Results After Week 1

So yesterday was Day 7 for me of the V-Diet. I took measurements and weighed myself and took pictures again, and had a couple observations.

In the first week, my scale weight barely budged from 192 to 189.2. I’m not irritated all that much, because I feel this is probably attributable to muscle gain. My biceps are noticeably bigger and more defined when I flex, along with other muscles.

I also took measurements, and I haven’t added up the total yet, but I am pretty sure that I had an increase in my measurements. The only place that was actually less was my waist at largest. Which I’m cool with. Again, I’ll chalk that up to muscle growth.

Didn’t really notice much difference in pictures though.

Now, I’m not really all that discouraged. I can tell all of my clothes are looser, I’ve gotten compliments on my change so far, and I’ve dropped the last two notches on my belts around my waist, even though my waist hasn’t gotten any smaller according to the tape measure.

So couple of things. Has anyone had a V-Diet where they saw almost no visible changes in the first week? It seems that everyone who’s been super successful had HUGE drops in the first week, often more drop in weight in the first day or two than I have had all week. Also, has anyone experienced a situation where muscle growth has outpaced fat loss, thus having an increase in scale weight on the V-Diet?

For the record, I am NOT discouraged. Just curious. Regardless of my results up to this point, I’ve never FELT better in my life. I feel absolutely incredible. And the way I feel I know is much more important than how I look. Thanks all.

PS - I have not strayed from the V-Diet at all. All Biotest supplements, doing all the workouts (well, except for the very first one, but all the other ones I have, and that was only because I was out of town, in a town of 4000 with no gym within 60 miles.)

You mean you only lost body fat at TRIPLE the normal rate of accepted fat loss? Gosh, that V-Diet just don’t work, does it?

Hey dude, I have absolutely NO problems with my results so far. I am absolutely LOVING this diet. As I mentioned, I’ve never felt better in my life. Just curious about other people’s results.

And for the record, Chris, you are definitely one of my role models. I wanna be just like you when I grow up! Haha, seriously though, you’re a stud, thanks for the V-Diet.


Just remember, it’s been one week. You’re doing fine. Those who lose very very fast may have been retaining more water (especially if their diets were horrible pre-V-Diet and they made a sudden change) or they had a whole lot to lose. Fatter you are, the faster it typically comes off.

Just keep an eye on tape measurements and don’t pay much attention to the scale. It can drive you nuts. I mean, if you need to have a bowel movement and don’t until after you’re weigh-in then can even that can affect scale weight.

And yes, the protein increase, the various muscle-building supps that are part of the V-Diet, the change in workouts… it can all lead to some muscle gain, again really throwing off scale weight.

So, no worries. Keep us posted!

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