakes, now i feel satisfied for an hour a the most and then become really hungry. The good news is that my energy, mind, stength, etc all are good. Need to find a way past the hunger.

On a side note I have been doing a lot of reading about food in general to educate myself so that when i start HSM i will be making all good choices.

Well, count that food day as your HSM and don’t get any for another 7 days i guess.
There are days when we are hungry still. I am on day 22, and today i feel hungry.
I had my nuts butter earlier to make me feel full. Being hungry doesn’t kill though, stay strong, drink a lot of water, and just wait :slight_smile:

I was thinking about moving my nut butter to the morning since I am generally way more hungry in the morning than I am in the evening.

I didn’t eat anything though. I wanted to but I didn’t.

Oh i miss understood.
Sorry i am not a native english speaker.
Then very good :slight_smile: Yes, moving the nut butter in the morning helps.
See, today was very hard for me, been hungry all day. happens sometimes.

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