Rez-V vs. Indigo-3G

I have a question with regards to Rez-V and Indigo 3G. I know both exhibit anti-inflamatory effects. However, I was wondering which one is better. As best I can recall certain antioxitandts interfere with those of Indigo-3g and I think Resveratrol is one of them.

I am trying to limit my stress hormones such as cortisol and excess estrogen. From what I have read Rez-V is better at reducing stress hormones but I also feel that Indigo-3G would likely have a similar effect.

My question really is if i take Indigo-3G is there any need to take Rez-V. Or are there any specific anti-inflamatory effects that Resveratrol has that Indigo-3G does not.

Thanks. Sorry if this is all a bit convoluted.

If you’re mainly going after stress hormones, cortisol and estrogen issues, <a href=""target=“new”>Rez-V acts as a potent estrogen antagonist, and also has anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects. So, REZ-V controls estrogen (men need a little of it, remember), protects you against environmental estrogens, and subsequently increases T.

<a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G decreases the effects of insulin on fat and and increases the effects of insulin on muscle, meaning fat loss and muscle gain, and the ability to handle muscle-building amounts of carbs and calories. In other words, your body resists storing fat, releases and oxidizes fat-cell content (fatty acids), and preferentially pulls glucose and nutrients into muscle cells. Nutrient repartitioning, in a nutshell.

Indigo-3G also works on fat cell inflammation and all the problems associated with it. Given that C3G is derived from berries, it has other health-boosting effects as well.

For high-stress situations, look into <a href=""target=“new”>Rhodiola as well. But think of it as “medicine” – take it when you need it, then cycle off. The article will get into details.

To get to your specific question, we’d suggest Indigo-3G for the full cycle without REZ-V. Then, you can take a maintenance dose of Indigo and just take REZ-V on the other end of the day to prevent any possible interference.

But really it’s going to depend on your goals. If you mainly want to battle stress and estrogen issues, look into REZ-V and perhaps Rhodiola, which will also have some physique and performance effects. If you want more muscle and less fat, along with some health benefits, look into Indigo-3G.

Brilliant. Thanks a lot Chris very helpful!

I was gonna ask a similar type question but since it is similar to this thread, I’ll keep it on here.

I read an article which said that new studies are showing that Resveratrol can double your lifespan to over 150 years. It also can prevent you from aging as well as stopping you from developing diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This is awesome news if true, but I wanted you guy’s opinion on it.

I took a three month dose of Indigo-3G late last year and got awesome results body comp wise, but lost my job and couldn’t afford it (or Brain Candy which really suck!) anymore. I would rather take the Rez-V if money is still going to remain an issue and could only choose one. The anti-aging and doubling of my life span at this point in my life is a lot more important than it was 10 years ago.

Here is the link to the article


Well, we’re not so sure about doubling the lifespan, but resveratrol (<a href=""target=“new”>Rez-V) does have cardiovascular benefits and powerful anti-cancer effects. And since those two things are usually what “get ya” in one way or another, it’s a great overall health supplement and therefore popular with the anti-aging community.

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