Rest Interval Between Macro-Sets in the V-Burn Challenge?

I must have missed it twice, but I didn’t find any reference to a rest block between the macro sets. Is there one. I just did the advanced version, but decided to take a 1 minute rest between the blocks. Can’t imagine doing it without those rest intervals. Let me know, thanks so much.

I have simply adopted the practice of getting through all the sets in the V-Burn Challenge as rapidly as possible. Using this technique causes me to break form, particularly in the last 2 of the 6 interval blocks. But I get it done and I get it done significantly faster. So I am simply timing the entire challenge and taking as little rest as possible. Anybody doing this or do you have different approaches?

Do this. ^

Don’t do this. ^

The V-Burn is meant to be done in progressively shorter time each workout, so the individual rest periods between sets are kinda DIY, or autoregulated, or played by ear, whatever you want to call it.

With weight training, it’s “do a set, start the clock, do next set after X amount of time.” With the V-Burn, it’s “Start the clock, do all sets at whatever pace, stop the clock after the last rep of the very last set of the workout. Next session, do the same, but push to be at least a second faster.”

Anyone can compromise form to shave off some time. The hard part is using consistent form and seeing progress from improved conditioning.

Thanks for your reply Chris. I have now completed 3 V Burn advanced workouts and have dramatically improved my performance each time. My last Challenge took 14:58.

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