Rhodiola Use/Dosage Cycling

Hi, a few questions on rhodiola. I would like to use it during the winter season as I live up north and do a lot of snow related fun stuff snowboarding and not so fun snow removal so on the bottle it looks different then before it just says 5 days on and 2 off however in the details section online it does it by weeks 3 to one off, 6 to 2 off and 12 to 4 off so has something changed ?

I would like to do the 12 weeks on and four off which takes me through winter and cold season but is that every day for 12 weeks with 4 off or is that 5 days on 2 off for twelve weeks then going off 4 weeks ? Secondarily is there any recommended way to use it as a preventative throughout the year as an immune booster regardless of stress because it also has some anticancer effects which is my main area that I am interested in with my dad dying of cancer.


Mike F

A mod may correct me here, but for Rhodiola it’s probably best to follow the directions on the label, can’t go wrong there. If you want to take it long term throughout the winter, follow the 5 days on and 2 days off.

Yeah the label was kind of generic 5 on 2 off no time frame as far as duration. The cycling info. I got from the details page on the biotest website for their product. So my question kind of still stands can I go straight through then take a break or cycle within a cycle ?

I think the label doesn’t have a time frame for the 5/2 because it can be taken long term, without needing to “cycle” it other than the 2 off days, I do not think you should take it every day for “x” amount of time then stop. You can’t go wrong with following the directions on the label, and every time I’ve seen someone ask a dosing question, the mods always say, “follow the directions on the label.” SO, you should take it 5 days on, 2 days off, as long as you want.

You may be right but sometimes w stuff like adaptogens or hormone modifiers like Alpha Male a periodic off time is needed or recommended.

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