Rez-V for Hair Loss?

Just wondering how helpful Rez-V is for keeping hair. Since I am only 18, the receding hair line and thinning hair kinda freak me out. I read an article by TC, saying to take both resveratrol and curcumin to stop the affects of DHT. Therefore, I bought some resveratrol from another website (Biotest was out of stock). The stuff worked for my hair, but had lots of nasty side affects like low libido, lack of hair growth other places, and increased dizziness.

Would you recommend taking Rez-V and would it have all the side affects that this one did? I have taken it previously and remember having more energy, but thats about it.

Resveratrol, by itself, probably doesn’t have any effects on hair growth, but at least one study has shown a synergistic effect between resveratrol and curcumin. Aside from stopping the inflammatory process that leads to hair loss, they supposedly promote a substance that coaxes hair from the resting phase to the growing phase.

As far as your side effects, I’m a little puzzled. Dizziness has been a side effect in a very small percentage of people, but lack of hair growth in other places? That’s peculiar. Now a lack of libido could occur if you were taking huge doses, but given that resveratrol is hard to absorb (which prompted Biotest to add a chemical to REZ-V that increases absorption), it’s hard to imagine you’d be getting an overdose from a competitor’s product.

My guess is that your product isn’t what it says it is, which, unfortunately, is pretty common in the ugly side of the supplement world. Or, are you taking something else/doing something else you haven’t told us?

But, as far as REZ-V, no, you shouldn’t have those side effects with Biotest’s version.

I was taking a double dosage, but that’s about all I can think of. Looking forward got getting Rez-V again

can you keep this thread updated with your perceived progress?

Definately. I’ll be ordering Rez-V in the next few days and I’ll keep you guys up to date

FYI I tried this combo about 4 years back and had multiple sides, basically all related to anemia caused by high does polyphenols. Biotest’s Rez-V is tops in my opinion, but the dosage is really high for what you are trying to do. I think the curcumin/resveratrol study mentioned used many micro doses throughout the day. Did it work for hairloss? I think yes, but I also had joint pain and bad dark circles under my eyes… not worth it. And speaking of not worth it, please do not experiment with saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, or flax. These can directly affect DHT levels and can mess you up. If you want to go the route of messing with DHT, go pharmaceutical so it’s at least from a regulated industry.

I tried to play the game of “natural” hairloss cures for about 2 years, and it’s just not worth it. Constantly tweaking your regimen; experimenting with new supplements; tons of research; am I getting sides and is it really working? You’ll make yourself crazy, and I know from experience. And like TC mentioned, a lot of time with supplements (completely unregulated), it’s extremely hard to know what you’re actually getting. It’s extremely possible that the label is a downright lie. I read once a study on ginseng supplements where only 40% had any ginseng whatsoever! The best you can do is try supps from high quality companies like Biotest, and it’s a bonus if they used standardized extracts.

My advice? Definitely start taking rogaine. If you want to take it a step further, try propecia 1mg. Propecia is really a mixed bag. It works really well, but there are a whole host of side effects. Luckily I seem to have dodged the sexual sides for the most part; I’ve never had a problem performing. These seem to be understated by the manufacturer and overstated by the internet. For those that experience them, they usually subside over time.

Other sides include increased aldosterone for the short term (0-2 months). Pardon a gross oversimplification, but this is the same hormone that gives girls PMS. Basically you will be grumpy. For me, I was already grumpy over my hair loss, so it wasn’t a big deal :wink: I also actually have decreased blood plasma which I recently found out about. I found one paper that listed this side as pretty common. I am just slightly below the “low” threshhold so I am not in any health danger, but it is relatively concerning.

Also, try to squash any dreams of curing your hairloss. The best of medicine can only buy you a little bit of time. For me it was worth it. I’m young and just got married. I wanted to give my wife some nice wedding pictures and spent at least a few years being young and goodlooking–which I definitely am ;). I sincerely hope that I don’t try to hold onto this for too long!

Eventually I will shave it and be done with it, and honestly it will be so so so much easier. Which brings up hair advice… find a good barber. Don’t get your hair cut shorter than 1.5" but in general keep your hair short. I ask for 2-2.5" left on top with tapered sides. It’s the best you can do. I kept my hair long for a while and it just doesn’t grow out right with thinning hair. With thinning hair, you hair will go through more frequent dormant cycles, so if you let it grow out for too long, your hair will look thinner than it actually is.

Hey I haven’t posted much in the past year so I guess I had a lot of pent up typing! Bald with grace!

PS - TC, will you do whatever you need to do so I can comment on article live feeds?

thanks for the above post, it is filled with excellent info/thoughts.

In your experience, is rogaine beneficial? If it is, why do you feel the need to suggest supplementing propecia?

If you could elaborate on your thoughts on the positive effects of these two. I’m not concerned about the side-effects as either they will be there or not so no point in speculating about those.

Rogaine alone was beneficial, and I have never taken Propecia alone. They have different mechanisms so they work synergistically. Rogaine works by forcing more hairs into growth phase, so hair looks fuller. But if you are genetically predisposed to balding, DHT will cause the hair follicle to slowly shrink over time and essentially die. Propecia simply blocks conversion of testosterone to DHT to reduce levels by ~60%.

I noticed rogaine working in about 3 months, and it took ~1 year before I really noticed Propecia working.

Just ordered it yesterday. I’m growing more pubic, chest, and facial hair in the last three days then I have in a month

Oh and fezzick
I did have success with my hair coming back. I even got comments about how much better it looked after taking resveratrol for a couple weeks. That’s the only reason I’m considering buying Rez-V, so I guess everyone is a little different. If nothing does change this time though, I’ll definitely look into rogaine. Thanks for the advice

Hell yeah

There you go!

It’s my third day taking it. Hair is still thin, but I’m sleeping better and killed Squats today. Don’t know if this is just a result of food or of the supplement. Either way, I’ve been in a good mood lately

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