Ridiculous Question?

I tend to nurse my shakes. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours to drink a shake. Now that I am officially starting the diet I suppose I will be hungry so I will want to drink it quickly because I will be hungry but if I am not can I nurse from one shake to the next? Will that matter? Do I have to drink the entire shake?

I imagine I have to because I need everything the shake has to offer but between the shakes and water with the supplements it is hard for me to drink the whole thing. Again, this is just day one, but I have been doing the shakes all wek (with healthy meals) to get my body ready for the diet and I have noticed that it takes me hours to drink them and I don’t always finish.


<3 Mia

Yes, you need all the shakes, otherwise your calories could fall too low and you’d affect your metabolism. You may decrease by 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive for the daily total if you find yourself very full, but no more than that.

Nursing them is fine, but try to finish a shake in an hour at least. Takes me about 10 seconds. You may need less ice if blending.

For the blended shakes I just thought that meant they had to be mixed in the blender - I didn’t put any ice in it. Was I supposed to? Do I have to?

Decrease by one scoop for one shake or I can decrease each shake by one scoop?

Thank you SOOOO much for responding so quickly

<3 Mia

  1. Ice isn’t necessary, but many prefer the shakes very milkshake-like. It’s totally up to you. I assumed since it took you so long to drink them that you were mixing them very thick and icy.

  2. 1 scoop total of the day, not every shake. That would be too low in cals. We want fat loss, not muscle loss.

Thanks, Chris! Sorry for all the questions but I will get the hang of it :slight_smile:

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