Rice Cereal

Hey Chris,

Looking for a Chris Approved rice cereal to have with my unsweetend almond milk. Also wondering what your thoughts are on Rice Chexs and this rice hot cereal ( as a post workout snack every once in a while.

All you need to look for with cold rice cereal is 100% rice on the ingredient list, sometimes called puffed rice. No sugar, nothing else. I’ve used several brands. Most are sold in bags, not boxes, at health food stores, and I’ve seen it once or twice at regular grocery stores. You can order in bulk from Amazon too.

Rice Chex contains sugar, sometimes in multiple forms. Avoid.

The hot rice cereal you mentioned is fine if you do okay with brown rice. White is actually better for some people, digestion wise. Either is good. Also, there’s a product called Rice 'N Shine. It’s rice grits. Also a good choice.

Thanks Chris. Just saw your rice pudding recipes, will definitely be using them as a “treat”.

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