Riding the M-PA Train

So I don’t know really where to put this but Ill place it here and we will just have to see if it gets moved. The reason for my un-sureness is that I damn near started taking everything.

At first I started with Indigo (which I used before with some pretty solid results). After getting slammed in between Grad School and Work, poisoned for 5 months, illness, partying out of control, my training was almost non-existent, injuries were up, motivation down, performance, looks, health all in the trash. I was Bruce Wayne in the prison hole all over again (actually broke my back 2 years ago, still coming back from that as well). Yeah sounds good right!?

So I needed a place to start, Indigo offers a lot of beginnings. Meal structure, workouts, dosing. Very simple to follow and primed my body to Start working correctly again. Indigo does what it says and allows me to start using carbs/ insulin correctly again. Im a Biosig practitioner, run a Crossfit and am well tied into that community. I made a decision to come off almost all Poliquin supps besides basics and focus on what Biotest had to offer. I also just needed a break (or at least my liver did) and Biotests products aren’t that burdening on the system.

With Indigo came Indigo results. Mainly size. I kept my lifts super light, way light then what I was using, and started Phase 1.

2 Weeks into P1 I added Plazma. Fucking shocked is the only way to put it. Huge boost of energy and able to move safely and with some rebuilding strength. I was able to start pushing it, rather than just hang on. If your skeptical about Plazma, then stop reading and buy it. I haven’t seen one post where someone wasn’t completely floored by the results. That is a damn good product right there. I was using UCan for energy preworkout but ended up just not.

2 weeks later, business caused me to buy MAG-10.

2 weeks post that I decided to stop fucking around and just bought Micro. I was training regularly, feeling good, making gains, moving more weight etc.

Then came the crossfit open. I stuck to the Biotest protocols and made it out just fine. After not doing Crossfit for months, the only thing that really suffered was a little bit of my engine. I was just lifting, doing close to zero conditioning and was able to hang with some very VO2, fast twitch MFers clients who have been doing nothing but CF and conditioning for months and months. So I didn’t feel bad and in fact I felt great.

Right now here is the break down I can give.

Indigo = works.

MAG-10 = works.

Plazma = Reallyfuckingworks.

Micro = Adds.

Oh by the way, I took all of the above incorrectly. I was using old doses of IG3, mixing MAG-10 with Plazma, under dosing Micro. Its like a damn science project and I didn’t really bother to read everything (work and grad school has me doing a lot). I went by labels and that was just at a glance.

I still got results. I got great results literally fucking around at free will. Its just that good. I don’t workout with anyone but as I leave the gym, when the next class rolls in, all Ive been hearing is, “you look bigger, a lot bigger.” My diet still isn’t exactly where I want it, mixed between under-eating and overeating, Im still making positive progress. Nothing more I can ask for on that.

Side note: Plazma works so well I don’t know when to stop training sometimes. I walk out feeling great and the next day its a bone deep soreness. It turns your prius mindset, motivation and abilities into a fucking F-1 jet. Everything works, nothing hurts, even if you take it wrong.

I highly suggest adding one or more of these things in to your training, of course that’s only if you want better results.

If anyone should have any questions ask away. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone.

Too early to tell for me on Indigo. Micro-PA I’m not sure about yet, starting that tomorrow (and I’m on restricted cals currently, but I have 6 bottles). I’m a big believer in Plazma, energy, endurance, muscle fullness are all very evident in the gym. MAG-10 seems to be doing pretty well but I don’t know how much that really plays a role (it basically replaces my usual post workout protein shake).

Yeah, Indigo-3G affected me differently this time around. I was taking it and hadn’t read the new stuff that they changed the dosage, so I was still taking the older dosage recommendation. When I switched to the new protocol it literally didn’t feel or work the same. After about a week I went back to the old one and started getting better results.

Micro-PA has been a little tougher to tell for me personally because it doesn’t have a “feel” like Plazma does. You take azma and things feel amazing so at first thought “if I take Micro-PA Ill feel incredible!” but its not a feeling its a result. Also, remember, I was taking it incorrectly. Regardless of that fuck up I was still making gains. Not all my ducks were in a row or for that matter even behaving. They were more like Bebe’s Kids.

With Micro-PA though I have grown. It is the key to the lock of gaining some muscle. Like I said, I train between classes when no one is around. Probably for the past 3 weeks everytime Im going out and people are coming in all I hear is “dude, youre getting a lot bigger.” Something is working.

Due to cost, schedule, and my lack of desire to read bottles correctly :wink: I was only taking a dose 1 hour before workouts. I wasn’t dosing on off days (I don’t feel like it really mattered anyways) and tried to put all my nutritional focus around wods. Of course with the open that also got fucked up. BUT both products are solid and I actually train some top level crossfitters so I am interested in seeing how the results pan out for that “sport” at that caliber.

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