Revisitng the Velocity Diet

I did this once before and since then I have developed a bit of an IPA problem, and some bad eating habits along with it.
Currently on day three and feeling great.

My wife and I are in this together, so we’ve got some great accountability set up.

Sipping on some Plazma and getting ready to go do Day 1 of the Advanced workouts. Also have my dinner of sirloin, rice, and a ton of vegetables packed for my HSM (which will be eaten at work) later

4th day- so far so good. I did get my body fat done today as well as circumferences but i forgot at work. Will update tomorrow.

Dinner tonight on workout day 2 was 6ozs skirt steak, 6ozs roasted turmeric red potatoes and a medley of vegetable.

onpoint so far no problems. Be back tomorrow with my messurements and to update the workouts

These are My Stats “Nicholas” I accidentally posted under wifes name on my log and I cant figure out how to delete it lol
Starting Measures
Weight: 192 lbs

Body Fat:
Bicep: 2mm
Tricep: 4mm
SubScap: 12mm
Suprail: 9mm
BF%: 11.5%
LBM: 170lbs
FM: 22.08lbs

Neck: 14.25
Upper Arm(Bicep): 14
Forearm: 11.75
Chest: 40.4
Waist: 36.5
Hip: 39.5
Thigh: 25.5
Calf: 13.75

Shakes done as prescribed
Hsm: Large RomaIne salad,6 ozs halibut, asparagus and 1 cup rice

Day 3 weights Advanced
my body has been incredibly sore these are incredibly challenging workouts and take a lot of hard work to finish out normally the last half of the prescribed reps.
Currently tracking workouts in my workout journal.
Hsm: Homemade taco salad
95/5 6 ozs Graff fed beef
An over abundance of veggietables over a power blend of greens

V - burn challenge. .
Averaged 6 min30 sec rds… rds 4-6 took a lot of effort to stay moving strong and clean movements

So far so good. Down 8 lbs looking less inflamed all over and I’m fitting pretty well back into clothes I grew out of…

Day 13
My weight all week was stable @190lbs, coming into the V-Burn Challenge this am I woke up @ 186 feeling a bit leaner than I felt all week.

My wife and I got into this workout and I started warming up and I felt super low energy… I cut my warmup short and put the headphones in and started the clock and just went for it…!
I crushed last weeks time by a good 10+minutes 6 rds done in 23min45secs/ previous week was over 36mins.
Im feeling really good about my progress and its very motivating to keep moving on with the program.

The weight training advanced workouts are really rough and they definitely are pushing me to work incredibly hard and feel realllllllly sore all week! Im looking forward to my off day tomorrow, will work on some mobility and 30 min walk
Ill be getting body fat pinched for the 2nd time on Monday So ill update again when I have new numbers

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