Rhodiola Cycling Question


Robobrewer asks:

I intend to take Rhodiola to address the stresses of my weekly competitive table tennis as I get pretty sore and mentally tired after playing at the club in Denver. I play on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week.

I would greatly appreciate cycling advice for the best benefits.

Would it be best to take Rhodiola only on the 4 table tennis days? Would Mon - Friday with weekends off be better or should I simply adhere to 3 weeks on and 1 off which is posted on the Biotest website?


When in doubt, I follow the label directions, which might make for the best initial experience. After that week off, you could try Monday through Friday for a few weeks (say four to five?), and asses at that point if you noticed a difference for better or worse.


Not a bad idea. Thank you for your response!


No problem!