Ricardo's Log - Starting 4-20-09

Hello Everyone,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ricardo and I am starting Velocity 3.0 tomorrow, 4/20/09. I have all my supplements ready, have my starting stats logged, and i am ready to go.

I initially started working out again in early February after a very long break from any physical activity. I had that crash and burn moment (in reference to the phoenix article here on T-Nation) after a physical where my weight had ballooned up to 304lbs at 5"11. My doctor warned me that if i didn’t lose weight immediately I would be in very high danger of developing pre-diabetes. Well, since then I’ve lost 30 lbs and I am currently at 275 and ready to start the Velocity diet.

Over the last few months I had gotten used to eating better and drinking protein shakes so this isn’t foreign to me so I shouldn’t have any trouble with the nutrition aspect of it. I am a bit worried about my energy levels being able to sustain the walks every day, (work full-time and go to school full-time)but I’m sure as hell committed to not missing a single one. I already have that pissed off mentality so that should help get me going.

Before i start i do have one question though, am i supposed to mix the Biotest Superfood, L-Leucine and Metabolic Drive into one shake? Or am i supposed to drink one shake with the protein and L-Leucine and then make a seperate shake for the Superfood? Other than that I think i’m ready to get started. Wish me luck :smiley:

Welcome, and congrats on your progress so far from the 300’s!

I think you’ll actually find the walks de-stressing and enjoyable. Most V-Dieters do.

As for your other question, I think I just answered it in the “Ask Chris” thread.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Hey Ricardo!
I started today so we will be finishing up around the same time. Great job on your losses so far.

Glad to hear you’re on board too, Ricardo! Just started Saturday myself. Way to drop the 40lbs already! Sounds like you’ve got the determination component in check.

Thanks for the help in the other thread Chris and thanks for the support from everyone. Today was my first day and I found these shakes to be more satisfying and tastier than previous shakes i’ve taken with just whey protein. I actually really enjoyed the taste and i was quite surprized as in the past i haven’t enjoyed the taste of shakes with whey and water only so much. I guess it’s the combination of whey and cassein that’s making all the difference in taste.

I guess the fact that I bought the exact supplements recommended and didn’t cut corners on costs is making a huge difference already. I really don’t see any problem sticking to the nutrition portion of this diet and that’s very exciting as nutrition can be one of the hardest aspects to overcome.

The workout this morning went well and I can really tell my quads are going to be sore from the squats tomorrow morning, but in a good way of course :).

Anyway, i’m off to bed, gotta wake up in a few hours and get my walk in. Day 2 coming up :slight_smile:

So day 2 went well. No problems whatsoever. Got my morning walk in and nutrition was spot on. I’ve also made the NEPA changes I needed, no longer take the elevator to my apartment etc. Although I live on the 2nd floor which isn’t a lot of stairs, hopefully the change plus parking further away from wherever i’m going will help add that extra boost.

Have my next workout in a few hours so i’m off to bed. :slight_smile:

So day 3 over. I thought the romanian deadlifts and side plank holds were pretty intense, but in a good way of course. Nutrition 100% on again.

I once read in a psychology article, that a very high percentage of people quit or deviate drastically from any new diet or workout plan within the first 3 days. So i guess i’m over that hump :slight_smile:

Not much else to say. On to day 4.

So today was the end of day 4. I wasn’t really feeling like taking my 3rd shake today for some reason. I think maybe i was just still feeling a bit full from the 2nd one, but in any case it was time to take it in order to fit in all 5, so i stuffed it down.

My back is feeling a bit sore from yesterday and i have weight training to do again tomorrow, so we’ll see how i do. It’s the good kind of sore though, so i should be okay once i warmup a bit.

On to day 5 :slight_smile:

are you stretching after your workouts & daily?

it always seemed to help me (though I’m very horrible about stretching)

I do a pre-workout stretch and warmup, but my post-workout stretch is pretty half-assed. I’m usually ready to just take off and don’t spend too much time stretching post-workout. I think with the deadlifts though it’s just a matter of me not being used to it, I haven’t done a deadlift in years.

Day 5 over. Go me! lol.

I do warm up sets of ~20 with light weight then stretch after (if I stretch at all) that helps a bit

then again, if you haven’t DL’d in a while, that’ll do it too

You’re doing great Ricardo!
Look’s like you’ll have your first week in the bag very shortly. I stretch out after every workout. That’s what tells my brain I’m done and it feels so good!

Yeah you guys are right I should spend a bit more time stretching post-workout, in fact I did just that today after my V-burn.

I also had my first HSM today, some lean chicken and brown rice. DELICIOUS.

I have to admit there is one thing about what i’m doing that is making me feel very proud. Let me explain.

I work from 5am to 1:30pm Monday through Friday. I then come home and sleep about 2.5 to 3hrs before waking up taking my shake in and going to class from 6pm to 9:30pm Monday through Thursday.

Then i get to sleep from maybe 10pm to 1am before i have to wake up again and drive to the gym for my workouts. Then drive back, shower, and head off and be at work by 5am.

Between Friday and Saturday I actually got to get some great sleep in before my V-burn challenge and I felt mentally great and inspired. Not only do i work 40 hrs a week, I am a full-time Junior at my University and I’m doing the Velocity Diet.

I saw a couple of posts on the forum lately and i see others breaking the guidelines Chris had set for us here and there. I can’t help, but think, wow. I’m doing this and i feel great. I saw a few articles from Chris and some of them referenced arrogance, but arrogance doing the Velocity Diet with a take no prisoners mentality. Well guess what, i’m not taking any prisoners, this isn’t about anyone else. This is about ME! Damn right i’m feeling proud and arrogant right about now. I’m not in this to lose, I’m here to play like a &%*#ing champion and i’m going to win this come hell or high water.

Here is the quote from the Chris Shugart article:
Why does anger work? Here’s my take:

The human animal is a predator. He doesn’t track and kill his prey by kinda-sorta wanting it. Achieving a goal isn’t a marathon; it’s a sprint. You have a short, intense window of opportunity to break bad habits and smash through obstacles.

“Successful people share a willingness to get uncomfortable,” Alwyn Cosgrove says. That applies to their training, diet, and lifestyle.

Now, how does a self-pitying whiner deal with discomfort? He quits. How does a guy who’s willing to be an asshole deal with it? He gets ticked and fights through it. And he wins.

Anger isn’t the only socially unacceptable personality trait that comes into play. “Significant change comes with getting a little selfish,” says John Berardi, Ph.D. “That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, although some of your friends and family may think so.”

Even if it feels weird to set aside time for yourself and your own self-improvement, it’s the only way to pull it off, Berardi adds. “You have to get a little selfish and take some of your time back.” That allows you to avoid distraction while focusing so intensely on a single goal.

Another dickish trait common to physique success stories is a certain sense of superiority. You don’t have to hold the weak-willed people around you in contempt, but it helps to remind yourself that you’re stronger and more determined than people who skip workouts and succumb to the siren call of Dunkin Donuts.

If you feel guilty about your newfound arrogance, remind yourself that it’s temporary. Use it, get what you want out if it, and then drop it like a bad relationship.

Take-home lesson: Positive changes often occur with the use of a negative attitude. Being an angry, self-centered asshole with a superiority complex helps body transformers reach their goals. Just be sure to cut that shit out when you’re done. "

That’s what i’m talking about. Thank you for the great article Chris!

So day 7 is pretty much over. Week 1 done. Looking forward to week 2.

You know i just realized that i didn’t post my starting measurements, here they are, these are from the day before starting velocity.

Height: 5"11
Weight: 275
Neck: 17
Shoulders: 51-52ish* (had some trouble measuring, i don’t even think i did this shoulder measurement right tbh)
Chest upper: 46.5
Chest lower: 45
Waist @naval: 48
Waist @largest: 50
hips @largest: 48
upper arm-l: 14.5
upper arm-r: 14.25
upper leg-l:29.5
upper leg-r: 29.5
lower leg-l: 17.5
lower leg-r: 17.5
ankle - l : 10
ankle - r : 10

I won’t be taking measurements till day 14, so i’ll post those in 7 days.

Day 8 over. My log is so incredibly unpopular :frowning:

[quote]meltdownx wrote:
Day 8 over. My log is so incredibly unpopular :([/quote]

Might have something to do with the Kobe pic as your avatar :smiley:

Just kidding, as a [former] Sonics fan, I’ve always been a LakerHater.

Anyway, keep up the good work! Based on your starting weight and measurements I expect to see some huge fat losses from you at the end of the six weeks! Keep rockin it man!

Haha, yeah must be the Kobe icon <3 #24.

So today is the end of day 9. I’ve pretty much officially made it into double digits day 10 coming up :smiley: w000!!!

Day 10 officially completed. I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but right around day 7 i noticed I needed to move my belt one notch down and when i did so, it wasn’t even tight! So clearly i’ve lost some size there which is great. Again i won’t measure till day 14 or 15, so i don’t know what’s happened so far other than the way i feel, but so far I know good things are definately happening :slight_smile:

[quote]meltdownx wrote:
Day 10 officially completed. I hadn’t mentioned this earlier, but right around day 7 i noticed I needed to move my belt one notch down and when i did so, it wasn’t even tight! So clearly i’ve lost some size there which is great. Again i won’t measure till day 14 or 15, so i don’t know what’s happened so far other than the way i feel, but so far I know good things are definately happening :slight_smile:

Isn’t that a great feeling? The visible affirmation that all your hard work is paying off - always a great sign. Much congrats!

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