Right for Me?

Hey guys,

Before Starting the diet I want to make sure it’s the best choice for me. I have a log in the training log section and I am still very much a beginner. My most recent posts outlines why I want to try the diet. I see people in my position get flamed for wanting to try it and I also see people in my situation get told “hell yea do it!” so I’m a bit confused.

If I could get some honest opinions before I go for it that would be awesome.

Link to my log:

Thank you!

Beginners are usually told not to go near this diet. More experience both in the gym and in the kitchen is preferable to a radical diet that takes a lot of willpower and determination.

Good log, looks like you are very organized. If you have any doubt or question this, I would probably recommend putting it off. Also prove to yourself that you can eat very clean for a while and keep a log of that. See how you do and be honest with yourself.

I want to try it myself but want to wait for a time when I know I won’t be traveling for a 4-6 week stretch. Don’t want to set myself up for failure. That’s not smart. It is quite an investment so you want to make sure you would be 100% behind it.

For reference I am 5’9 and about 190-195. A lot more muscle than fat and can lift pretty heavy. I expect some really good results because of my base and where I am starting.

Eat some clean food, you’ll come around.As MeinHerzBrennt mentioned, get the willpower and determination down first (Which you seem to be doing well on) and just work your ass off. BF will come down.

Thank you everyone, this was what I was looking for. Some other members that have been helping out said that I was getting impatient and they were right. Using the log is helping me to see my mindset from an outside perspective. I will wait for when the time is right to use the V-Diet.

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