Replacing Metabolic Drive with Grow! Whey?

I ordered Banana Metabolic Drive on Sunday, but they were backordered… I sent in an email asking when they’d get more, but apparently it’s not going to be “for a week or two.” Now I’m screwed… I’m on Day 14 right now, and down to 1 1/4 bottle of Banana, and 1 bottle of Vanilla and 2 of Chocolate.

So, sitting at Day 14, I now have to either substitute, or give up. I won’t be puking every meal (I will, literally) and making myself sick and weak, trying to “tough it out.” That’s just pointless and stupid.

So, my question is: Is it OK to substitute Grow! Whey for Metabolic Drive?

I suspect I’d get hungrier quicker, but that’s OK. I can deal with that.

I basically just need to substitute something until they get Banana back in, which is the only flavor with any type of “real” taste to it.

One of the reasons that diets kinda like the V-Diet failed so epically in the past was due to the use of a whey-only protein powder.

So, no, it’s best to wait on the new MD flavors in your situation.

Thanks Chris!

So, what to do until then? They told me it would be 1-2 weeks before they got anymore in. :frowning:

I’ve been kicking my ass in this diet and everything was going great until I found out it would be that long…

Did my thread disappear? Not seeing it…

I see it’s back now. lol wtf ever

Tim just made sure I got some banana overnighted, so that’s awesome.

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