RFFL with V-Diet

Mighty curious how well the RFFL plan from T-Nation would fare with the V-Diet. Any ideas from anyone out there?

The thing to remember with using non-V-Diet workouts with the V-Diet plan is that you’re kinda testing the waters and you really need to make sure everything’s dialed in.

The RFFL plan was designed by Chad Waterbury (who also designed the V-Diet workouts) and Alwyn Cosgrove but uses pretty much entirely different parameters.

It does still stick to alternating intensity with some relatively harder workouts and some relatively easier ones, and it’s “only” 3 days a week, but the lifting is more metabolic-based (the combo moves and plyometrics) and each training day has a cardio finisher (the Tabata bike or swings).

All in all, I’d expect it to be much more difficult to perform RFFL optimally while sticking to the V-Diet, because they’re just burning through so much energy per session. I’d probably put it on the back burner as something to jump into right after finishing the V-Diet, when you transition out of the daily shakes and it’s time to spruce up the training anyhow.

That was my plan, though, just figured I would put it out there and see what others would think of it. Thanks for the reply @Chris_Colucci

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