Restarting After 5 Years

I have not trained in over 5 yrs. I recently started eating better ( lean meats and veggies) and started doing minor ( mostly body weight exercises) workouts. I am 5’10" and around 240lbs. I have a lot to lose around my gut also. I was planning on getting HOT-ROX and Alpha Male to begin with.
Any suggestions ?

If your training is getting more serious and you begin using weights, first take care of workout nutrition (<a href=""target=“new”>Plazma or <a href=""target=“new”>Surge Workout Fuel.) However, these are not needed for body weight workouts typically.

Alpha Male is a good choice if you suspect your T levels are on the lower side. If not, then that’s not the best choice right now.

Hot-Rox is a great all-around fat burner and muscle preserver. That said, you may find that <a href=""target=“new”>Indigo-3G is better suited for your long term goals. Click that link and give it a read. Many people choose to bring in Hot-Rox only when they’ve hit a sticking point in fat loss. You’re just starting and have plenty of time before any sticking point would occur.

Thank you very much for the quick reply and advice. I am looking forward to getting the C3G when it’s available.


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