Rez-V and Alpha Male Advice

Tyler asks:

I remember reading an article on T-Nation for increasing testosterone. The article mentioned taking both Rez-V and Alpha Male. But I can’t find the article anymore.

There were instructions about taking one or the other eight hours apart on an empty stomach.

Can you advise me on the best way to take Rez-V and Alpha Male together?

I plan on getting Mag-10 shortly too. I was going to walk on a treadmill first thing in the morning while taking Mag-10. Then doing a workout three days a week in the afternoon.

Might’ve been The Testosterone Toolbox.

Alpha Male dosing is 1-2 caps twice a day, 6-8 hours apart. Rez-V is once a day. The empty stomach advisement for Alpha Male has to do with the most efficient absorption, I think. But I’m pretty certain having it with a meal wouldn’t be a major issue.

Monday to Friday: Alpha Male and Rez-V shortly before breakfast, Alpha Male again shortly before dinner. Saturday and Sunday: Just Rez-V with or before breakfast. I believe that’d be the easiest approach.

Figuring you’re trying to drop fat, that sounds like a straightforward training plan. As long as your nutrition is figured out, you should be on track.

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