Reschedule HSM?

Hi Chris!

I have a big presentation day coming and I’m a bit worried how it will go. I know the HSM is scheduled on saturdays but I was planning to eat it as my last meal on the day before the presentation day to get some solid energy for the next day. Should I skip one shake on that day to even the calorie intake? I truly want to follow this diet and hope this won’t affect it much.

It’s my 15th day now and I can stand the hunger and hard workouts but the taste of peanut butter or any other flavor than strawberry disgusts me. This leads to my second question, even though my results are already quite good it might take a second round of this diet to get rid of that wheat/sugar fat that’s stored in me. So, the next time can I take this diet so that every day is a HSM day?

This diet has only strengthened my believes that wheat/oats and sugars doesn’t work for me. It almost seems that they directly go to my waist and thighs. I could understand it if I’d be eating junkfood and candy all the time but I don’t and I’m a male and workout with weights a lot. Is this my imagination or is it truly real?

Quite a long post but if you could answer I’d be very grateful!

  1. Sure, that’s fine.

  2. You bet. Very solid plan. We sometimes call that the V-Diet Lite, but it’s very effective and a little easier.

  3. I think most people do well avoiding wheat and standard sugar. Oats work for most active people, but some have sensitivities to them. Steel cut oats may be better for you. The book Wheat Belly goes into the details. I don’t like how it basically recommends a low carb diet - not ideal for weight trainers and athletes wanting to gain muscle and strength - but the author is on the right track when it comes to wheat. I haven’t touched wheat in years. At the very least, it keeps me from getting cravings, false hunger signals, and looking bloated. And I’m not a celiac either.

Thank you Chris!

Today was the big day for me and it went very well thanks for yesterday’s delicious HSM. I have to say, this diet and that way you have truly changed my life, I could actually say the diet has saved my life. I’ve already lost a lot of fat in such a short time that it’s unbelievable. I’ve done some cutting before but now I’ve truly reprogrammed the way I think about food.

The actual joy of preparing a delicious meal with asparagus, broccoli, chicken, potatoes and salad, not to mention spicing this whole thing up is one of the biggest “zen” moments of my life now. And oh my, the enjoyment of eating that, all I can say is wow.

It’s not that I didn’t eat healthy before but I just had different view about food and about what should I eat. Of course I’m still going to enjoy occasionally these unhealthy (for me) foods like pizza, bread with a lots of ham etc. but the main meals have changed radically.

My 4th week is now coming to an end and the upcoming 2 transition weeks feel like child’s play after these, not to mention that I’m definitely going for a second round with HSM every day. That’s like the easy mode for getting rid of the rest of my fat!

Thanks for the feedback, m2rc!

Something you may find interesting: studies have been done showing that when people prep and cook their own meals, they are more satisfied with them (find them more filling), enjoy them more, and it tastes better to them. As I always say, the more you cook, the better you look.

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